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Monday, 02/27/2012, 10:59 am

Carlos Condit Says He Will Sit Out And Wait For GSP (Video)

In this video interview Carlos Condit explains why he wants to wait on the shelf until Georges St-Pierre is healthy and ready to fight.

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63 Responses to “Carlos Condit Says He Will Sit Out And Wait For GSP (Video)”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    As he should… makes the most sense (for himself) unless of course for some reason Diaz doesn’t get a lengthily suspension then rematch Nick.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Does anyone really blame Condit for wanting to avoid Ellenberger at all costs? No way Condit can survive Ellenbergers MMA game now. I think Condit lost alot of confidence in himself after his TRACK MEET performance against Diaz. i never could have dreamed of Condit going from the “natural born Killer to natural born runner. Diaz bullied and made a total ;pussy out of Condit. yes we all know it was Greg jackson but still he listenedto that pussy ass way to fight

      • Bovice Warren says:

        If you wouldof fought Nick Diaz you wouldof RAN too… stop it dude… your not a fighter… a real fighter knows, if you play Nick Diaz game, you will LOSE… dont b dumb homie haha…. retard.

  2. Mick says:

    Don’t be scared homie.

  3. Muaythai17-1 says:

    Stupid move!

  4. jvd says:

    eventually he will get beat up by gsp which will lead to the nick diaz vs condit rematch lol

  5. jon doe says:

    A champion should want to beat everyone. Condit just wants to beat his meat and carry his fake belt around for as long as possible.

  6. zetoe666 says:

    of course hes gonna sit out. ellenberger will beat him again, as would rory macdonald, as would nick diaz again, martin kampmann. he’s a joke of an interim champ. he knows he’s going to be the first person to get finished by gsp since matt serra.

  7. Brit says:

    If ya don’t fight ya don’t get paid – stupid move – he should turn up for whatever fight as if he was turning up for a day job.

  8. Serg says:

    What kinda of “champ” is that? We got guys like bendo wanting to fight whoever to prove he’s the best, Condit is a punk. Is the whole welterweight division supposed to pause in hopes for a tittle shot cuz he wants to wait?

  9. BobbyLemons says:

    He should be made to fight.

  10. jay says:

    Natrual born runner living up to his new name.

  11. Monster says:

    I understand where Condit Mind frame is at right now.A shot at GSP for the REAL belt is a big step for his career. And A Lose to anyone right now takes that shot away. But as an MMA fan i think he should fight again. There are many top guy in this division. A belt is meant to be defended. and he can only get better by doing that and winning. He will not beat GSP if he comes in the way he did with nick. Defend the belt and improve your skills to be better set for GSP. And with one divisons Title being on hold would suck..GSP time table on his return can be anywhere from Oct 12 – Jan 13 Thats along time to wait. Fight the top guys prove your belong where you are then take on GSP.

  12. Serg says:

    Your completely correct, no confidence!! I guess it wouldn’t hurt as bad to lose your title from the champ then to lose the opportunity to unite the tittle.

  13. Serg says:

    He’s the current interim champ not the no.1 contender, his job is to fight.

  14. dan says:

    Condit is a coward, Diaz won that fight!!!!!!!!!

  15. Serg says:

    Seems to me everybody agrees condit shuld defend his title like a true champ. Why not just tweet his page instead of this forum

  16. Jb says:

    Idiots who think condit lost the fight are the same people who think the UFC started mma. I don’t agree with him sitting out but Diaz lost so go easy you nut huggers

  17. WTF says:

    You guys are idiots! Dana said he would sit out and wait if he were Condit, and Condit requested Diaz rematch. Get off Diaz’s nuts. This is a sport, not a street fight. Condit played the game, won the fight, got the decision, and has the belt.

  18. guamy says:

    JB the same people who think condit won also think edgar won LMAO what a coincidence.
    you sir should have been swallowed.

  19. guamy says:

    scared say you scared lol.

