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Thursday, 11/03/2011, 09:19 am

Cesar Gracie: 209 “ese” dialect is needed to get through to Nick

“Well what’s going on is unfortunately for me, I had a mic on and I didn’t realize that or else I wouldn’t have said that. Why did I say it? That’s the language these guys speak. Before the fight, after the weigh-ins, we were told by Joe Silva ‘if you guys want it, you guys call people out. That’s how the fights get done, you call them out and I wanted to make sure that Nick knew that. I speak several languages. I’m speaking to you in English, so if I spoke Japanese or Portuguese or something, you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying. When I speak to Nick, I have to speak in ‘209ese’ and that’s the language he understands. If I said ‘Hey Nick, would you like to explain your position and articulate how you would like to fight Mr. St. Pierre,’ he wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. That was directed at him (GSP); I didn’t think he was going to hear it obviously. This has nothing to do with GSP, I actually like the guy.”

Following their UFC 137 victory, Cesar Gracie could be heard in the background using profane language towards Nick to provoke him into calling out GSP.

Here in his recent sit down with Mauro Ranallo on “The MMA Show,” he explains exactly why he told Nick Diaz to “Call that mother!@#er out”.

I don’t think it is any secret that Diaz leans towards to the side of ghetto at times, he is a brash madman when faced with an opponent inside the cage, and Cesar Gracie apparently adapts to his students needs in order to better communicate with him.

Makes sense, I guess, although anyone who has spent more than a few days in southern California knows that Nick is not an “ese” in the terms that Cesar is implying??


31 Responses to “Cesar Gracie: 209 “ese” dialect is needed to get through to Nick”

  1. DG says:

    No one man should have all that “Power”

    This guy cracks me up, for the love of the Gracie name. He went after BJ because of the Ralph Gracie situation CLEARLY! Hes using Nick as his vessel. NOT himself. Lol…

    BJJ Teacher/Puppet Master LOL

  2. Jb says:

    Whole camp is ridiculous to mma. Can’t wait till cowboy slaps the hell out of atleast one Diaz. Don’t be scared faggles

  3. ctvaught says:

    he’s not saying ese. he’s saying 209ese as in chinESE or japanESE

  4. The Saintmonster and the Cowboy for the muthrfkn win.. so nick can understand that shitt bitchess..ese!

  5. James Wolfe says:

    Ignore the media period Nick. Focus on the fight and kick GSPs ass.

  6. xbabewithbitex says:


  7. Brent says:

    In other words, he’s calling Nick stupid and has to speak a different language for him to understand. Weed heads don’t speak a different language and Nick is no different. He was just fine at the press conferences, maybe a somewhat off but its more of something he just has to get use to. As him manager and friend, Cesar should help him not influence his social outcast behavior.

  8. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    That last sentence didn’t make sense. Hire some tutors, homie.

  9. McLuvin says:

    Oh come on! what if he tolds GSP a motherfucker? theyre fighters for christ sake, that bullshit has no relevance. Actually when he raised Penn and Diaz hand he said “two motherfuckers right here!”. Whats the problem? profane language… bullshit

    • The_Gooch1 says:

      Seriously, what’s the big deal here? It’s not like the Pope called Obama a motherfucker.

      But I thought it was fucked up that he has to talk to Diaz in a 209ese way. He pretty much said that Nick is too dumb to understand proper English. But hey, maybe Nick is proud of that

  10. Nate says:

    Fuck all you haters, Nick kicked BJ’s ass and was pumped after beating him, now he’ll kick GSP’s ass and shut you all the fuck up.

    • Ainokea says:

      Nate, wherever your from, come on lets fight!! Nick did beat penn, but by decision. and even nick had a few shiners and a messed up nose. he couldn’t knock BJ down. so how about lets have an all out war.

      • CBW says:

        Nick Diaz will beat GSP. GSP will run around, point fighting and try to squeek out a win. Nick will FIGHT GSP and will KNOCK GSP out. GSP has a weak chin and we’ll all see the golden boy fall from grace. This is Dana White’s worst nightmare. Get after it Nick!

        • Shawn says:

          “run around”? “point fighting”? “squeek”? LOL! Tell that to Shields, Koschek, Hardy, Alves, Penn, Fitch, Serra, and Hughes. Even the ones that went to decision, his opponents didn’t leave their unscathed. Not by a long shot. You should go watch those fights again and see who’s doing the assaulting and who’s doing the running around…or more specifically the running away. And lets say even IF Nick beats GSP, I can pretty much guarantee you Nick won’t be seeing anyone for a few days. Ok, maybe by the 4th day, when he can start seeing through the slits of his eyes when the swelling starts to go down. lol

  11. eli3 says:

    Gsp is way to strong for diaz to handle he will get taken down easily diaz boxing and combos are great but are slow and dont pack alot of power and his chin isnt that great

  12. Nick says:

    I know this was already pointed out but the fact that this entire article is based around the author not understanding a quote is ridiculous. He’s not saying “ese” as in: “Yo Ese, what’s good?” it’s 209ese as in japanESE vietnamESE … Jesus, the author is the “MMA News Director”. I hope that’s not a paid position at

  13. pmoney says:

    nick didnt finish bj cuz it was a three round fight, one more round he would have. The gsp fight will be five rounds…fair enough?


    Love the cowboy but you dont mess with the Diaz bros period.. Cowboy is gonna get beat to a pulp..

    • Shawn says:

      Respect as fighters for the Diaz bros. But Nate isn’t Nick. He has his work cut out for him with Cerrone. With loses to Guida, Maynard and MacDonald, you know he has problems with those types of fighters. Cerrone is no different. AND he’s hungry. That will be a good fight.

      • steve says:

        ay well guida nd maynard are both title contenders and nate may have lost both those fights but they were hella close fights that couldve gone either way. Macdonald beat nate bad but cerrone isnt nearly as big as him. macdonald out musculed diaz. Cerrone is a beast nd a lot more explosive than nate but nate has hands and his bjj nd has never been ko’d

  15. adrian says:

    In the remake of the Karate Kid, Caesar should have played the Cobra Kai master.

  16. Shawn says:

    Really Cesar? Sure I can understand when you say Nick wouldn’t be able to comprehend if you had told him ‘Hey Nick, would you like to explain your position and articulate how you would like to fight Mr. St. Pierre,’ But I’m pretty sure if you had shortened that to “Nick, call out GSP!”, he would have figured it out. There was no need to say “call out that motherf@$%#!” And you “DIDN’T” know the mic was on?! Doooood, it’s a live broadcast with cameras and mics everywhere! C’mon man, your a Gracie, don’t tarnish that name. You f’d up, admit to it. Apologize and move on. That’s the respectful and honorable way.

  17. Major Mouthpiece says:

    stop sayin nick is too dumb to understand correct grammar im from the bay and i stay 20-30 minutes from where he stay im from oakland and thats just how we talk we aint stupid but we let muthafuckas know how we get down thats how we talk out here respect it he aint stupid he a product of the bay area!

  18. Major Mouthpiece says:

    nick couldnt finish bj????? duh bj has never been knocked down and never been knocked out so of course nick couldnt finish him name 1 person who finished bj standing?

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