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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 08:48 am

Carlos Condit Determined To Wait All Year To Fight GSP If Needed

“The UFC I think is looking at it from a business standpoint. They want to see the bigger fight, and basically the biggest fight is me versus Georges St-Pierre. That’s basically the sentiment I’ve gotten from Dana and some of the other UFC brass. I would love to fight some of these guys. There are some great contenders. Jake Ellenberger’s had a phenomenal run. Martin Kampmann just had a great fight and I would love to avenge that loss, but Georges St-Pierre is one of the top stars in the sport and a win over him would catapult me to a different level.”

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80 Responses to “Carlos Condit Determined To Wait All Year To Fight GSP If Needed”

  1. lol says:

    Watch GSP wait till 2013 to dodge carlos lol..
    Keep getting faking injuries and greasing GSP!!

    • Donnybrook says:

      What injury did he fake??.

    • jon doe says:

      This guy is an idiot………….. Please go follow a new sport. faked injury, really?

    • charlie says:

      maybe not faked, but he’s definitely milking it.
      he could fight this summer, if he wanted to….but why would he? he’s still making millions off endorsements and he never has to fight. pretty sweet gig.

      pretty sure gsp will try to hold out to see if someone can pull off an upset and beat condit, so he can have an easier fight. that’s been his style lately.

      • Donnybrook says:

        Have you ever blown your ACL?!… if not then STFU you have no idea what your talking about.

      • Shawn says:

        LOL! You obviously don’t fight, let alone train. ACL dumbass. A full tear, not a strain, not a partial tear, a full tear, is at LEAST a 7-9 month recovery. Meaning, add another 2-3 months to make sure it’s completely healed and can withstand the stress the original was taking.

        When you have ACL reconstruction, a new ligament is created and held in your knee with screws or other fixation devices. The ACL then has to heal in this position in order to withstand repetitive stresses associated with sports activities. The problem with any type of ACL graft fixation method is that, if repeatedly stressed before the graft has healed in position, the fixation will eventually fail. That means the new ACL graft can become loose, and very susceptible to getting re-injured.

        Furthermore, there are other risks of overly accelerated rehabilitation. Jerry Rice famously made a comeback 3 ½ months after undergoing ACL reconstruction in 1997. In his first game back, he fractured his kneecap (where the ACL graft was taken from). This new injury ended his season.

        Hell, any smart guy would milk it to make sure he’s completely 100%. Otherwise your jeopardizing the longevity of your career.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Good educational comment Shawn… I was off work for 8 months when I tore mine, these clowns yappin their piss flaps should get some knowledge of the injury before commenting.

    • CALI says:


    • B says:

      I’m sure he is. That means he can do nothing at all and call himself a champion for however long. Diaz’ belt don’t fit him. I’d rather not see him fight again. That dudes soft deep down inside. Look at him after he fought for belt. Clearly the dude wasn’t even confident he won then goes on to talk in interviews after like he’s some badass and what not and meant for it all to happen like it did. And no I’m not mad, I just don’t like seeing people get what they don’t deserve. Running wins fights in the UFC?? WHAT? I dislike GSP for being a boring fighter but he will mop the floor with this guy for 5 rounds without problems. Nick Diaz took Carlos down… I don’t even need to say more.

      • The guy that was “Running” was doin twice the damage Diaz did.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Please dont coz yer soundlin like Diaz’s whinging wife or something even more pathetic .

        Condit didnt run he controlled the distance & beat tha fuckin head offa Diaz for 5 rounds while kicking fuck outa his Legs .

        He broke him down simple as that .

        If diaz has any complaints then maybe he needs to toughen tha fuck up & quit gettin high when he is supposed to be training for a fuckin title fight !

        You may not like it that Diaz lost & ya may not like Condits style but theres no way you can accuse him of running , he beat tha head off the doped up Diaz & thats tha end of that .

  2. Louis Lane says:

    you know it’s a damn shame there going to try and make carlos fight anyone but GSP, we all know if diaz would be fighting GSP no questions asked, frankly dana and lorenzo are starting to show there scummy greedy side, i mean if rampage is calling you out publicly clearly mayweather was right about dana being greedy etc etc..

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Diaz would have defended his belt by now.

    • DBKlein69 says:

      mayweather isn’t right about anything except for the fact that his mother did a shitty job raising him. as for rampage calling dana greedy, he’s just a past-his-prime sore loser who doesn’t have the guts or the heart to continue fighting and is looking so desperately for someone to blame it on.