  20. BJC says:

    Whats the point of having an interim champ if your not going to defend the belt.The whole reason in having a interim champ was because George can’t defend the title because of an injury.Now we have a guy that can fight, that just plain won’t fight.Why didn’t UFC just put Georges title defenses on hold until he returns from his injury.This mess is a complete joke.Just take the fake belt from Conduit and call him what he is.Just a plain number#1 contender.

  21. freedaweed says:


  22. Donnybrook says:

    Sure seems to be a lot of children posting these days, some of you people takin this shit personally. Condit’s the one holding the belt there for he’s the one calling the shots so suck it up buttercups and deal with it. For the record I thought Condit won and Bendo won for whoever stated that the same poeple who think Condit won are the same people who think Edgar won… keep on presuming you have it all figured out when you clearly don’t know shit.

  23. Serg says:

    Bendo won! And if you watch the post fight press conference he said he’d fight Edgar again, pettis anybody period cuz he wants to be the greatest champ ever ” 1 more than Anderson”. Thats a champ mentality, can you say that about condit?? Doesn’t matter if you think he beat Diaz or not the fact is he’s the interim champ, he should defend it!

  24. Louis Bocanegra says:

    shut up you dam clown!

  25. Louis Bocanegra says:

    Carlos get real no one gives a shit of you fighting gsp, you have no ground game its going to be nothing but gsp ground humping you, at least diaz had a chance of submitting gsp you, you have no chance you clown!

  26. jay says:

    The biggest pussy in mma condit, run fucker run.

  27. Serg says:

    Condit ” the natural born punk”

  28. jay says:

    Dog fight, more like a grey hound running in a race

  29. MOMO says:

    PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are only like 5 #1 contenders in that div.

  30. Brian says:

    Carlos “The Natural Born Runner” Condit. “Let me turn my back against you and run for my life” Dude you were given the interim belt to defend it because GSP couldn’t defend his and now you want to sit back and wait for GSP and not defend it against Ellenberger.

  31. the original steve says:

    this guy should act more like a fighter. he is really the first fighter i heard say they want to sit out and wait to fight a guy.

  32. slacker says:

    Carlos is awesome! He’s gonna take it to GSP.

  33. learntoread says:

    Of course he’s going to wait it out, lol. Not sure why anyone would be surprised by this.

    Condit already showed his true colors when he wussied out of a high profile fight with Josh Koscheck (when Kos called him out directly after hearing GSP had pulled out of the Main Event @ UFC 137).

    • slacker says:

      At that point, GSP was saying he would be ready to go again by the end of December. So, I think that is a pretty good reason not to fight “anyone” right there.

      • learntoread says:

        Georges’ return date was all speculation at that point in time. There was no actual time table. He wouldn’t be “fight night ready” for months.

        Truth is, real fighters step up and fight, especially when they’re obviously trained, healthy, & ready to go. Condit was only in that situation to fight GSP @ UFC 137 by circumstance anyhow, he was the “Plan B”. To not take the fight with Kos (who always steps up when he’s asked to) and help his employers to save the card showed true colors. Did Penn or Diaz duck their 2nd opportunities to fight @ UFC 137, no, they both stepped up and took the fight that was offered after all the random changing of events leading up fight night. They showed up and put on a show, Kos was willing to step up too, but Carlos decided to bitch out (which is exactly why Diaz called him out post fight “Where you at Carlos !?”).

        • slacker says:

          Well, if you have a chance at fighting the champ in the very near future, I don’t think you are going to give that up so easily. Did Dana ask Carlos to do it? No. It was Dana’s decision to have him wait for GSP, not Carlos.

          As for Diaz, he pretty much had to take the fight against B.J., if he wanted to redeem himself with the organization for his no – show with Georges.

        • learntoread says:

          Had nothing much to do with Dana, it was Condit & his camp who instantly declined the Kos offer (sure it wasn’t Zuffa who initially brought the Kos fight to the table but they sure as hell weren’t the ones who took it off the table after Josh stepped up and made the challenge).

          Of course Zuffa would have wanted to try and salvage some of the hype in what was once an epic 137 card (GSP/Diaz, Penn/Condit)…with Condit staying on and fighting Kos that would have given them a very solid Co-Main Event in the end.

