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Tuesday, 11/01/2011, 10:27 am

Carlos was not given a choice to step aside says rep

“Contrary to what has been stated, Carlos did not step aside and allow this to happen, and would not just hand over an opportunity for him to achieve his greatest career goal, one that he has earned through his strong performances in the octagon. No option was given to him.”


96 Responses to “Carlos was not given a choice to step aside says rep”

  1. TheBraveReply says:

    I believe this.

    • Mo says:

      Thats why he should have never turned down the Koscheck fight! You never know what could happen between now and the long wait for another title shot!

      • MMFT says:

        that’s what I was just thinking. he should not have turned down that fight. he trained his ass off, said it was the best camp he ever had, and then he just doesn’t want to fight? he didn’t even earn the title shot, he was given it on a fluke. if I was him I would’ve taken a new opponent and keep my main event spot, not be a puss and refuse to fight any one else other than the champ. true or not, he got what he deserved.

        • Michael says:

          really? if your boss gave you a promotion and all you had to do was wait until he was ready you wouldn’t wait? I certainly would wait. Ask Rick Story, Melvin Gulliard, and Jim Miller if not waiting furthered their careers.

        • w/e says:

          imo being a champion isn’t about tactics on how to get there being a champ is about being able to beat everybody in the division, so if u think ur the champ u should have no problem beating another guy, earn money and then go to for the title if u wait it only shows that u think u might lose and that only is not champion worthy.

        • TheXperience says:

          Only problem here is… Condit did not get his promotion “yet”.. he had to fight GSP for it!! Another contender with a better resume just stepped up and gets his shot first! It’s similar to being a reporter.. whoever got the best story gets to shine… well Nick got the story of the decade beating up Penn… what does Condit have to show?? nothing but empty hands.. cause he turned down Kos….

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Rick Story and Melvin Gulliard are some of the most overrated fighters in ufc history and were hardly even ready for a title shot so that is way different.

        • MMFT says:

          that doesn’t even really make sense. at my civilian job if I was given a promotion, I would take it. but it’s not like fighters get paid a salary. they get paid to fight. if I was a professional fighter, trained for months, my opponent dropped and last moment, and I had the chance to still fight, I’d fight. I wouldn’t sit and think, “hmm should I sit around and wait to fight?”. that’s not how a fighter thinks. you train, and you fight, and you win. that’s how a fighter thinks.

        • TheXperience says:

          I gotta co-sign on that @w/e

          I dont get all this “waiting” for title fight nonsense… they’re fighters! that’s what they do for a living.. sooner or later he’d have to fight Kos anyway… if his camp was so great… why not take out Kos NOW while he waits for GSP… if he had dominated KOS he would probably still be the nr1 contender! Nick just made a better case for himself to be put in that position period. No matter how u look at it.. It just makes more sense having Nick fight GSP… so its Condits own stupid fault..if he couldn’t get past Kos he had no business being the champ or even fighting the champ any fucking way…

        • JB Spencer says:

          I woulda waited for my title shot too, you gotta look at it like this – anyone can lose a fight even if u are ‘the best’ and the champions not necesarily the best, the next no 1 contender that beats them is the best, just hasent hapend yet.

          And since wer on bjs site, how bout this case sinerio: lets pretend back when bj was fighting for the lw belt that joe daddy was the actual title holder for that fight and got injured befor hand, and dana says ‘bj, you can wait for your title shot or you can fight franky edgar and then fight for the title’ … see wer im goin wit this?

        • Robby says:

          I’m not a bj nut hugged, but I doubt bj would’ve passed on a fight…and so what, if he couldn’t get past kos then he has no business against GSP who absolutely dominated kos.

        • YGHURRICANE says:

          YOU’RE RETARDED!

        • PaperGrape says:


          Condit has annihilated everyone in his path including dominating guys like Rory McDonald and Kim whom others have had serious problems with. He has more than earned a title shot. Oh, and also, he would wipe out Koschek too. Fact of the matter is they had a commitment and broke it. This is what happens when an organization becomes mainstream.

        • Mo says:

          Dominated Rory McDonald? Rory won the first 2 rounds until he got his orbital broke in the 3rd then he got finished

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          More like he got dominated by Rory that fight shouldn’t have been stopped with 10 sec left

        • Punkass says:

          No one here can say he did not earn his fight, he never got a unification bout from WEC, Nick got a fuckin free pass and he threw it away. If you dont understand that, fuck you stupid fucks.