    • Wayne says:

      You know , as much as I hate to say it, YOUR RIGHT!!!! $$ is going to take the UFC down the same shit hole boxing went. It’s just a matter of time. If they let this fucking clown , who mind you is supposed to be a champ ( NOT ), ride the pine for a year it’s a slap in the face to every legit contender out there. A REAL champ would fight, I’ve said it before this guy is a fucking joke. I hate Maywheather , but I’m starting to see he just might have a point. Sad

  3. Zack says:

    He might as well wait. Noone wants to see him fight anyways. It seems once you get to the top you fight like a bitch cuz your scared to lose. Gsp vs condit will most likely be the most boring fight in history

  4. The natural says:

    I don’t understand y they would give out and interM belt then. the guys the real champ now he needs to relize this and he shld defend his belt and be made too defend belt being he’s the champ now what the f was point of putting belt out there if he doesn’t have to defend it

  5. Mach00man says:

    He doesn’t want to take the chance of getting knocked the fuck out before he gets to GSP and lose that interim title. By now any other fighter in that weight class has caught on to that hit and run bullshit that he pulled with Diaz, and they won’t fall for that crap.

  6. machoomanisafagget says:

    you are a fool, carlos condit is one of the best finishers in mma look at his record you clown, carlos implemented a game plan to beat diaz u fuckin chach

    • Mach00man says:

      Fuck you, dumb bastard. Yeah he got away with that shit this time with Diaz, but you think he will win like that again? HELL NO. He needs to defend that title against people who deserve a shot instead of sitting on his ass waiting to play “catch me if you can” with GSP when the time comes.

    • ... says:

      lol condit a bitch he had nothing for diaz so what’s he gunna have for gsp? Nick was eatin his shots an condit was running away from nicks so what does that tell you? Plus nick beat carlos in everything besides his pussy ass leg kicks so who actually won the fight you fucking chach???

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        “This is going to be a dog fight!” .. turned into..” Had I stood there and fought Diaz, he would be wearing this belt right now”

        condits a scared mofo and everything hes been saying to how hes been fighting proves it!

        • You dont fight do you? I dont agree with The way Carlo’s fought, but he was just adapting to do what he had to to win. You cant always fight everyone the same way. I wish he would’ve stood and bang like he did against Hardy. but he was doin what he needed to win

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          not professionally but ive had a good amount of fights and training, not that any of that really matters in discussing mma or sports , look at john clayton for effs sake. personally i thought rumble johnson gave hardy a better fight than condit gave nick. ppl can make fun of lnp guys but guess what? they bring the fight to you not run away tapping you waiting to get the judges decision, not to mention rumble got a knockdown and tried subbing hardy.

        • Wayne says:

          If that is what you have to do to win, why bother. This guy talked mad shit, promised a war and delivered shit. I wasted 50.00 of my hard earned money to watch that shit. Never again. I’ll never buy nor support another Condit fight.

        • The Smarter fighter won. He didnt fall into Diaz’s tricks to get Condit emotional, and he did what he had to do. Did you see Diaz after? those were more then just “Taps”. Hey I didnt like it either, i wanted to see a fight that would’ve been so much better then watching either of them Fight GSP. Hell it still was better then watching GSP. I agree that it would’ve been way cooler to see Condit brawl it out like Im used to seeing him, but he just wanted to secure his position so he can take on the champ. Any one of us probably would’ve done the same if we wanted to win enough. (As much as i hate to admit it, and doubt anyone of you will)

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          word up wayne. condit fought 35 times before nick one way, like a badass. then when he meets the bigger badass he fights scared. ppl can say watching him run and avoid engaging his opponent more fun to watch then gsp and i have to disagree. lnp is boring ill admit but at least they come at you and have their way with you. nick easily had octagon control, who cares about ineffective leg kicks? and for ppl to say look at nicks face those strikes hurt more than they looked well my response to that is look at condits face also, and check the facts and see who was actually medically suspended after the fight, one hint IT WASNT NICK.

  7. Carlos says:

    Fuk that shiet his nickname is the natural born killer so act like it if not change your name to the ultimate strategists. Ill give you that his gameplan won him that fight (DIAZ) ok but why even get the belt if he wont defend it. He never seemed to have a problem with it in the WEC why now!!! I hate people who expect things because of what they’ve done in the past, you’re only as good as your day and whats in the past is in the past so do your job and defend your “INTERIM” title and keep the division going BUDDY !!!!!!!!!!

  8. fight fan says:

    it’s the smart thing to do, would definitely give him time to work on some weaknesses which you can hardly do in a 2 months training camp.