        • slacker says:

          Interesting. Do you have any links to prove that? I remember reading a couple articles (yahoo was one I believe), that said it was Dana who chose to pull Carlos from the 137 card and have him wait for a healthy GSP.

  34. wayuk says:

    true fighter are likes of donald cerrone or josh koscheck in my opinion wherein these 2 fighters fight for money and they don’t want to wait, they just wanna fight whoever is put in front of them because they know they’re getting paid..

    on condit’s case, it’s understandable why he wants to wait, he already deserved to fight gsp and accepted another fight in diaz, won and had the shot, but he really can’t decide if he will wait until he gets the chance to fight gsp because dana will always have the last decision..

    if ever condit fights gsp, i really can’t see how condit will win either in the standup or on the ground especially when he’s fighting a healthy georges st. pierre

    • slacker says:

      I think Joe Silva and White are hoping this match with Alves and Kampmann will be a real barn – burner. If Alves wins in an impressive, dominant fashion, it will bring back some much needed muscle into the WW picture and someone else with 1 punch KO power other than Ellenberger and Hendricks – Koscheck too, but he is showing that he has a hard time getting in done with no jab or leg kicks in his stand – up. They would have enough exciting WW fights to forget about GSP & Condit until their bout.

      As for Condit, he’s got a real shot at beating GSP. He already beat a great wrestler in Ellenberger. His stand – up is better than Georges – better leg kicks, better combinations, better power in both hands, better body shots, and better variety of striking. Sure, GSP will take him down, but he is very good there too – very difficult to pass his guard. Just look at his fights against MacDonald and Ellenberger. I believe, it’s going to be a very close fight. The key will be for Condit to hurt him early, as in the first 2 rounds. After that, he can chip away at him and try to catch him off guard with some big shots here and there. If GSP can easily pass Condit’s guard, unlike previous opponents, it’s going to be a very long night of getting grounded and pounded for him.

  35. Nick says:

    What’s the point of having an interim title if you don’t defend it? Just strip him of the title and say he’s the number one contender. Not rocket science. Interim Champion should mean you will defend the title.

    • slacker says:

      Well, you are going to have to change Dana’s mind, because he himself is advising that Condit should wait. He did offer Nick the re – match, but Mister “I don’t need to follow the rules or protocol” literally blew it again.

      • Nick says:

        Yeah. Honestly I think they should force him to fight Ellenberger or take that bs title away. It’s not a belt if you don’t defend it. That’s the way I see it.

        • slacker says:

          I can see both sides. Personally, I am not interested in an Ellenberger re – match because his cardio looked poor again against Sanchez. I think Condit would take him apart in a 5 rounder pretty handily. I would rather see him try to avenge his losses against Shields or Kampmann, or take on Alves if he wins this weekend. Those would be more interesting fights to me. I don’t know if Shields is planning to move up to MW immediately. If he won, he could always vacate the interim belt, though that might be hard for him to pass up a GSP re – match Or, he could re – match Ellenberger.

        • learntoread says:

          Truth, what’s the purpose of having an interim champ if he’s not going to defend and simply wait it out to fight THE ACTUAL champ?

          Sure Condit’s been given #1 contender status now, but why the hell does the dude necessitate a belt if he’s just going to sit and not fight/defend.

  36. James Troy says:

    the natural born runner

  37. slacker says:

    I wonder if all the “objective” Interim champ experts out here would be demanding that Diaz should have had to defend the Interim belt if he had won? Or, once again, do the rules not apply to Nick Diaz? Maybe I am being far too cynical?

  38. Hook'Em8 says:

    I think this is the right move fir Condit. GSP is the PPV king. If Condit is getting any cut of the PPV buys than he is going to achieve more financial success from waiting to fight GSP. Not to mention I’m sure Condit feels some sense of entitlement. He was booked to fight Georges and the UFC yanked that fight from under him. Like it or not as fans we should respect and trust Condits decision making process. Condit knows what’s best for himself and his families well being. If he wants to wait until Georges is healed up and ready to perform physically again, I’m okay with that. Sometimes the fans lose sight that this is a business. I believe Condit is making the correct business decision waiting for a pay day versus GSP.

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