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Friday, 10/14/2011, 07:00 am

Carlos Condit Believes That If He Doesn't Finish GSP He Will Lose A Decision

“I’m always looking for the finish. Georges is very good at winning rounds, at dictating the pace of the fight. I feel like if it goes to a decision, I’d probably be on the losing end of the scorecards.”


65 Responses to “Carlos Condit Believes That If He Doesn't Finish GSP He Will Lose A Decision”

  1. Jmad says:

    FINISH HIM!!!! Mortal Kombat style

  2. rondo says:

    I like Condit,and truly believe he has the tools and skillset to beat GSP………wait a minute changed my mind at the last second.GSP for the W.

  3. SanSooRob says:

    I see Gsp using carpet style to get the W

  4. Robsta says:

    Bunch of lay n pray from GSP. GSP is the master of not challenging himself and just out pointing the opposing fighter by attacking their weakness. In this case it will be taking Condit down and keeping him there.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Robsta is right on the money. Condit has more power than GSP and better chin and UNLIKE GSP he isn’t afraid to mix it up. GSP will do his best Fitch impression for 25 minutes.

      GSP By Decision via “FITCHING”
      However rooting for Condit because he is and always will be something GSP is not a “REALFIGHTER”

      • KonichiwaSnitches says:

        What do you considered a real fighter? GSP has probably the best jab in the UFC, he takes the least amount of damage, and he wins.. Not a real fighter? This isn’t a street league my friend, let’s get real, GSP dominates fighters. He’s 22-2, unreal record, that’s better wins to losses then Anderson.. This guy outsmarts every one.. If he attacks someones weakness it doesn’t make him the bitch, his opponents the one with a weakness, get better and don’t suck.. All this bull shit crying about how GSP is boring is so childish. This mother fucker is holding a belt and setting records. I don’t find him entertaining either, but not a real fighter? That’s some bias next level dumb shit.. You follow the game plan, outsmart your opponent, and kick his ass, just like GSP does… Koscheck was out for a year after his fight with GSP, that French guy kicks ass whether it’s in fashion or by boring domination. The dudes definitely a ‘real’ fighter because he’s out there fighting kids, not doing no fucking dumb Kimbo Slice street shit.. We’re talking UFC people, fighting league filled with fighers, not chumps who swing and pray

        • Chris says:

          Don’t call people dumb shits when you don’t have your facts straight. GSP is Canadian. French Canadians are not French.

        • KonichiwaSnitches says:

          Did I actually call people dumb shits? Read, and actually take it in.. I’m hating on the comment.. Nice try though

        • adrian says:

          i live in canada, we hate the french here. we dont ever call them french canadians.. we literally say “the french….” these idiots thought they could separate from canada and be a sovereign nation….fucking morons. BJ Penn by rnc.

        • dubmatic808 says:

          write us a novel please

        • Chris says:

          My heartfelt apologies. You simply attacked the comment while having your facts wrong. You are completely absolved.

        • KonichiwaSnitches says:

          My facts were wrong? Seems to me that him being French Canadian is irrelevant to the discussion. I’m gonna stick with my facts were right, I just made an error and left out how GSP is French Canadian. I respect your opinion, and thanks for fixing my error with aggression, I’d just rather debate about the main topic then nationalities that don’t matter. Maholo brother

        • Chris says:

          Aggression was entirely left out of my comments.

        • KonichiwaSnitches says:

          lol I know, isn’t that what I said :S

        • zack says:

          Don’t ever say gsp haste best jab in the ufc again. Anderson has ko’d multiple people with jabs gsp zero

  5. Taylor says:

    I dont even think Condit should be getting a tittle shot. Rory McDonald beat his ass. and the stupid ref stopped the fight with like 5 secs left. Rory McDonald in my opinion is a better fighter than Condit. and would make for a better fight against GSP

    • Chris says:

      Sadly it doesnt always work that way. Rampage got handed a decision, then beat Hamill and got a title shot too. But yeah, Rory will be amazing in the next 2 years.

  6. EP says:

    agree 110% with what GET RID OF FITCH SAID. on the money with everything. GSP is a disgrace to the sport. in my opinion. He is an amazing “Athlete” and “Strategist” but not a Real Fighter with True Warrior spirit like Penn, Condit, Diaz, Edgar… to name a few. True Warriors. They come to Fight … not to map out a game plan of how to outpoint their opponent but to go in their and FIGHT. Much respect to all of them. With that said… BJ PENN – THE PRODIGY – TEAM HAWAII *JUST SCRAP*

  7. Voicein the desert says:

    Of course GSP beats guys at their weaknesses. Only a complete moron would do otherwise.