  9. wompa wompa says:

    so they create an interim title to let gsp heal up and what not and keep the division going, and now their gonna hold of on the unification fight till late 2012 early 2013??? what was the point of that exactly, to hype up a fight between condit and diaz that did not even close to live up to it? and now the rest of the division spends the next year deciding who is the number 1 contender, or number 2 contender. why dont we just freeze the division and come back to it next year when everyone is ready to fight again, condit in reality should be fuckin demanding a interim defense, right now their is no gsp dominating anything, that means the title condit just won makes him the acting champion of his division and if he doesnt want to defend that title he should be forced to defend it or vacate, plain and simple.

  10. Shawn says:

    I can understand Condit wanting to wait to fight GSP. But, he’s the interim Champ. It’s his job to defend the belt, not sit on it while there are other contenders who’ve earned the shot and are ready to fight. That’s all part of the job. Yes Carlos can lose by fluke or a cut. But he can also lose decisively by sub or KO. No one, not even Carlos, can predict that unless he fights all comers. That’s what champions do, they fight anyone put in front of him. No complaints, no hesitation. However, it’s really all about logistics. Say Condit fights before GSP’s return, say later this summer or in the fall, and wins. St. Pierre returns 100%, ready to fight 2 months later, is this enough time for Condit to prepare for a title fight? Depending on how his previous fight would have gone, probably not. Which means, GSP would either have to take on a “tuner” fight, or wait for Condit another 2-3 months. That would take a unification bout into next year.

  11. true mma says:

    the road runner is a fucked. GSP is going to take him down and lay on him for five rounds and get the decision. Then the road runner is going to regret not trying to tko diaz.

  12. true mma says:

    Has anyone seen the natrual born killer. All I see is some bitch ass running fool trying to duck fights. I miss the old carlos.

    • Mach00man says:

      You’re right! I think that’s what pisses me off the most dude! I’m used to seeing him take it to his opponent not play kick and run. I miss the old Carlos too.

  13. Mike Honcho says:

    With Carlos not wanting to fight anyone but GSP, WTF is the #1 contender going to do? There are going to be several top guys (Ellenberger, Kampman, Koscheck etc) that are in their prime waiting for GSP and Carlos to put on a soft core g@y porn / cross fit demonstration to get the winner. Why even issue an Interim Title if you aren’t go to defend it like a champ. Carlos is going to look like a toolbag after he waits 1 year to fight GSP, then loses via a 5 round decision anyway.

  14. Nick says:

    Let’s see he robbed Diaz of a decision, and now he gets to wait. Diaz got thrown around as much as Condit for who they will be fighting. The belt is nothing til you defend it. Strip that shit and have him be the clear no. 1 contender. Simple as that. The belt is a toy at this point.

  15. JoeDirt says:

    I thought the interim belt was made so that the top people in the division active? whats the point in even having an interim belt if you’re not going to defend it? if hes the true number one contender he should prove it by defending it? it doesnt make since to me, kinda seems like Carlos is runnin from another Elenburger fight..lost some respect for him. A true champ would take on anyone in that division instead of sitting around untill the end of the year. and when he does fight GSP he’s going to take a pounding.

  16. slacker says:

    Carlos is the man. He earned the right to make this decision. None of you guys would be demanding that Diaz should have to defend if he had won the interim belt. So, take your “baby legkick” arguments to Nick. He loves to talk foolishness as well.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I would if an interesting match up materialized. I would love to watch Kampmann vs Diaz.

      • slacker says:

        Well, at least you are one person who doesn’t hold a double – standard. As for the rest out here, unless they would demand the same of Diaz, their opinions don’t deserve any respect or serious thought at all.

    • Mach00man says:

      That goes for anyone, not just Carlos or Nick. If you have a title, you have to defend it. There are people waiting in line who deserve a shot.

      • slacker says:

        Right on. Well, so many people out here have a different set of rules and allowances when it comes to Diaz, and frankly, it’s getting old, transparent, and lame already.

        • Wayne says:

          Sorry dude, but Diaz would already be defending that belt. That’s what a warrior does, Fight. Not ride the fucking pine. GTFO if thats the kinda champ you want then clearly Maywheather is your guy and maybe you should be watching boxing

        • slacker says:

          You can really only speculate as to what Diaz would have done. To pretend you know he would not have waited for GSP is just pure Diaz bias and Condit hate. The UFC gave him a golden opportunity but Condit outsmarted him and won. It’s his golden ticket now.

