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Thursday, 04/11/2013, 10:37 am

Cesar Gracie Comments on Split from Diaz


The recent split between Nate Diaz and longtime trainer and manager, Cesar Gracie has been in the spotlight for a few days now as the media and fans alike seek answers. Yet what has been widely overlooked is the fact that Gracie has only split from Diaz as his manager and apparently remains his trainer.

Gracie was reluctant to talk to media recently as he opted to stay out of the limelight in favor of a backseat to the rumors and drama that surround the Diaz’ as of late.

Instead, Gracie took to Twitter to give a brief statement on the situation at hand:

With this, Gracie seems to have put an end to the rumors about any frayed relationships between himself and the fighters that have become synonymous with his training camps.


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0 Responses to “Cesar Gracie Comments on Split from Diaz”

  1. Slim Charles says:

    Cesar Gracie is only relevant because of his star students. He, himself, was a barely a fighter and a terrible one at that…

  2. Brooklyn says:

    Slim Charles, you obviously are an internet martial artist and a poor one at that. If you were any good you would have been able to see that a Cesar Gracie Black Belt is the hardest BJJ black belt you could ever earn. He is HIGHLY regarded as one of the best when it comes to BJJ and is a phenomenal BJJ coach. MMA trainer is something different altogether.

  3. hector says:

    I beat both Diaz brothers at grapplers quest.

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