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Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 08:53 am

Carlos Condit | Fighting GSP Is A Once In A lifetime Opportunity (Video)

“Fighting Georges could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so most likely I’ll be waiting for Georges to heal up. From all reports he’s ahead of schedule and if he’s looking to come back in September to November, I’m willing to wait, but if it’s going to be longer than that I might reassess. [The Interim title] has afforded me some opportunities but Georges I feel like is still the champion and until somebody beats him, he’s still the champion.”

In this video interview Carlos Condit explains why he wants to wait on the shelf until Georges St-Pierre is healthy and ready to fight.

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48 Responses to “Carlos Condit | Fighting GSP Is A Once In A lifetime Opportunity (Video)”

  1. jason says:

    at the rate georges fights, it might actually be once in a lifetime.

  2. banks says:

    It will be cuz after condit loses hes gona become a gatekeeper

  3. Gabe says:

    “Um, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna lose my next fight. I’d just rather lose to GSP.” -Carlos Condit

  4. Serg says:

    Gabe you couldn’t have put it better lol

  5. Donnybrook says:

    Calm cool and collected as alway’s… he’s making the right call for his family and himself, can’t hate on him for that.

  6. jboy says:

    Carlos the forrest gump” Condit …lost me as a fan

  7. Sweet game plan says:

    No shit!!! Oh my condolences to go out to you Carlos, you lost a fan… To jboy..oh shit

    • Dog chapman says:

      Hahahahahaha all stupid shit aside u say hes a runner but hey all u dumbasses forget that fighting is fighting and hey condit didnt have the most exciting fight with diaz but yet he took little damage well less than diaz his strategy to win was stay om the outside counter and take less damage like bruce lee said kung fu is water in simpler terms hes saying u cant stay as 1 form like water water adapts to its surrondings so like fighting u must adapt to ur opponent but back to the subject condit adapted his style to beet diaz and if it wasnt a mma bout and a fight out in no were condit would kill diaz bcuz he was simply winnin the fight same with wrestlers not the exciting thing to watch but hey if it wasnt a bout and a fight those guys eould still win but same wit sonnen and silva if wasnt for the tap and the reff jumppin in silva would of just held the triangl and kill him but frm ur perspective u complain bcuz it is a pro fight wich thy r getting paid for and u want to see thm do there job but hey jus remember just bcuz it wasnt exciting u cant say they lost bruddah smoke ice

    • RUN carlos RUN says:

      im sure he lost more than 1 fan and title of this article should read RUNNING FROM GSP IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPERTUNITY

  8. jboy says:

    No shit that’s y he said its not a good normal win that he wanted dumbasses ..

  9. true mma says:

    just retire condit and does all favor. nobody wants to see you run around the cage screamimg for greg to save you. you lost lots of fans with that bullshit you pulled.

  10. true mma says:

    Carlos gump, the natural born runner. P4P best runner in mma.

  11. guamy says:

    you can tell in all his interviews now that he is not very comfortable. he knows he lost alot of respect from the mma fans and community. he was cheered in all his fights before and after the diaz fight he was booed big time. He even came out and said he didnt feel that great about winning cause every one was booing and he caught alot of flack for his performance. whats more disturbing about the BS decision is that it was unanimous.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Not only was in unanimous with the judges, it was unanimous with the real mma fans..

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        And pre tell, what constitutes a “real mma fan?”

        • Sweet game plan says:

          A REAL MMA FAN : someone who understands when a fighter takes the other down …… Someone who understands when a fight comes in with a game plan……. Someone who doesn’t say he sucks cause he didn’t stay in the cage and do roc ’em soc ’em robot…….

        • Wayne says:

          Well, I’m all of the above and I thought it was a shit performance. Fucking guy promised a war and delivered a marathon instead. Now when Houston Alexander pull the same shit against Kimbo, Dana Fired him. Go figure, and now this coward is gonna ride the pine til GSP is ready?!………..Seriously! What the hell kinda champ doesn’t want to defend his title? Damn maybe he should call out Maywheather…that fight would take just as long to make…..just saying

        • guamy says:

          well said @wayne. this dude sweet gay porn doesnt know shit about MMA. “if this was a real fight” lmao. if it wasnt in a cage condit would have been half way to mexico by the time they got done with all that running. and Real MMA FAN? most of the fighters and announcers had thought Diaz should have won but those guys dont know shit right?

    • slacker says:

      He looks very happy, confident, and poised and professional with the media as usual.