        • Brave Reply says:

          Apparently your the stupid fuck. Im here saying right now that HE DID NOT EARN THIS FIGHT. He got it gifted because Nick did his thing. Nick got a shot because he IS the StrikeForce Champ. WEC folded and there was no where else for Condit to go. It wasnt a merger you stupid fuck!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          @brave reply if the ufc never bought out strikeforce condit would have been next in line simply because of his dominant performances against hardy and kim. condit earned his shot more so than any recent contender to gsp. hardy fought gsp after ben fuckinn saunders for goodness sake and shields got his after kampmann. no matter what bs logic ur working with condit was next in line if it wasnt for nick.

        • Brave Reply says:

          LOGIC? You said it yourself Nick Diaz was in line first. I fail to see where you going with this?
          And 2nd- I was responding to Punkass’ comment about “No one here can say he did not earn his fight”
          Well I just said it!

        • Mike says:

          He should talk to Rashad and ask him what happens if he sits around and wait for his title shot.

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      This is what happens when you wait around and try to hold on to a title shot that you were given and didn’t actually earn. I’m glad this happened to him.

    • Condit versus Diaz says:

      I think Condit should fight Dick, just to show what a pussy he really is.

  2. Jb says:

    Fuck you Dana/silva… If that’s true that’s fucked

    • TheXperience says:

      No it’s business!! You can never forget it’s a business first and the UFC knows how to conduct fucking business…. period! You gotta look at it from their position too.. They’ve got 2 products…. 1 is “in demand” (Condit) and one got “crazy buzz'” (Diaz) … which one u gonna put on the market first?? It’s no rocket science people.. its 1+1

      • Condit versus Diaz says:

        and the UFC becomes the WWE…b/c fights are more marketable when you have a douchebag running their mouth and hyping themselves up. It’s 1+1! hey shithead? fuck professionalism.

  3. El Charlie says:

    I’m not surprised. A lot goes on behind the scenes. This whole thing seems a little sketchy to me. I am coming off a knee injury and have been limping around for the last month and GSP looked perfectly fine to me on fight night. No wobble not even a limp. I don’t know it it’s me or what but this whole situation seems like it was premeditated. I saw this coming the moment GSP pulled out of the fight and as I foreshadowed, it is now reality. Shame on Dana for screwing Condit over. Then again Dana’s a business man and this particular matchup will sellout just as fast as it did the first time it was scheduled. Money! It’s what it’s always been about.

    • Joe says:

      you’re right. theyre trying to amp up the ufc for superbowl, and who better than GSP since anderson won’t be “healthy” to fight, i bet it is all planned out and this is why, to get more PPV buys…

    • kenji says:

      yeah i think you guys is right. a lot of it is momentum. the diaz bj fight put momentum into the build up. if the fight wasnt a stand up and if the fighters chose to ground game the fight making it boring then proobably the diaz gsp would have to wait. you got to give dana, he is an opportunist and a great promoter. one thing great promoter have is they know how to shift away on a dime and feel or sense how the crowd reacts. its like a shark gone on a feeding frenzy on a piece of bait. the bj diaz was the bait. the crowd took it and now we have a new figbt in the makings. as charlie said its all about the money. what will encapsulate the crowds/fans imagination. after the diaz bj fiight…dana sensed the shift in momentum and took it….a gift of the consumate promoter….if it werent for the toe to toe back and forth “none” ground game of the other words boring (ala gsp) maybe condit still be on fight card. its all about momentum….(sorry chael you have to wait)

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        So all ground game fighting is boring to you? You’re an idiot please leave your whole post was just stupid. Not to mention back and fourth toe to toe fight? I have no idea what you watched but that fight in no way was a back and fourth fight. Also they did go to the ground Penn just couldn’t do shit when they got there.

  4. Mike Diaz says:

    Who did Condit beat to earn him the title shot? Has he ever fought a top 5 WW in the division? PENN NATION!!!!!!

  5. andyboy says:

    With the Superbowl buzz alone that weekend just add the biggest s*** talker with the Nicest guy in MMA, who’s now “flipping out” and gettin nuts…..Superbowl Drama, likely some pre fight shoves and pushes, birds gettin flipped, “f canadians”, camp vs camp……this was set up before Diaz even stepped into the cage last Saturday. Condit just doesn’t draw that kind of publicity for a Superbowl weekend fight, plain and simple. Dana knows this, and Dana made a call, i’m happy this happened becuz i want good fighter to get f*** over so people can finally open their eyes and see that Dana is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in the UFC….EVERYTHING!!! fights, “injuries”, title strips, title retentions, DECISIONS, mis quotes, contracts..etc. It’s not out place to say GSP is faking a knee injury, but he doesn’t feel 100% right now, but he’ll be 100% for the Superbowl card……suspect yes, i’m sure only GSP, Dana, and Farrik Zimbabwa know the real truth!