    What would happen if the Yankees manager, with the score tied in the tenth in game seven of the World series with the bases loaded, would put in his worst relief pitcher to throw against the best hitter in the league? 3 words: you’re fired!

    Also, the guy who is arguably number one or number 2 the best p4p fighter in mma not a real fighter? Wow!

    GSP’s job is to remain champion by facing the top challengers. The challengers’ job is to come after him. If you want to blame someone, blame the challenger for not bringing the fight to him. BTW, TDD is an acquired skill; it can be learned.

    That’s right, GSP should spit on his belt and the millions he is making to fight and sponsorship dollars to please the “just bleed” crowd. Yeah, that makes alot of sense.

  8. El Charlie says:

    Again allow me to own you complacent unappreciative so called “fans” of the sport. This isn’t boxing. You idiots needa understand that if a fighter so chooses to take a guy down and keep him there he’s doing more work than standing and swinging his hands around to land a lucky shot. Ground control is not a simple task at the level they are competing at, and all you guys do is complain how they lay and pray. There’s no such thing as lay and pray. There’s a lot more technique and discipline to it than just “laying” on top of your opponent. If a guy like Brock Lesnar can take down Cain Velasquez(who he outweighed by about 35 pounds on fight night) and couldn’t keep him down by “laying” on him I think it says something about Cain’s ability to get back up. If it was about laying and praying Brock would’ve won the fight easy, but he didn’t why? Because he couldn’t control him on the ground not because he couldn’t lay on him the way he wanted too. Maybe you guys should find a better term for it, but I believe there’s one already. It’s called wrestling. Back to GSP. If I’m not mistaking he actually struck more while fighting shields and koscheck. Yeah he did take them both down after roughing em up with crisp, technical, on point striking. Robsta although you seem to not be a fan of GSP you couldn’t have said it any better. He attacks fighter’s weaknesses which is why he’s the champion. A tactician in almost every aspect of the game. If you guys wants brawls then go start a fight club. Its Mixed Martial Arts for a reason and although he doesn’t deliver as dynamically and explosively as he did at one point in his career you can’t take anything away from him. He knows the sport and knows what it takes to win. Whether he be outstriking his opponent, or dominating them on the ground. Not laying on top of them as you dumbasses like to call it.

    • EP says:

      El Charlie relax bro. what are you… mr mma expert and ultimate fan. i have been following training and watching this sport since 1999… way before it became mainstream. You sound like ur Typical GSP Nuthugger, so let me break this down for u, this argument has Nothing to do about “fans” thinking its a boxing match. this has to do with fighters having a warrior spirit and going there to actually FIGHT. of course its every fighters goal to WIN at the end of the day… but their is a difference between a True Fighter who goes in there to fight, whether it be standing and banging or on the ground and showcase their skills and hopefully finish the fight…. Gsp does not do that. He does Lay and Prey and even President Dana White as said that,a long with Joe Rogan and other MMA fighters in the sport, so you sound like an idiot, not us. saying there is no such thing as lay and prey…it is term that is used for fighters like Fitch and GSP who do exactly that, this isnt rocket science bud. Also your stupid post was so long i fell asleep half way through, if that. And one final thing, this is the WRONG WEBSITE for you, go to Gsps website or fan page you nuthugger. This is Prodigy Territory. Team Penn all day. So Keep it moving… thanks for ur post, im now dumber than i was 5 mins ago.

      • george says:

        Lay in prey is not what Georges does. Now he might take you down, but for all you idiots out there, he is very active while on top. He is throwing elbows, punches, etc. The phrase lay in pray means to take you down and basically lay on you so you cant get up. There is a big difference between that and what Georges does. So as far as you watching the sport since 1999, you really have to clue of what your talking about…

      • El Charlie says:

        In addition:

        I’m sure you’ve been training since 99 EP. Unlike others on here I don’t feel the need to speak of what I do in my freetime. If you’ve truly taking any type of wrestling and jiu jitsu or mma you’d know how much it work it is to control a guy on the ground. Setting up your submissions, transitioning to an advantageous position. Apparently all your years of training have gone to waste if you believe in “lay and pray.” Your a joke, I’d tap you out so quick then knock you outside your head.

