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Friday, 09/28/2012, 12:03 pm

Carwin On Nelson: He’s a back stabber, I don’t respect him | UFC NEWS

“I don’t respect that guy. I don’t like him. I just think he’s disrespectful. He’ll talk all kinds of sh*t behind your back and stuff, but then when he’s at my face, all he wanted to do was talk about the UFC contracts to me. I’m like, ‘Who are you, man? Get out of my face.’ I’m just not up for that type of bullsh*t. I hate people that when you turn around, they’re stabbing you in the back, and when you’re back at their face, they’re trying to be your best friend. That doesn’t work for me. There’s nobody else I want to fight more. I can’t wait to fight this guy. I’m excited that he’ll be the first guy I get to punch when I get back to action.

Listen, Roy is a talented fighter. Could he be a lot better? I think he could if he would actually be serious about it, and have coaches he would listen to, and things like that. I’m pretty sure he’s uncoachable. He just likes to hear himself talk and tell everybody how great he is.”

TUF 16 coach, Shane Carwin, told Tap Out Radio that he isn’t very fond of his coaching counterpart, Roy Nelson.

Now that we are a few episodes into the season, and having seen Nelson’s persona and training practices will anyone go out on a limb and try to counter what Carwin just said?


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