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Monday, 07/16/2012, 01:03 am

Carwin Warns ‘UFC Jester’ Roy Nelson That Coaching TUF Is No Joke | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC  announced that Heavyweights Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson will coach The Ultimate Fighter.

Carwin recently commented on the opportunity on his blog and has no plans to get caught up in ‘Jester’ Roy Nelsons jokes.

“This will be the first time in my adult life that I wont be working. I will just be focusing on developing a team to win the show and focusing on preparing to knock Roy Nelson out. That is my new job and my new passion. I know Roy likes to be the UFC’s Jester but he better know this is not a joke for me. He can keep striving for being average, I am pushing myself and those around me to find the American Dream. The dream that comes from lots of hard work and sacrifice, no gimmicks necessary.”

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33 Responses to “Carwin Warns ‘UFC Jester’ Roy Nelson That Coaching TUF Is No Joke | UFC News”

  1. 757 says:

    Please put that trash heap to sleep. Every time I look at Roy Nelson I get embarrassed for the sport. With so many good fighters in the division it will always have a mark on it as long as this bum is still in it. No matter how he has performed in the past he will be just average at best. People always say he has this skill or that skill, and maybe he does but he looks embarrassing, and he mocks the UFC all the time. He was supposed to be getting into better shape and taking it serious but he looks like he should be in a bar fight someplace. Shane please get him out of there.

    • Twotone says:

      It’s too bad carwin has worse cardio then Nelson… Hopefully they dont headline because I dont want to see sloppy haymakers for 5 rounds

    • B-rad says:

      Roy Nelson is no joke and your a fool for thinking so… Yeah hes about 40+ pounds overweight, if he was a 205er hed probably be challenging bones instead of Hendo.. Like someone posted Nelson has better cardio than Carwin, whos built like a comic book character. I bet Roy catches him with a massive overhand like in his last fight for a quick win

    • Nick says:

      i feel sorry for the sport because retarded people like you watch it, why don’t you go put a stop to this “bum”? ohhhh that is right he would hand you your ass on a silver platter. i am really sorry to inform you that comparing both fighters against a similar opponent in JDS, sorry but big country out performed carwin against JDS ten fold i am not so sure carwin even hit JDS yet roy hit him enough to mess his face up. i am actually glad you are embarassed by him, you are an embarasment as a fan. don’t ever post a comment again because you fail

    • matt says:

      Carwin is a bum, he got submitted by a fake wrestler

    • lolziez says:

      by saying Roy Nelson is a joke because of his physique and or Cardio, means everyone with subpar to no cardios are jokes, therefore in tell saying BJ Penn is a joke since he is not in the best shape with subpar cardio right? come on man use your fuckin brain before posting dumb shit. Roy Nelson is a fuckin beast that has awesome skills on his feet and ground and can take a beating and just because hes not ripped with muscles, you suddenly look past ALL his skills and accomplishments. you buddy are one big dumbass..

  2. chris says:

    At least he ain’t a PED user like carwin. And carwin better keep pushing because his skills are more of a joke then anything

    • Balls McGee says:

      So if u aren’t a fat sloppy fuck u are on steroids? Just because u can’t see ur little dick cause ur stomach is in way don’t mean people who can are on peds.

  3. maurice says:

    at the end of the day carwin is definently more skilled then country. somebody will also be put to sleep for the first time in their ufc careers. im thinking carwin takes it, but cant count out country. goin to be brutal either way.

    • lolziez says:

      how is Carwin more skilled then Nelson? you need to delve alittle deeper into your comment Carwin has standup and thats bout it, as to Nelson also has standup, a chin and an awesome ground game as well. only thing they both can see eye to eye is there cardio

  4. Kong says:

    Great the ufc’s biggest suck ass is back

  5. bob says:

    I won’t be watching this series of tuf,its gonna suck.

  6. T.DADDY says:

    carwin is gonna ko fat boy

  7. Mr. Rusk says:

    You got tapped by Brock fucking lesnar what do you think is gunna happen when a bjj black belt gets ahold of you.

  8. Vdog says:

    Carwin is just a bruiser, he has no real skill, he got submitted by Brock for christs sake, that would not happen to Roy who has a black belt under Renzo, which takes a lot of skill to earn one of those.

  9. Omar says:

    He was subbmitted by Brock with a Wrestling Like Headlock only after Carwin gassed out from the Severe Beatdown he handed Brock in Rd 1.. Roy can take a good punch though we’ll see if he can handle a Lunchbox to the Head!

  10. punchkick says:

    big country will kung fu the gas out of carwin

  11. ganjaneer says:

    Horrible matchup for nelson,only thing that guy can do is take a punch, and carwins not the person you want punching you in the head. Nelson is no different the “cabbage” fat ass who can take a shot. And why does carwin not have cardio? He punched lesner 82 times in the face as hard as he can, anyone who throws everything they have at someone over 80 times is gonna be tired, went the distance w the current champ, got beat the hell up but let’s be realistic, if you do 15 min w dos santos you can do 15 min w roy nelson. Nelson better practice those hay makers cuz that’s his only chance, no way he is taking carwin down, hell no, carwins wrestling pedigree is way better and he’s a legit big ass dude, nelsons just a fat 205er

    • Nick says:

      lol carwin has no cardio against more than lesnar, he was gassed against JDS too. carwin’s 15 mins against JDS was not only some of the most painful minutes to watch in any HW fight of recent years but also paled in comparison to Roy’s performance against the same opponent. must feel good to call him a fat loser in your post because we all know you wouldn’t have a hair on your ass to call him that in person

      • Brenden says:

        Did you not realize carwin got his nose broken in the first round against jds? Of course his cardio is gonna suffer if he’s fighting two rounds where he can barely breathe. The fact that he made it to the end of the fight like that is amazing

    • lolziez says:

      lolol i love how people act like Carwins gonna knock Nelson out. I guess they didnt see how Nelson took all of JDS punches and went the distance and also gave JDS a good fight cause he didnt come out clean as a whistle either

  12. Clank says:

    OK seriously Big Country is retard at times, but he has taken alot of extremely tough shots from alot of the top heavyweights including the current champ and former champs. Yes Carwin did fight JDS too but everyone knows that fight should have been stopped in the 2nd round. But if BC can take JDS’s hits he will just walk through Carwin’s punches.

  13. Milkman says:

    I’ll bet 100k that carwin doesn’t secure a body triangle on big country. Any takers?

  14. Unarmed Spectator says:

    757 Must be a Chick… Apparently the only thing this person see’s in a UFC event is physique. Not talent or skills or the fact Roy is a Beast… Girl forget the six pack, and get with the Keganator!!!!

  15. what. says:

    Carwin by ko. Roy nelson is so Fuckin overrated. Yeah he has a good chin but if he was any good he wouldn’t be getting hit in the first place. And once he has been hit hard a few times, he’s nothing more than a training dummy. Jus taking shots n giving back nothing.

  16. MMApersonalJesus says:

    Roy Nelson by KO, believe it.

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