        • EP says:

          El Chumpo … i mean Charlie my bad, i didnt start talking to u about ur training or u as a fighter, i wasnt making this personal, i was expressing my feelings towards GSP and backing up real fighters like PENN, CONDIT, SILVA, etc… but you got a big mouth so set it up, i live in NY. u want to back yard brawl, get in a cage, a ring, or whatever im down. ill make u eat your words. i dont train full time at all and i only have 5 mma fights under my belt. but i guarantee i would knock ur bitch ass out. and IN ADDITION .. yeah you and george(haha nice name, how ironic) are both GSP nuthuggers. so go on his site and do ur rants for people who actually give a shit about what ur saying. thanks

        • El Charlie says:

          Ohh shut it only keyboard warrior here is u EP, if you haven’t noticed. I’ll take u out quicker than Todd Duffee when he scored the quickest K.O in mma history. And then well, maybe I can school you in a little more mma 101. Till next time …

        • riDICKulous says:

          u might, i say again, MIGHT have the brawns BUT u definitely have no brains for nuts.

        • El Charlie says:

          EP your stupidity amazes me. I live in Boston so were only 4 hours away from eachother. LETS GET IT ON BROTHER!!!!

        • EP says:

          No doubt. i got plenty of fam in Peabody and the North End… so ill be up there soon. let me know whats up. im game whenever. Take u out quicker than Bj took out Hughes in his last fight punk. ur just a keyboard warrior anyway. im going to end off with saying please take ur gsp bs nonsense rants to his webpage or fb page or wherever… this is BJPENN.COM if you havent figured that out yet, “idiot”

      • KonichiwaSnitches says:

        I see what you’re saying, and I respect your opinion, so don’t get mad like some people would, but I have to disagree with the lay and pray business you speak of. His last two fights, how long were they on the ground for? Not long at all, 2 – 3 minutes in total between both fights? Maybe I’m wrong. He stood up with both of them, and out did it. His jab is the best in the league, it’s too fast, and you can’t deny it. Sure he takes kids down and holds them there, but he does work. The fights that go to the ground, go there for a reason, his opponents are weak in the aspect. You have to compete smart, no matter what sport it is, and if that results in abusing someones weakness, so be it, I’m all for it. You’re a BJ fan, so am I, but not a bias one (not saying you are) but look what Frankie did to BJ.. Are you gonna hate on Edgar because both fights went to the ground most the fight? I hope not, that kids got heart, and so does GSP, that’s probably why he’s still champion. Give the credit to where credit is due brother.

    • Chris says:

      Not everyone upset with GSP want to see him stand and bang all the time. If he finished via submission he’d be just as entertaining in my opinion, but he doesn’t.

  9. El Charlie says:

    First of all I’m not a GSP nutthugger I just give the guy credit for what he’s good at and that’s dictating the pace of the fight. I won’t even waste my time with you because you have no logical standpoint to counter my argument other than I’m a nutthugger. Real creative there buddy but nice try … idiot.

    • The next time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I do know it was my choice to learn, however I truly thought youd have something attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you possibly can fix if you werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

  10. Aaron says:

    You’re both right and wrong. GSP does what he needs to do to win fights, yes. Do i blame him? no. However, by “true warrior spirit” people mean he doesn’t actually go in to “win” the fight. Meaning, at the end of the night, the guy that got humped for 25 minutes doesn’t feel like he actually lost a fight, but rather got cheated into a stalemate. It’d be like if in a game of capture the flag going to 3 points, you captured one flag and then had everyone play defence until the time runs out to squeak out a 1-0 victory. Did you win? Technically, yes.. and props on the use of strategy to get the victory. However, did you actually WIN a game that that was supposed to be played to 3? Maybe not the best example, but i hope you can see my point. Yes GSP is a smart fighter, and i don’t blame him. However, i also see everyone’s point in claiming he isn’t a “real” or “true” fighter (just as you could claim squeaking out a 1-0 win in a game that should end 3-0 due to time constraints isn’t an good win). My thoughts anyway.

  11. Fox says:

    Aaron i feel you this is how i look at it people complain he does the same thing all the time well if i have gameplans all the way from to a to z and you cant solve my game plan for a why should i stop and go to b if nobody can stop what he is doing why should he fight different make me fight different or you going to eat that jab all night why did matt hughes and serra beat him because they didnt stand in front and wait for the next jab to come when serra won he knew gsp didnt have the chin to take his hits charged in caught him with big shots smothered him and it was over everyone wants to stand in front look at kos he had your eye destroy from the first round and yet you stand in front of him for 4 more rounds at that point he do my eye like that i’ma go balls to wall and hope i catch you cause gsp is like mayweather with the judges card you dont want to go to a desicion