    • wompa wompa says:

      their is absolutely no question here though, the fact is no one would have to tell diaz to wait a year to fight gsp, he simply would not do it, he would take that time to fight the best and be the best as acting champion in his division and use the interim belt for the purpose in which it was actually created, diaz is a fighter thats what he does, condit just wants his shot which is fine but lets be realistic your gonna put out the rest of your division for the next year because you want your shot more than you want to prove you really are the best? whats he afraid of? finding out hes not the best, not the rest of the 170 pounders problem is it, i honestly dont care if it was diaz or condit that won its the basic principal of wanting to be the best but waiting a year to fight someone who is supposed to be the best, why not take that time to defend his belt and really prove to everyone how badass of a mixed martial artist he really is, maybe get in the head of gsp, this kind of BS is not what makes a champion in my opinion.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      nick would have won two fights v top contenders in short time, carlos fought once in like 2 years. big difference.

  17. Eric says:

    So will we end up with a third godamn belt in that division since the 2 belt holders are being bitches ? Give Nick Diaz the Interim, Interim Belt…………….

  18. Old Fight Fan says:

    Why don’t we have an entire UFC night devoted to Welterweights fighting? Maybe a dozen fights. Then give ALL six winners a UFC belt, because that is what the belt is worth at this moment. It is crap. It means nothing. GSP hasn’t fought in forever, and Carlos is playing it safe. The fans suffer, and the other top fighters suffer. The way it is now, it almost seems like what they do in boxing, which is ONE reason that boxing has turned to shat.

    What I really would like to see is to give Condit the REAL belt and see him defend it ASAP. Then, if and when GSP returns, make him the number one contender to try to recapture the belt IN THE NORMAL FLOW OF FIGHTING EVENTS.

  19. Tim Rock says:

    Shocking that Condit would do this. I mean he was so hungry in that fight against Diaz. Oh, wait. No, he ran around the octagon the whole time. Maybe the fact that anyone he faces would beat him severely is the reason he won’t do it. I guess he could do the running routine again but then Dana would have to kick him out of the UFC to save any respect for his organization. You suck Condit. Seriously, you are biggest pu$$y out there and a complete disgrace to martial arts. Your game plan was “to avoid contact,” to quote your coach. How embarassing.

  20. Chartmonster says:

    Top dawgs in the ww div..the Saint n the NBK! Haters STFU..

  21. true mma says:

    NBR natrual born runner. Now that the division is full of contenders the road runner wants to wait.

  22. true mma says:

    NBR natrual born runner. The division is once again stacked with contenders and the road runner wants to wait. carlos needs to take his nuts out of slackers and chartmonsters mouth and be man again and fight. keep the division going.

  23. true mma says:

    come on carlos fight and redeem your self. You were this badass fighter and now your a road runner. You have these pussy fans saying it was a good game plan and real men who used to be your fans disapionted from your bitch ass performance. Dont you have any pride.

  24. one says:


  25. Bauwow says:

    Yeah what a fun fight. Condit running from GSP for 25 minutes. Wow what a fight.

  26. DBKlein69 says:

    am i the only one who remembers carlos condit and his gay manager calling out nick diaz and cesar gracie for saying they would wait for gsp if they were to win the interim title? wasn’t it condit who said he wont wait for anyone and that he’ll fight whoever the ufc puts in front of him? funny how quickly he changes his tune. carlos condit is not displaying the heart of a champion, but rather the courage of a coward.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      carlos been saying one thing and doing another for a while now, hes a coward and his new style of fighting shows it.

    • slacker says:

      This would be a pretty good point if it were completely true. However, Kawa’s beef, was in his perception, that Gracie was already assuming the “victory” over Condit by talking about how he would have Nick wait for the GSP fight – not that he wouldn’t defend the interim. He was quoted as understanding Gracie’s position on keeping Nick from defending the belt should Nick have beaten Condit, the day before the fight.

  27. Bla DeBla says:

    What tha fuck is tha point of having an interim championship if the interim champion waits on tha actual champion to get fit ?

    Should’nt we have an interim interim Champion in that case ?

    Its fuckin marketing bullshit .

    Condit has the likes of young Rory MacDonald looking for revenge on him , he has Diaz looking for revenge on him , Ellenberger is looking for Revenge on him while Kampman is walking around knowing he has a victory over him … theres loads of good fights there for Condit to defend his interim title , those same fighters arent in the same league as St Piere but who knows how GSP is going to be after injury ?

    Business POV my ass !!

    its bullshit marketing trying to create media bullshit by doing nothing ….

