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Friday, 10/19/2012, 12:13 pm

Carlos Condit Planning On Playing Spoiler And Stopping The GSP vs. Silva Talks | UFC NEWS

“It doesn’t bug me, if anything it motivates me. The fact that I’m being looked past; it puts a fire under my ass. I love being the spoiler. I spoiled Nick Diaz vs. George St. Pierre and now I get to play that role again. The hype for a superfight between Georges and Anderson has been going on for a long time. The fight between me and Georges, there is not as much hype on it, but, I think we’re going to have a hell of a fight. People are going to be wondering why they weren’t excited about it after the fight.”

“People thinking he isn’t going to be the best Georges we’ve seen is a mistake. If I think I am going to have an easy time with him because he is coming off injury is a mistake. That will be really detrimental to me. I’m preparing for Georges St. Pierre, the man, the myth, the legend and nothing less.”

At the upcoming UFC 154 event the interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit will look to solidify his spot at the top when he takes on the reigning welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

The world seems to only be interested in a possible super fight with Anderson Silva and GSP once the Condit fight is over.

However, Carlos took his time on Wednesday’s edition of “The MMA Hour” to remind fans that GSP won’t be making it that far if he has anything to say about it.

Can the “Natural Born Killer” pull out another upset victory and cement himself as the undisputed champ or will GSP return to his former dominance?


29 Responses to “Carlos Condit Planning On Playing Spoiler And Stopping The GSP vs. Silva Talks | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    Well, Dan Hardy took GSP the distance, but Carlos Condit put Dan Hardy to sleep, so who’s knows, Carlos is very capable of beating anyone in the welterweight divison.

    • Jasplanet says:

      When chael talks crap he goes for it and goes all into his fights, win or lose. Condit talks crap but he didnt back it up. I mean Nick even shaked his hand on the weigh ins, when was the last time he did that ?? And he disrespect me as a paying fan with that crap performance. He made me expect shit to happen but didnt deliver. Hope everyone watches his GSP point collection live on stream so noone pays for seeing that crap again.

      • lolidiots says:

        you are a moron if you think condit can’t ‘back it up’, but then it’s easy to see people who didn’t think he easily beat diaz are morons anyways

  2. JayKay says:

    Condit is a chicken with a deathwish.

  3. Jeff says:

    There is no hype for your fight because your last fight was boring as sh$t and it was your fault.

  4. Know your shit. says:

    I love it how you people can call UFC fighters, chickens, and pussys and all those names! There in the biggest fighting promotion in the world, you fucking morone..

  5. Tempt says:

    Condit better not ruin this super fight between GSP and Silva. I will be pissed…

  6. The Ass Murderer says:

    Man fuck Carlos condit!!
    Nick diaz 1,2,5


      You are such a douche nozzle. Diaz especially lost round 5. Stop cupping his balls and lay off the weed 420 fan boy.

      • David says:

        how the fuck do you figure diaz lost five he landed more strikes got the take down and a near sub when condit did nothing but defend. if anything 5 is the round Diaz clearly won. I agree though i saidhe had one 2 and 5 and had 4 going to condit but could’nt of went to Diaz. To me the only round condit had convincingly was 3

  7. Some Guy says:

    Carlos, no one cares about you. Everyone wants to see Silva fight GSP. If you ruin that fight and stop it from happening then i wish death upon you. Truly.

  8. Dana is Greedy says:

    Carlos should of thought about his promotions when he decided to play it safe and disappointed all his fans..Now he wants to cry for the lack of media…UFC don’t care about certain fighters as much as others it’s evident with the new TUF couches..

  9. Condit kicks like a pussy says:

    Condit ain’t stopping shit, ps he kicks like a pussy. No one should be able to take your kick square in the face and keep coming in LOL! Im not a St Pierre fan, but i want to see how he compares against Silva, Silva has the capacity to make men look like little boys.

  10. T.DADDY says:

    GSP wins by non stop smothering

  11. jbeamazing says:

    as much as I thought Nick Diaz won the fight nobody can say this man has no shot at knocking out gsp my boy Matty did it

    and Gsp vs Anderson fight sucks to me Jones vs Anderson or maybe he defends his belt against the number one contender heres a hint it’s not Bisping

  12. stephen riddle says:

    I really hope the old gsp shows up and puts on a striking clinic on condit! His stalling wont work this time. Im already looking foward to kampmann vs. Gsp followed by diaz vs.gsp. and gsp already said that there is too much talent around to jump to a superfight right now.

  13. fifson says:

    i got condit by k.o. ftw

  14. Justwait says:

    GSP by second round submission. Condit isnt a fighter he is a competitor in a sport that involves fighting. GSP is too good of a wrestler,striker and grappler for Condit. Better start practicing your running Condit you fucking homo track star.

    • Mike b says:

      Track star?????ur a fuc*ing tard.have u seen his fights????i have yet to see a boring Carlos fight.this dude is exciting to watch.his fight with rory was sick,his fight with jake was sick,he ko’d hardy,his fight with kampmann was good.ok….so his fight with Diaz wasnt a barn burner….big fuc*ing deal.ive seen a lot more boring fights than that one.with that being said gsp is one of the best P4P fighters out there……I think this fight will be competitive.i do think gsp will take this fight but don’t ever count out condit the guys a killer.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        See Carlos Run video is on utube. Diaz won that fight and i lost all respect for Condit. I went into that fight a huge Condit fan and came out a Diaz fan

  15. Josiah says:

    -condit earned this shot and deserves some respect. yes, he had a boring fight with diaz but i don’t think we should talk shit about him just because of that. the guy was a champ in wec and now the interim ufc ww champ, he puts on exciting fights.
    -as for GSP, i’m a big fan, he’s one of my favorites and i don’t like the idea of him fighting silva. there’s just no point. GSP is perfect and looks healthy in WW. theres a big pool of talents in WW that may pose a threat to his belt so why fight a guy in a higher weightclass and not to mention a guy like silva.
    -silva on the other hand can fight on a higher weightclass which he has already proven three times. the effectiveness of his strikes are even better than that of a LHW. no offense to GSP but silva going to destroy him and i don’t like it.

  16. Nick says:

    Everyone still knows he lost his last fight. It should be Diaz/GSP. Nope, Usain Bolt up there had to ruin it for us.

  17. BIGmac says:

    You guys are hating on confit from one fight tht he used a tactic on. Not everyone in the fucking UFC can stand in front of Nick Diaz and bang you idiots. His tactic landed significant shots as well so all you haters please go educate yourselves before you talk shit on UFC fighters that can woop your asses.

    • James Wolfe says:

      I agree, it was a smart fight.Diaz took a beating, his face was a mess…smart, smart fight, I believe Condit can and will beat GSP. My only concern is if GSP can take him down and lay on him. I believe this is the only way GSP will beat him. I think Condit is faster, has better hands, boxing, and great kicks…and will have a plan.

      Send this separatist GSP back to Quebec where he belongs.

  18. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Let me spell it out in laymens terms Condit used sissy kicks and ran away for 25 minutes and never once came forward or had Diaz in any trouble. Condit ran from Diaz and Diaz had his back and came closest to finishing fight. 2 more minutes Diaz would have submitted Condit. Condit lost more fans in one fight probably than any otehr fighter has ever lost for being a PUSSY. SEE CARLOS RUN, SEE KALIB RUN, yeah awesome blueprint

  19. durka says:

    wow if you guys were real fight fans you would stop cryin and bitchin like lil girls and just watch they are all talented so shut up you all are worse than my girl on the rag

  20. 757 says:

    Condit is getteing whipped

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