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Monday, 09/03/2012, 02:31 pm

Carlos Condit Ready to Spoil Silva vs GSP | UFC News


UFC bosses Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta states if GSP is to defeat Condit at UFC 154 on Nov. 17, 2012, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the next logical step is a bout against Silva, the reigning middleweight kingpin.  The theory of GSP unifying the welterweight titles again and completely cleaning out the division might go bust if Carlos Condit can help it.   Condit spoiled plans before – the last fight with Nick Diaz ruined the planned GSP vs. Diaz superfight.  Carlos Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa tells


“Put it to you like this, I’m happy.  I’m very glad this is what’s going on. I ‘m very glad this is what’s going down.  I don’t think Carlos has been a favorite in any one of his past three fights.  I think in every one of his fights, either the fighter he’s fighting or the media or whoever said something about another fight or they’re going to set this fight up, and look at how it’s worked out for him.

He doesn’t care about none of this stuff, he just sits there and says,

‘Hey, I spoiled their plans once with Nick.   I’ll spoil it again with Georges, so who cares?'”

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53 Responses to “Carlos Condit Ready to Spoil Silva vs GSP | UFC News”

  1. Reaper says:

    But Silva already said he doesn’t care if GSP loses he wants that fight. So I don’t care if GSP loses either would be a great fight

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      MARK MY WORDS THIS FIGHT IS BEING CANCELED AS WE SPEAK. Franklin McNeil slipped the otehr night on MMA live and said this fight is in limbp. I knew Greg jackson would make sure this fight didn’t happen. GSP or Condit via Greg”SLEAZEBAG” Jackson instructions will say they are hurt. Plan is then GSP will fight “LAY N PRAY” Diaz in January and the only reason Dana is going along with it is GSP promised that after he lay n prays Diaz then he will FINALLY give UFC the fight they have been begging for years with A. Silva. UFC knows the fans will be freaking out madd as hell until they find out GSP is fighting Diaz the Silva. yep its already been decided and you heard it here first. GSP was never ever going to fight Condit.
      Do I hope I’m wrong? hell yeah because i think Condit will beat GSP (if it was 100% real fight and not some staged greg jackson sleazy bullsit WWE LIE to fans) its 100% possible they could just pretend to fight. Nothing Greg jackson could ever do would be too sleazy to believe. What he did in Condit, Guida fights is beyond a disgrace, screw Greg jackson the “SPORTS KILLER” Jackson RUINED UFC 151

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        we all know GSP won’t have the guts and will resort to lay n pray and try and lay on Diaz for 5 rounds just like he did Hardy. GSP was afraid to fight hardy and Diaz is 100 times better fighter/boxer/EVERYTHING MMA than hardy. Now way GSP will stand with Diaz

        GSP VIA lay n pray. i hope Diaz practices his atkedown defense kicks that cheating, GREASER, PED, HGH cheat

        GSP’s sidekick learned all his JUICING ffrom GSP. why do you think GSP is always injured? ask any doctor steroids makes body too strong too fast and tendons, ligaments can’t take the stress of strength gains that fast which cause ACL’s and abductors and those kind of ligaments to fail. anyone who is suppose to be super athlete like GSP should never be having all these injuries. He’s paying for all years of PED use and is breaking down at young age 31. GSP will retire in less 3 fights

        • Kyle says:

          This is the first time GSP ever pulled out of a fight for being injured dumb fuck. How’d GSP’s lay and pray work on Koscheck twice, Fitch, Penn twice, Alves, Hughes, etc? Shut the fuck up and go nuthug Bones Jones and his 1 ft reach advantage. You want to complain about someone, complain about JBJ and his size advantage over every fighter he’s faced with the exception of Bonnar. If you don’t think his size has been the most important factor in his success, you’re a moron. The guy dwarfs over his opponents and constantly relies on his reach and size advantage to win. You think Jones would be able to throw people the way he does without that leverage from his long ass limbs? No way. At least Silva and GSP fight people their size.

        • DMAC says:

          This is the stupidest shit I’ve read in awhile. Your one stupid person for sure congrats!

        • B-rad says:

          *****RETARD ALERT**********

  2. Nick says:

    He still lost that Diaz fight in my eyes.