    Get the Division moving , let those contenders sharpen themselves against each other & then we will see who is the genuine number 1 contender by the time GSP returns .

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      name one interim title that was defended. i cant seem to recall any, mot interim titles the winner waited to fight the champ i.e. mir v nog for interim then mir v brock for belt. gsp v hughes for interim then gsp v serra for the belt. carwin v mir for interim then carwin v brock for the belt. now condit is doing the same thing, but unlike all the other interim title fights condits will go down as the most bitchh made interim title win in ufc history.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Its fuckin pansy boy marketing man .

        Weren’t Carwin & Nog Interim Champions at tha same time or some bullshit like that or maybe Mir & Carwin ?

        Fuckin Bullshit !

        Only 5 year olds would buy into that shit .

        Champs injured ?

        Cant defend within x amount of days of a mandatory challenge?

        Life is tough Champ & now yer stripped of the title !

        Life goes on & we cant all sit on our fuckin hands while pansy boy marketers try to impress 5 year olds with their marketing spin & fucking gay political bullshit !

        Its about the fuckin fight , its about the fight in the man , its about which man is the best fuckin fighter … fuckin gays should all be lined up in concentration camps & executed !

        They ruin every fuckin thing !

        Fuckin gaylord marketing bullshit !

        Its all oversold & fuckin worthless !

        Fuckin Bastards !!!

      • kj2252 says:

        when tito ducked liddel he fought coutor and he got the shit kicked out of him but thats what a real champion does he goes out and fights anybody that thinks they want a shot at the title

  28. B says:

    What Tim said!!

    “Your game plan was “to avoid contact,” to quote your coach. How embarassing.”

    ^^ Pathetic AF! Dana would probably

    And yea the roadrunner sure hit his breaks when he realized how good the division is. IMO Carlos has been spending last year or so running around and practicing up on how to be a bitch fighter and has been clueless of the real MMA world that exists. haha

  29. slacker says:

    Condit is just doing what Diaz was set to do by waiting for GSP. And the truth is all you Diaz fans would have been absolutely fine with Nick doing that. But Condit won and he has earned the right to make that decision, instead of Diaz.

  30. Jason says:

    Carlos is a bitch just like Greg Jackson. Plain and simple.

  31. jagged knife says:

    I’m a big fan of Carlos. Diaz did lose the fight due to chasing him and playing into Condit’s gameplan. I hope they get to fight again. I think Condit should fight again because it’s to long of a wait. Other fighters such as Jake have also earned a shot, should they wait a year in a half or more without fighting anyone in order to not risk their place in line. Condit although not unbeatable can hang with anyone in the division. If he loses the belt he can probably earn another title shot via re match or by winning a few good fights before GSP is ready to fight.

  32. jagged knife says:

    GSP will not be the same when he comes back. At least not on his first fight. Not really even because of rust but because of something else. GSP is an awsome wrestler, but his effective shoots come from his explosiveness. The plyometrics and other hard core training that he normally does is why he is so explosive. But those type of exercises put a lot of strain on your legs, which is why they are so effective. I don’t think GSP will be able to get back into that intense training before his next fight. He is still a very skilled fighter, but just not same dominant wrestler. He might be forced to use his stand up more than he wants.

  33. Wayne says:

    If the UFC allows this to happen it’s a slap in the face to every legit contender out there. This guy is running ( lol running) scared. He knows his time is short and just wants a shot at an injured George. I swear I ope George takes him down and humps him for 5 rounds.

    • Pochizzle says:

      you dont think the ufc slaapped condit in the face? your retarded go watch wwe. They’ve screwed carlos around so much and still beat everyone they put in front of him. He’s paid his dues, your just to blind to see.

  34. slacker says:

    If Nick had won the interim and decided to wait like Gracie was planning for him, all you double standard Diaz fans out here would be backing him up, saying that it’s the right move or that it’s okay for him to wait, because it’s the fight everyone wants to see. Well, too bad. Carlos spoiled his plans like he said he would and now that’s his option.

    • zetoe666 says:

      except there isnt anyone in the division who could beat Diaz with the exception of GSP via missionary position. Diaz would clear out the WW division with relative ease. wipe them carlos condit 11 year haircut lookin ass nigga nuts from out of your eye sockets and realize the reality of the situation. your boy is rockin a fake belt that he didnt earn. the dude should have 4 losses in the ufc now. gift stoppage against macdonald who had the fight won, ellenberger smashed him, kampmann smashed him, diaz bullied his ass.

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