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Monday, 02/13/2012, 02:34 pm

Cesar Gracie Disappointed, Nick Diaz Shocked At Failed Drug Test

Cesar discusses Nick’s potential to return to the UFC:

“It’s quite possible, actually [Nick will come back]. I really believe he loves fighting. I think he’s fought too much and I think with all the politics that come with this sport and everything, the negativity, it’s a crazy thing and I don’t think he likes that part of it and the media and everything. He wanted to test himself as a martial artist and that was the most important thing, even more important than financial gain.

“I think after a certain amount of time he’ll get the love back,” Gracie said. “So I do want him to go through this process and try to clear everything and get him back on track fighting.”(Continue to page three for the full audio of this interview)

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30 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Disappointed, Nick Diaz Shocked At Failed Drug Test”

  1. 20900 says:

    4:20 BLAZE ALL DAY

  2. frank says:

    Diaz is a douche, I hope he gets mauled by a bear.

  3. Calabama says:


    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Yes, for Christ sake make him stop. I’m so sick of him talking about Diaz. I’m a big Diaz fan, but c’mon. Tired of the “managers” and the “camps” being the fighters’ mouthpieces.

  4. Tim says:

    Can anyone identify the ritual he performs to clear his system? I could really use it thanks.

  5. Thomas Gard says:

    this is marijuana adapting to his cleansing regimen, you cant use the sam cleanser every time or your body adapts and it wont work quite as well as the first few times

  6. Rick Ruckus says:

    There’s proof that this was all a conspiracy set up by the Fedaral Government and Dana White to have Nick Diaz test positive. This will put the spot light back on Condit as a respectful fighter and the fact that he signed on for the rematch, even though he MORE than likely knew about the positive drug test from Nick Diaz, this will make it seem as if he didn’t back down and was the bigger man….. THE SYSTEM IS ALL CORRUPT!! 😛

  7. Jeremy Lin says:

    I just want to thank my teammates. You know…Chandler, Jefferies, Novak, Shump, etc. They’re all playing great ball right now. It’s not all about me. This is all team work. God is good.

  8. Rick Ruckus says:

    LOL!!! Donny Brook & Aax Antonio, apparently you all can’t take a joke. Hey guys, loosen up that cock in your asses a bit and relax. The fucker was smoking weed and he messed up. You can’t always be 100% positive that it will get flushed out of your system no matter what kind of detoxants or exercises you do to sweat it out of your system. I’m a fan of the Diaz brothers but that was a pretty stupid move from his side. I still don’t agree that fighters should get tested for THC as it doesn’t have any performance enhancing side effects but a rule is a rule…

  9. Berserker says:

    Ceaser Gracie has nick diaz’s balls on his mouth 24/7 man!

  10. strictly mma says:

    Give it up cesar. Find more talent because shields and Gilbert suck. The only talent that camp has is the Diaz bros and now nick will be suspended.

    • Philippe says:

      Gilbert and Jake suck? reallY? Jake is on a 2 loss streak against GSP and Ellenberger who are top 2 in WW. He has wins against Dan Henderson, Miller, Kampmann, etc. And for you to say Gilbert sucks is just plain stupid.

  11. KJG says:

    weed aint shit but rules are rules. obviously diaz likes playing by his own rules and im sure hell get in plenty of bong time while hes suspended from fighting and making any money for the next year. that was one costly bong rip he took, worth it ?

  12. Waaah Waaaah Waaaah says:

    Enough with crying Cesar Gracie & Nick Diaz!

    …It’s funny how they say that they are the best & toughest in the MMA game. Yet, I only hear them crying all the time, complaining about how they’re victims and that everyone is out to get them… gees, suck it up.

    I don’t hear Nate Diaz, Gilbert Melendez and Jake Shields bitching and complaining like those 2 clowns, and they’re part of the same team…

    Give me a break.

  13. Philippe says:

    Cesar is a media whore

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