CES MMA: Real Pain- David Loiseau vs. Chris

October 8, 2012 9:18 am Leave your thoughts
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David Loiseau vs. Chris McNally- Middleweights:

Round One:

McNally and Loiseau met in the center of the cage and McNally pressed Loiseau up against the cage, but found no success. Loiseau immediately pushed McNally up against the fence and took him down landing in his guard. Loiseua opened up a cut with a vicious elbow on the bridge of McNally’s nose. The referee and doctor stopped the fight at 2:30 of the first round via TKO.

After the fight Loiseau was interviewed by UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon and he said his fans were begging him on Twitter to use his elbows so he decided to bring back the “People’s Elbows,” which got a pretty good reaction from the fans. It was apparent from the beginning that McNally had no business being in the cage with Loiseau.