  12. walleye says:

    no hype here…Condit is the real deal…next champ

  13. Tyler Kartler says:

    Condit has been one of my favorite fighters ever since he submitted brock larson in WEC. When he was fighting BJ I thought that was going to be a great match to watch but I really didn’t want to see one of my favorite fighters lose. It’s not so bad for someone to lose because of course there will always be a winner and a loser, it’s the fact that once someone loses all of the fans of the sport think that the loser is a has been and sucks. Not true. I wont be surprised to see Condit get shut down by GSP holding him up against the fence and taking him down for round after round until Condit is completely exhausted. So GSP will win a unanimous decision and we will hear him say in the post conference how he is disappointed that he couldnt get the finish. It really pisses me off to see GSP be so chicken shit of losing so he’ll hold Hardy down for 5 rounds, but then Condit will knock Hardy out in the first round of Hardy’s next fight. Same goes for Jake Shields… GSP didn’t go in and attack agressively against a guy with limited power in his strikes, but Ellenberger can come out and knock Shields out. GSP can finish guys, but he chooses to keep his title rather than testing himself. True martial artists believe in testing themselves. No doubt GSP is that good that he can decision guys, but overall how proud of himself can he be when he knows he didn’t give it his all. I respect his work ethic how he is constantly learning and is improving is physical abilities.. I just wish he would test himself.

  14. Jaime Lopez says:

    I live in NY…..hahahahahaha, does that mean your automatically tough?

  15. jjski says:

    No shit about the NY thing! LOL. Im sick of fucking hearing that shit “Im from NY”. Who gives shit. Good thing about Condit is he is extremely aggressive off of his back with elbows and submissions, something GSP is not used to. So when GSP wants to dry hump him, I see his face getting blistered with elbows, and Condit looking for a sub from the bottom. GSP hasnt faced that kind of off the back aggression. Condit for the win!!

  16. Creature says:

    Carlos Condit in my opinion the biggest test for GSP since his 1st fight with Matt Hughes. (i dont count Serra because his win was a matter of GSP just getting caught not a true test of skill) Carlos is by far more well rounded than any of GSP’s opponents as of late. He has the power and technical striking, pure explosiveness, and very diverse strikes to challenge on the feet, and off his back Carlos never stops attacking, with strikes, sub attempts, and has very good sweeps. Which will give GSP probs there as well. Yes Rory was winning the fight, but in the 3rd Condit took it to him big time, i think it was stopped a bit early, but it would have been a 10-8 round thus being a draw. If it had been a 5 rounder, Rory wouldnt have made it out of the 4th.

    I like GSP and Fitch, i like BJ, Condit, and Nick Diaz as well. They are all “true” fighters, the difference in my opinion is guys like BJ and Condit have more of a killer instinct and like the feeling of a good ol street brawl. Where Fitch and GSP just love to compete, and look at it more like any other major sport. The main goal is to get the win, they hate losing more than they like to win, so they fight to not lose.

    it may not be as entertaining as a Phan/Garcia fight but saying Fitch or GSP are bad for the sport, dont have true warrior spirit or whatever is ridiculous, i think fighting through adversity shows that kind of spirit, GSP fighting through injuries during a fight like a broken nose (GSP/ BJ #1) pulled groin (very painful.. Alves fight) only having sight out of one eye (Shields) or Fitch continuing on while taking a massive beating by GSP or getting out grappled by BJ for 2 rounds to rally back and get a draw. The lay in prey shit is getting old. if everyone is tired of losing by “ley in prey” adapt to be able to stop it, or do what BJ did to Fitch and give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • El Charlie says:

      Thank you. Finally someone who thinks logically and has something worth reading to share.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Very good post. Just because a fighter uses his brain as part of his skill set does not mean they have no warrior spirit. Anyone ever hear of a Cunning Warrior? Read ‘The Art of War’ and you will understand that victory with the least amount of damage to either side is the ultimate prize. The psycological and spiritual concepts of fighting are just as important as the physical tools. Some Mixed Martial ‘Artists’ simply understand those concepts and are able to apply them, obviously with great success. Love or Hate GSP he is the champ. You want his belt you gotta take it from him.

  17. King Gareth says:

    If Condit doesn’t catch Georges rushing in for the takedown/package rubbing, then he will lose decision, and we will be forced to watch more softcore gay porn. I like the submission game but smoothering an opponent all round long sucks to watch.
    Congrats for the win Georges! Your fans in the gay bars love it.

