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Friday, 09/28/2012, 11:18 am

Carlos Condit Defends Decision To Wait For GSP Fight | UFC NEWS

“My goal in this sport is to be the best in the world and Georges St. Pierre is the best and has proven that time and time again. To be the best I have to beat Georges. I feel like I did the right thing in waiting for Georges. As far as how I used my time, there was a lot of things in my game that I felt I needed to improve on, constant improvement. When you feel like you know everything, that’s when you plateau. Recently I’ve figured out there’s a lot I don’t know. I’ve been successful with thing that I learned eight years ago, and there’s a whole new breed of techniques in training that’s out there and I’ve been trying to incorporate that into my game as well as working on my strength and athleticism. Just putting in a lot of hours and work.”

UFC interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit, told the media yesterday during the UFC 154 pre-event presser that he thinks waiting for GSP, after winning the UFC interim title over Nick Diaz, was the right career decision.

Is he right?


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