  3. T.DADDY says:

    GSP will wipe the mat with you.. GSP wins by rape

  4. Pancho says:

    He still lost the Diaz fight. But I hope he finishes GSPs decisioning ass

  5. Tokofeigy says:

    GSP by tko(Superman Punch)

  6. I don’t trust anything Condit says anymore after he talked that trash with Diaz and went out there and pretty much out pointed Diaz with the game plan. He’s not going to be able to do that with GSP who’s known for his game plans. The only way Condit wins this fight is if the “NATURAL BORN KILLER” shows up and flying knees GSP or somethin’ because I don’t see it and if he does win one could always argue it’s because GSP has been out for a year and with a torn ACL you never come back the same. So it’s a win/lose situation for Condit.

  7. stephen riddle says:

    F a condit, after this loss diaz will rematch and finish this clown in the first round!”where u at carlos”

  8. learntoread says:

    Just not a Condit fan anymore, sorry Carlos your “dog fight” / “I’m going to bury this Mother F****er” banter killed it. Weak, just weak.

  9. truedat says:

    Diaz won the fight, and GSP will fuck Carlos up.

  10. Mark says:

    GSP by Traditional Unanimous Decision

  11. DMAC says:

    Condit! No one believes shit you say, sucks because I’m kinda forced to hear his bullshit through the build up. Gsp’s about to put on a TD clinic.

  12. slacker says:

    Condit beats Diaz rounds 1, 3, 4, and probably 5 too. Diaz did squat with his take – down. Just lay underneath him. No ground and pound, no submission attempt. An arm across a guys mouth is not a sub attempt. Condit handled him on the ground with ease. Diaz won on the fence where about 20% of the fight happened. On the perimeter and in the middle, where Condit forced the fight to happen, he kicked his ass. By the way, B.J. also kicked his ass when they exchanged in the middle. Too bad Diaz cheated and held him against the fence. What a fence – fighting, gym – bag fighter he is.

    As for him and GSP, it’s gonna be a great fight! At least as good as the Alves fight.

    • stephen riddle says:

      So u favor points fighters wtf!

      • slacker says:

        I don’t favour finishes or points. But I think it was a great strategy for Diaz. I was surprised too when Condit didn’t stand in front longer and brawl. But by the time it was all over, I was so impressed with his execution, it didn’t bother me anymore. People can talk about running – fine. He ran back to the center 4 or 5 times and proceeded to fight, so to me, it’s not a big deal. Now, if he did what Guida did with Maynard? Now, that was a disgrace! The most impressive stat to me was Condit’s higher strike percentage. He made Diaz miss on some big swings. He used his ambidextrous striking ability to almost perfection.

        • stephen riddle says:

          A rematch would settle this and judges suck.

        • Pancho says:

          The strike percentage was only so high because Condits was throwing ineffective leg kicks the whole time that Diaz was letting him land because they were so weak? It would be a different story if he was throwing kicks like Cyborg was on him, but that was just some bullshit. I was betting on Condit and still thought he lost afterward.

        • slacker says:

          A re – match would be great! I am sure it will happen. A lot of interest and big money to be made. IMO, one of the reasons Diaz lost that fight was because of his corner. They were giving him a false sense of security, saying that he was up 3 – 0, then 3 – 1, going into the 5th. How stupid can you be? Anybody could see that it was 2 – 2 at the very best, as far as Diaz was concerned.

          Diaz needs to beat one notable guy before he gets a title shot, that’s for sure. But, he and Condit will fight again. That’s guaranteed.

        • slacker says:

          Some kicks were powerful and some were weak. He buckled him in the 5th, so there was an accumulation. Diaz throws a lot of pitter – patter, low power punches -it’s a fact. But, of course, love is blind, and his fans never see anything wrong with that. If Diaz had won, it would have been because he controlled Condit with enough of his pitter – patter to look dominant and in control. But he wasn’t. So, if you want to say that Condit threw some pitter – patter leg kicks, I am fine with that. The bottom line then would be: Condit got off his pitter – patter strikes more often and quicker than Diaz could get off his, which was hardly at all. You can’t blame a guy for doing what he needed to do to stay off the fence. Look what he did to B.J.’s face. It was a good, close fight with Condit. But Diaz lost 3 rounds to 2. Plus, he lost anyways, because he was high on his pain – numbing weed, which gives him a big advantage in a brawl type of fight. The stick and move strategy was the best strategy against Nick’s all – around strengths.

