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Tuesday, 09/13/2011, 02:06 pm

Carlos Condit: I have the mental edge in a lot of my fights.

“He’s human. He’s an incredible fighter and I know some of the best fighters in the world haven’t been able to figure him out, but I’m dangerous. I’m a dynamic fighter. I think I have a lot of ways to win and I also have a mentality and a mental toughness that a lot of guys have problems with. I think that’s been my edge in a lot of fights.”

Carlos Condit tells The Boston Herald that while he knows his UFC 137 opponent (GSP) is dangerous, he feels that he is just as, if not more, dangerous.

Most of the athletes in the MMA game will all agree that fighting is 95% mental and 5% physical, if true, does Condit really have the mental edge over most other guys in his division?


34 Responses to “Carlos Condit: I have the mental edge in a lot of my fights.”

  1. BJ fan says:

    …not enough…BJ by knockout.

  2. JOHN D says:

    He’s fighting gsp you super smart guy.

  3. Phil says:

    GSP by TKO round 4. he’s in a must finish someone position I think he will risk it a bit in this fight

  4. Not Trollin Bro says:

    GSP will out wrestle him… if you look at Condits looses they are all by being being out wrestled and put on his back…

    this will be a 5 round snooze fest ala Thiago part 2

  5. chris ball says:

    Every one forgets that rory McDonald had Condit beat until the last minutes of the third round. Condit is tough, but not enough to beat GSP. I honestly believe Rory will be that guy.

  6. Trevor says:

    I’ve become a fan of Condit after watching stuff he’s said since the fight with BJ was cancelled. He said that he thought BJ beat GSP the first time they fought. Most guys won’t have that kind of honesty about guys under the same gym banner. I’m definitely rooting for him over GSP. Good luck Carlos!

  7. tim g says:

    Nice one carlos your so funny. Of course you can win it’s all about mental toughness and only 5% physical. That’s why there’s so many fat champions. GO CARLOS.

    GSP will make you look so average.

    Your best chance is the Matt Serra punch.

  8. get real says:

    I don’t even like GSP, I respect his talent though. That being said, GSP is one of the most mentally tough fighters out there. He sticks to his gameplan and never looks out of sorts in the ring. Sorry Carlos. Its going to be 25 minutes of abuse. 50-45 GSP on all judges scorecards.

    • The Brave Reply says:

      on the contrary GSP has one of the weakest mental toughness out there. Do you know he still sees a Therapist to help with his mental breakdown after the Matt Serra fight? Im not bashing him one bit either, i just know that he himself has said in multiple interviews that he needs a shrink to help him with the dealings of fighting and his brutal loss to Serra.

  9. Jmad says:

    Condit by flying knee round 2. I’m just gonna jump out there with that one.

  10. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    I feel like Condit has a very good chance to defeat GSP! He just has to be the aggressor and push the pace of the fight, along w/ avoiding take downs & recovering faster then GSP after every round! Then he can bring that belt over to setup a Condit vs. Penn championship matchup! Now thats what I’m talking about!!! LOL

  11. Jrock says:

    GSP is in a must finish situation but whith a guy like Condit if he takes the risk of standing with him its going to be a very rough not for gsp.I mean look at his face when he fought shields condit has way better striking then shileds. and if he plays in cautious on the ground he could get swept or submitted so Condit is a very Dangerous fight for him probably his most since bj. Only difference is gsp was a lot bigger then bj that gave him and edge. Condit not a big welter weight but he’s not a small on either Condit by 3rd round tko

  12. Mike Diaz says:

    Condit gots to make GSP fight his fight, get in his face, break all his rhythms and timing. Frustrate the hell out of Grease S P, then in a moment of recovery knock his lights out back to Montreal….Setting up the original fight for the WW strap, Penn vs Condit! PENN NATION!!!!!!

  13. e says:

    itll prolly end up with grease layin ontop of condit either for 25 min or perhaps condit will utilize slick bjj to sub grease. grease is prolly willing to stand and bang but if he doesnt like condits hits he mos def gunna go for survival mode and neutralize condit by his #1 discipline martial laying arts.

    • slacker says:

      If Condit uses the front kick to the body early in every round, he can make GSP hesitant to go for the take down and keep it standing where he has a great chance. GSP will be watching for the big right like he did against Koscheck. If Condit nails him, I think it will likely be with the left. The good thing for Condit is the reach is equal – 76″ I am absolutely divided in how I feel about this fight. These are my two favourite fighters!

  14. Lex w says:

    Gsp got this easy, nick was going to beat him but carlos isn’t.

  15. Don't Blink says:

    “OK Carlos, you’re gonna have to say GSP’s name. Say you’re gonna beat GSP.” -UFC Primetime Crew

    • rondo says:

      Theres no fkn way Diaz would have beaten Georges,and neither is Carlos. With that being said lets see who faces off against each other after 137 My money says GSP/PENN III. Its gotta be that way it’s only right. Then Diaz can fight Carlos to see who stays top 5.

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