  6. Ninjaman says:

    The point is he was given something and was ready for it. The UFC is joke and nothing but business and making money that never goes back to the fighters. Dana White has no ethics and does not care about his fighters. He only cares about what will make money. I am done with this garbage I’m better of watching WWE because its less fake then this crap!

  7. Stevo the great says:

    Hold on…they said legitimate number one contender….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….omg….LOLOLOLOL. Yeah fucking right!!!!! What top 5 guy has he beaten….and don’t you dare say Hardy! Carlos is NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER. WHY CAUSE HE WAS WEC CHAMP? LOLOLOL. STRIKEFORCE WOULD MURDER WEC….WEC IS LIKE THE FARM TEAMS OF BASEBALL…..YOU AIN’T SHIT.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think a guaranty title shot of the winner is in order. I think he’ll lose either way, but that’s BS he got striped for no reason.

  9. Ninjaman says:

    Many of you dont get it? Who cares if he was not the number one contender, he was given a title shot and did everything he was asked to do and then got screwed. Its like me being told by my boss I am getting a raise and then a week later they say forget it becasue one of my co-workers got all upset and started swearing and crying like a baby so they are getting it instead. Ethics people!! Ethics. The UFC has proven that its all about money and not about the guy who cried when offered the shot and bailed out the company that just said we dont care about you. The UFC sucks and I am never paying for it agian. Dana White also lied and said Carlos was called and is stepping aside, Carlos was not called until 2 hours after the press conference.

  10. dream says:

    I could understand Carlos frustration, but if he really is a true champion he should quit crying and keep fighting. He’ll get his chance eventually, but he should stop playing this “ill wait for gsp and will fight” no wtf. this is UFC is you wanna be the best you gotta be the best, you gotta ripped through the welterweight division. So quit crying carlos it aint gonna prove squat if you get the belt and get your asswhooped in a title defense. it would just show you not ready to hold the belt for a long time.

  11. Didn’t everybody know this’s called the UFC knuckle shuffle! Diaz was already entitled to getting his ass kicked by the Saint, and Condit will get his opportunity to facing George. I like Carlos so is rather see Diaz get some first.

  12. Azusa says:


  13. Adrian says:

    What’s Up With All The Condit Haters? He’s a Great Fighter Def Top 10

  14. Digs says:

    FIghters need better lawyers and management.

    There should be a list of stipulations where it’s okay for the organization or for the fighter to break contract.

    Either way, I’m not suprised about this news at all. Dana’s word is worthless. In the end, it’s only about selling more PPV’s and putting matches together that will make him richer.

    Ask his mom’s….. Dana’s a cold soul-less hellspawn.

  15. Zack says:

    Pleaaaaaseee u got handed the title shot in the first place. Quit acting like rashad. Rashad knows he can’t win and so does Carlos just tryin to stay in the spotlight. Maybe if u were a man u would’ve fought kos and earned Ur title shot. Cry baby

  16. 3ric says:

    He was NEVERRRRRRRR the #1 Contender holly shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. It was a gift to him that he did not earn and then the fight fell through…… get over it.

  17. brain says:

    obviously this is true anybody with half a brain would know it was a lie when Carlos apparently said he stepped aside.

  18. Tomweb says:


  19. Ed says:

    See even Dana knew that condit didn’t deserve it more than any top welter from nick bj to Fitch he should be behind them

  20. chon209 says:

    All fighters know there is no guarantee to the #1 contender spot and the only guarantee there is is the performance of their last fight so Carlos has no one to blame but himself because he could have fought kos in the main event and I believe Carlos would have won. You can say what you want but #1 spot is not a belt you can win but is something that is given and what is given can always be taken back, so don’t blame Dana but blame Carlos and besides this is what gsp should have done in the first place

  21. dedman89 says:

    This saddens me but i believe Condit will win his next fight and get his shot. Go Condit!!! You can win one more, man. Just kill. It’s what you were born to do!

  22. momo says:

    nick didn’t get a choice when he took his shot so he needs to stfu. maybe if you fought and beat kos you could bitch about it but you got payed to sit home.