        • steve says:

          Marijuana doesn’t numb anything lol

        • slacker says:

          Oh no? Do some more reading about it’s use and affects with cancer patients.

        • Pkq says:

          For You to even be high/have any effect whatsoever you would have to smoke 3 hours before a fight, eat a brownie 5 hours before a fight or drink tincture 6 hours before a fight so unless he was puffing nugs or eating brownie fight day(which is not possible with the crazy schedule these fighters have) then you have no “numbing effects” if you don’t smoke weed then you need to shut the fuck up because you obviously have no clue what you are talking about

        • slacker says:

          Look at the way he spoke at the pre – fight press conference on Thursday, and his eyes and lethargic, walking around during their fight. He had no sense of urgency. In all likelihood, he WAS high or at least smoked within 24 – 48 hrs, so it would have an affect. Don’t try to tell me Diaz isn’t a guy who wouldn’t make time to smoke up.

        • learntoread says:

          Great to see user slacker is still completely delusional.

        • Pkq says:

          Slacker stfu weed does not stay in effect 24-48 hours, using invalid facts in an arguement makes you look like a complete fucking tard. First of all if pot stayed in effect 24 hours then stoners couldn’t smoke 1-24 bowls of nug everyday or in the span I like 3 weeks you would be in the hospital(which has never happened ) and dude you can’t just “find time” with seminars and press/media all week there especially the last 24-48 hours and even if he did he would have had to smoke 2-4 hours for there to have any effect more powerful then cough syrup. I honestly don’t know which is takes the cake for stupidity the fact that you think weed last 24 hours or that you think Diaz was smoking pot
          The same day as the fight..

  13. Xaninho says:

    GSP-Condit ‘Clash of the gameplans’

  14. stephen riddle says:

    Im a gsp fan right now said me for the first time ever, f him up gsp!

  15. Drew says:

    Gsp and Anderson will happen if the matchup between condit and Gsp isn’t close but I’d it’s like a Diaz condit fight then Gsp had every right to get a rematch But yaaaaaa A silva alllll day over gsp

  16. lex walker says:

    Carlos is going to get his ass whipped and everybody knows it

  17. Edgar says:

    The only way Condit will spoil silva vs. St Pierre
    Is if he runs around like he did to Diaz!

    Screw The Natural Born Runner !

  18. Justen says:

    I love how everyone underestimates Condit. Pretty sure he’s gunna win this one. Great striking, and one of the best guards in the ufc. N Never quit attitude. I say Condit by 4th round sub.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, some people still don’t realize how good he is. If you consider how he was actually able to come from behind against Rory and Ellenberger, not just to eke out a win, but to completely dominate them in the final round, you just can’t count him out of any fight. The guy is a finisher, and has Edgar – like toughness and survivability.

      • learntoread says:


        If you think comparing the 6 time defending WW Champion Georges St Pierre to (then) rookies like: MacDonald ( who was in only his 2nd fight in the UFC), and Ellenberger (in his very 1st fight in the UFC), holds ANY WEIGHT WHAT SO EVER, you’re even more delusional than once thought.

        When Condit fought Rory and Jake he was already a veteran in the game, and they were completely GREEN, furthermore Carlos was was VERY lucky to get both of those wins, the Ellenberger decision could have gone either way easily, and if the ref hadn’t stopped the MacDonald fight with seconds to go in the 3rd Rory would have won that decision.

        No one has ever said Condit isn’t tough, (well, before that lame Diaz ‘spectacle’), but GSP is on an entirely different level, and you know this.

        • slacker says:

          Sports’ critiques and professionals are touting Rory as the next WW champ and rank Ellenberger in the top 5 WW’s in the world. Jake had 25 pro fights before the Condit match and Rory 10. That was just Condit’s 2nd UFC fight. So, does his toughness and final round dominance in those fights hold comparative weight for how he could be a genuine threat to GSP? I am pretty sure they do.

        • learntoread says:

          Neither Ellenberger or MacDonald were even remotely close to title contender-ship when Carlos fought them (nor were they being touted as future UFC champions at that point in time). In terms of the UFC / big show, they were rookies, green. Carlos was the WEC Champ, he had been in Main Event title fights on PPV cards and live TV. To compare Condit (barely) getting past either of those two fighters, especially at that juncture in their career, is a joke when talking about a present day matchup with GSP, one of the P4P best. Sorry pal.