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Condit vs Diaz was the most boring fight of 2012 quit lying to yourself. Prove to the MMA community that your interim belt is worth something beyond a spot in the front of the line for a crack at GSP, because someone without a belt could just as easily get a title shot without one. Beat Ellenberger in a rematch and show me you aren’t scared to lose that status of interim Welter Weight Champ.

    I’ll also add that the longer he waits for George the more ring rust he’ll gain making their fight more competitive than he wants. GSP is smarter than Diaz and more well rounded. He won’t run after you and run into punches for 5 rounds.

  13. true mma says:

    hey sweet game plan take condit’s nuts out your mouth. condits embarresed bitches like you are backing him up. He would probrably shut the fuck. Big balls behind a computer and mouth full of condits. I see how yuu roll.

    • David says:

      Your fucking mentally handicapped, go back to crushing small animals skulls or digging lint out of your belly button or whatever it is retards do while drooling on themselves, fucken reject.

  14. true mma says:

    sweet game plan just shut the fuck up, your making your self look more and more stupid.

  15. true mma says:

    I see how you roll, big balls behind a computer while a mouth full of edgars

  16. greg says:

    you guys are smoking the good shit…gsp always plays it safe 1st, 2nd i cant remember the last time him acuatally finish…oh yeah in 08 vs serra, wow!! All desicisions the last damn near 5 years. 3rd, im american, and can speak it. Gsp has not impressed me in a long time, yes he is an elite athelete thou.
    Mr. Condit will throw gsp off the top spot!!! Sit your boring ass at home gsp, you non-fight ending bore.

  17. Q says:

    Ellenberger has a much better chance at beating GSP than Condit in my opinion, If the interim title meant a lot to Condit he would defend it before GSP comes back to prove that he deserves it

  18. Tony Monte says:

    So let me get this straight…striking with kicks and punches, then avoiding damage by ducking under and slide stepping to the right/left, out damaging, out working, out classing someone makes them a runner? You all have to be fucking retarded, seriously. “Oh hey he didn’t sit there and get punched in the face for 25 minutes, he sucks bur hur hur”. Quit your bitching and watch a triathlon if you want to see Diaz maybe win.

  19. greg says:

    If your talking to me….all im saying is….gsp has went to the judges the last 5 years, if he was that good, he should of finish with a sub or ko, something the fans want to see. I said hes a elite athelite, just not a exictimg champ since serra knock his block off.
    This is all facts, wow.. A champ that cant finish, awesome jabs, but the replay every round with no end but the judges. 99% say dont leave it in the judges hands, but gsp has no choice and thats a fact kid!!

  20. greg says:

    Put it this way, jon bones jones is exciting!!! Gsp never can pull off crazy stuff that youll be talking about the next day. SAFE SAFE

    • greg says:

      Show me the proof i want, i been watching and training since 93′ …our local stud michael chandler the 155lbs bellator champ is exciting. Throws those bjj guy around like rag dolls… Us college wrestling son.

  21. slacker says:

    I think they should try to set – up Condit vs. Shields II. Ellenberger vs. the winner of Alves vs. Kampmann.

  22. Untitled says:

    Someone made a very good point about Diaz chasing Condit.. What would have happened if Diaz didn’t go after him. Would the ref have deducted points? Would Condit engage in a fight that the fans wanted to see? Who knows. The only thing that is certain is Diaz fans were mad, Condit fans were happy and casual fans were bored.. I believe he should take a fight before GSP. If he thinks he is good enough to beat GSP then there is no-one in the WW division he can’t beat and on the business front, he would be making more money. Champions defend their gold.

  23. Untitled says:

    Yes I am a Nick Diaz fan. I love his style of fighting and I like the way he portrays himself. I think he can’t be controlled like other fighters and has a ‘fuck you I won’t do what you told me’ attitude. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was out smarted by Condit. Love it or hate it (i hated it) Condit fought his fight and won (no matter how much I say it was 3-2 to Diaz!!). Nick, adapt and comeback! Unfortunately not all fighters have the fighting spirit of BJ Penn, Nick has learnt this.

  24. David says:

    True mma? More like true fagget. Bro you should change your screen name to something more accurate like ” poster boy for abortion” or “im a fucking loser who prolly beats his kids and cant please my woman” nobody likes false advertising

  25. slacker says:

    Anyways, if it wasn’t mandatory for Diaz to defend the interim belt if he had won, then it’s also not for Carlos now. Most of the guys out here are only clamouring for a compulsory defense by Carlos because they are still bitter that Diaz lost.

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