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Monday, 02/13/2012, 02:34 pm

Cesar Gracie Disappointed, Nick Diaz Shocked At Failed Drug Test

Cesar discusses Nick’s potential to return to the UFC:

“It’s quite possible, actually [Nick will come back]. I really believe he loves fighting. I think he’s fought too much and I think with all the politics that come with this sport and everything, the negativity, it’s a crazy thing and I don’t think he likes that part of it and the media and everything. He wanted to test himself as a martial artist and that was the most important thing, even more important than financial gain.

“I think after a certain amount of time he’ll get the love back,” Gracie said. “So I do want him to go through this process and try to clear everything and get him back on track fighting.”(Continue to page three for the full audio of this interview)

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