        • slacker says:

          Oh, so now being on T.V. and fighting in the WEC as the champ is the “big show!” I see. And I suppose it also means nothing that Ellenberger, AS a highly touted, title contender, got TKO’ ed by the guy Condit only lost a razor close decision to. As for Rory, the talk of him already being touted as a future UFC champ in MMA circles was being discussed by the commentators during Condit’s fight with him that very night. It’s been known from his entrance into the UFC that the guy is a super talent.

          I guess you just think GSP is that much head and shoulders above him then. So, do you think GSP is going to finish him? Win every round on points? What about Diaz? Would he have a genuine shot against GSP, but not Condit? lol

        • learntoread says:


          Joe Rogan stated in the post fight interview “SPOKEN like a future champion”, where he was referring to the maturity and classiness MacDonald displayed when asked about the stoppage.

          I never stated that the WEC was the “big show”, simply that Condit had been in numerous PPV Main Event title fights prior to entering the UFC, which = big fight experience. If you want to attempt to ague that Rory and Jake had just as much big fight experience as Carlos when they fought him, you would be simply talking shit and completely reaching. Condit was brought into the UFC as an immediate WW contender and most likely would have gotten a title shot had be beaten Kampmann decisively (being that he was the reigning WEC Champ & the division was absorbed into the UFC’s after Zuffa bought them out).

          No, I never think GSP is going to finish his opponent, simply dominate & basically outclass him. He always does. This isn’t rocket science man.

          I think Diaz would put on a great fight vs. Georges because he always comes to scrap and has a killer ground game (Cesar Gracie black belt), so “if” George decided to take Nick down (unlike he did with Shields, for obvious reasons) he would be in threat of being sub’d as Diaz’s guard is legendary. On the feet, I think Nick would eventually get the better of him as the fight wore on (*unless that doosh-bag Mike Winkeljohn instructed him to “hit & run”, like Condit unfortunately decided to do, losing tons of fans & respect in the process I might add).

        • slacker says:

          So, what’s Rory going to be future champion of? Speechmakers of America? lol

          And it’s rocket science that GSP will dominate and beat Condit? But Diaz has a great shot at beating GSP, while Condit who just beat Diaz, does not also have a chance?!! No, I am pretty sure you are wrong there.

        • learntoread says:

          Keep doing your “MMA Math” (“if he beat him, then…”) while the rest of us look at fighting objectively.

          Carry on slacker, carry on.

  19. maurice says:

    i thought condit beat diaz, kampmann and ellenberger fair and square. i think its a damn shame ppl give diaz the 5th round, when all he did was get a takedown and attempt a sloppy ass armbar. condit is one of the best finishers in mma. one of the most well rounded fighters in all of mma, and has one of the best chins in mma. condit is going to put a severe whooping on gsp. there is no need for a stick and move strategy against gsp. condit striking and bjj is so far ahead of gsp it isnt even a comparison. gsp is coming off the worst performance of his career, injury and the longest lay off ever. condit is going to whip gsp and whoever the number 1 contender is after. one things for sure, if condit is offered a fight with anderson, he wont take 3 fucking years just to say he’s interested. diaz, kampamann and condit are tailor made to beat gsp. gsp will have to do the most incredible lay n pray performance to beat either guy, but i dont think he can stall 25 mins against these killers.

    • slacker says:

      I thought Condit did barely lose to Kampmann. That first round was so close. I had it even until the last 20 seconds, but then Condit gave up another take – down and a sub- attempt. Even if time was running out, he still got it in. Gave Condit the 2nd, and Kampmann the 3rd. How did you score it?

      Another interesting and favourable point for Condit. GSP hasn’t fought a guy with an equal or greater reach advantage since all the way back to Mayhem Miller! That was an eternity ago! This helps level the playing field between them.

  20. Brend0magic says:

    As long as the fight isn’t in Toronto, or Ontario w/e where they don’t have drug testing GSP will get stomped. Anderson is too big, too lanky, and a way better striker. GSP’s only chance is do to a Sonnen and not get submitted. Or get the fight in Ontario and just go roid crazy.

  21. Brend0magic says:

    If this fight ends by finish I think Condit will win, but GSP will probably jab, take him down, and lay there to a decision win. but WAR CONDIT!!!!!

  22. Phantom weight says:

    Man i would love GSP to lay,and pray diaz, cuz diaz would sub him quik like.

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