  23. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    It sucks that he got put on the shelf but he should have had the foresight to see this coming and take the fight with Kos. He has a history of finishing people and if he defeated Kos in an impressive fashion it would have secured his shot at the title. I mean who gets a title shot based on a decision victory? Diaz….. WTF

    Condit is getting money compensation for being swept aside and is still on track to get his title shot after Diaz gets beat down for 5 rds, so I don’t feel so bad for Condit. If he is the legitimate contender for the title then he’ll eventually get his shot. This is strange that the contender-ship is getting so backed up anyways. If anyone is to blame, blame Diaz for screwing up the card to begin with. Condit vs Ellenberger!

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      shelf? i thought hes gonna be fighting on the same superbowl card.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        So we are getting a title fight in mw and ww on the superbowl card? I read he is still in line for contender-ship after Diaz. Who is he fighting?

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yes because gsp can never be enough to sell out a card. check all his recent fights he always had a bigger fight on the card ppl wanted to see.

        • Brave Reply says:

          I agree. AND i think most people watch GSP fights in hopes of seeing him get his ass kicked. But that never happens.

        • Donnybrook says:

          More verbal diarrhea… GSP is the P4P PPV CHAMP!, and that’s coming from Dana himself, but you can choose to believe what ever you want and keep TRYING to convince the rest of the world this BS you keep spilling. I for one am going with what Dana says because he would know… not some snot nosed kid who has a hate on for GSP.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          check gsps cards and you’ll see why hes the “ppv champ.” lol, brock brings in much more ppvs than gsp and that is why he makes more money than gsp, oh btw gsp had brock on two of his most recent ppvs, just a lil fact for your dana diarrhea loving ass! dana said condit stepped aside whoops dana lied. dana said golden promotions made him give the promotion money to pay the fighters whoops that was lie. do i really need to list all of the bs dana has said, i guess it doesnt matter your mouth is already sewed onto his ass.

        • TheBraveReply says:

          aww Donny did i hurt ur feelings? I shouldnt talk about your favorite piece of ass the way i did. I apologize.

        • Donnybrook says:

          @ Brave Replay… Nope, I wasn’t addressing you but thanks for the shout out and kindly go fuck yourself.
          @ islandjunkie… Keep spewing but your never going to convince me… now go brush your teeth and get to bed you have school in the morning.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          the blind cant see right away donny boy. all the facts are on the cards. gsp has never held his own card with just him headlining it without another big fight on the card. bj held his own in austrailia and this past event. do your research child!

        • Donnybrook says:

          Hatred is what makes people blind junkie, and you my young friend are as blind as they get. You’ve probably been hitting the trick or treat candy pretty hard so make sure to floss too.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Well idk about that because he’s extremely marketable but I do remember him on the card with Brock for UFC 100 if my memory is correct. Condit is mulling over a bout with Kos or Ellenberger. My money is on Ellenberger since Kos already had a title shot.

  24. Mean Machine says:

    My foolish assumption was that they (UFC) threw him 50k to go away quietly. The goal of the UFC is to profit of course and secondly become mainstream. The Other major sports leagues would not have let this happen…

  25. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Bottom line GSP didn’t want anything to do with Condit because he has lost his balls to fights. Condit would’ve KOd GSP and he knew it and taht nis why he faked the knee injury. YES there isn’t a damn thing wrong with his knee and he even admitted it on Ariel Hawani interview. I lost what little repect i had left for GSP. GSP barely fights once ayear now so Condit will have to fight at least 2-3 times b y the time GSP will be ready to fight again in late 2012 or early 2013. GSP will have an excuse prob hangnail or something or maybe sore ass from his CHEATING ass butt buddy Nate “JUICER Marquardt. Matt Serra ruined GSP

  26. Robby says:

    Chael Sonnen called this before it happened. He said the winner of the bj/nick fight would get GSP.

  27. Louis Bocangra says:

    lol no one cared to watch condit fight gsp sorry but but what sells sells….

  28. Bobby says:

    Lol looks like Condit should have fought Kos after all. He could have made his case in the octagon with a stoppage. Oh well, looks like Karma’s a bitch.

  29. Jujitsu Player says:

    He didnt earn this fight and Dana doesn’t owe him shit. He got the spot because Diaz fucked up. Diaz v GSP is what the FANS want to see.

  30. Ninjaman says:

    UFC sucks! Dont watch this fake crap. Watch the Brock Lesnar fight over again and watch how many times he’s getting hit and looks up to see C

  31. Ninjaman says:

    Cain and curls to take more. You are all fools for watching all this crap that has nothing to do with fights but money and pissing contests.

  32. Jrock says:

    I’m not trying to rag on gsp here but its funny how he was to injured to give a date when he’d be able to reschedule the Condit fight but he’s all of sudden good to go by febuary for diaz?idk sounds kind of sketchy to me

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