    • Justa Thought says:

      Please, enlighten me as to how many minutes GSP has spent “laying on top” in either of his last two fights. Seriously, Out of 50 minutes how many of those minutes was GSP laying on top of his opponents? Have you watched the Koss fight? Have you seen GSP’s jab? You watched Rounds 1 and 2 of the Shields fight before the eye injury right? How did Shields wind up on his butt? If you want to aquire and retain the belt in this sport you can not take ill advised chances. Being smart is better than being KO’d or Submitted.

  18. King Gareth says:

    If I wanted to watch FIGHTS where people didn’t get hurt, I’d watch WWE.
    The UFC rewards fighters for putting on a good show, not for who took/dealt the least amount of damage. In MMA there is warrior spirit, but the UFC is a show for fans, not fighters, and no one likes watching guys hug it out for 20+ mins.

    • Creature says:

      the UFC is not just “a show for fans” its a promoter of the SPORT of MMA. What is the main goal in most sports? to win. at the end of the day, winning is what matters, if a guy puts on a good show but doesnt win enough. he gets cut plain and simple. UFC rewards fighter who put on a good show, with bonuses. It rewards the fighters who always win, with a championship belt, a raise in salary, and a guarantee they wont lose their job.

      • King Gareth says:

        This is the great debate. There has to be a happy-medium with promoting MMA as a sport while trying to get more fans into it. If all MMA fighters just wrestled all fight, no one would watch the sport. People like to watch two guys beat the hell out of eachother, because it’s human nature’s thirst for violence.
        I dont consider gsp an exciting fighter, he is an excellent wrestler, and fights to win and keep his career long. I agree it is smart fighting.
        I understand that it is better to wrestle if a guy who can outstrike you, but Gsp can outstrike most of his opponents and still chooses the easy route.
        I just believe most people would rather see a champ not play it super safe and let it hang out there a little more like Frankie Edgar or Anderson Silva.
        There are fighters out there who haven’t been cut just because they are exciting to watch, like Garcia and Hardy.

        • Creature says:

          I agree that GSP is definitely not as exciting as Garcia or Hardy, and that he if somehow re-developed his killer instinct he would easily outstrike most of the division and get the finish. But he doesnt want to lose his title, his legacy, and his spot in history by taking risks to be more exciting when he can easily dismantle fighters with less risk. He doesnt just wrestle and do minimal damage, Koscheck he barely wrestled, and destroyed the right side of Kos’s face lol. Shields he didnt wrestle either. I understand where your coming from, the casual fan wont like GSP all that much, because he does fight a safer approach and its not as exciting. But GSP already has a huge fan base, so he doesnt care about making any new ones. Hes just worried about making sure hes remembered as one of the greatest of all time, and making some serious cash.

          If i had a choice between making over a million per fight (after PPV % and endorsement deals) by being unexciting but winning and making 150,000 grand including a FOTN bonus, Ill take the million every time

        • King Gareth says:

          Very true. ^ agree

        • katalog seo says:

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  19. DBKlein69 says:

    we know one thing for sure. condit will get abused.

  20. Cheecho says:

    Pfft. Thats’ right on the streets of Oregon, Chael would be sleeping face first in the gutter. I can’t stand that self-promoting douche bag.

  21. Surfari says:

    Chael hit Anderson 300 times! Wow! He must punch like a little lady and then he tapped…. poor Chael… ohh.. and he was juicing!

  22. Voicein the desert says:

    A few fun facts about GSP:

    1. Most Significant Strikes Landed : Leader
    2. Most Knockdowns Landed: 7th
    3. SApM – Strikes Absorbed per Min.: 7th
    4. Strike Differential (+/-) : 4th
    5. Significant Strike Defense: 2nd
    6. Takedowns Landed: leader
    7. Takedown Accuracy: leader
    8. Takedown Defense : 2nd
    9. Submissions Attempted : 5th

    GSP does nothing but layNpray? Really???


    • Cody Schumacher says:

      All thoughs pretty stats and he still hasn’t finished a fight in almost 5 years
      Anderson Silva
      I’m running outta room but u get the picture

      • DBKlein69 says:

        gsp has finished legends in the ufc such as matt hughes and bj penn. who has anderson silva finished? leben? travis leites? forrest griffin? irvin? oooooohhhhh!!!

        • Bobby Larson says:

          and Rick Franklin twice, Hendo, Okami, Vitor, nd ohh yahh that little roided bitch Chael Sonnen. Just to name a few … Your probably the most retarded individual on these forums. Your knowledge on mma is about as stupid as your name. Watch some fights before you speak again, DUMBASS!

  23. Dante says:

    DBklein is a goof, waste of time to respond
    anderson is a finished, who also has the best haters in mma

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