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Saturday, 10/29/2011, 11:27 pm

Carlos Condit Agrees To Let Nick Diaz Challenge GSP For the Title Next

“If you haven’t heard Carlos Condit has agreed to step aside and to let GSP fight Diaz! GSP flipped out after what Diaz said and wants him next”

In what’s already been a roller coaster of a night, Carlos Condit is now out against GSP, as he’s going to let St. Pierre and and Nick Diaz settle their differences inside the octagon before he get’s his shot at the welterweight champion.

During his post fight interview, immediately following his victory over BJ Penn, Nick Diaz let the world know that he thinks GSP isn’t really hurt, but is simply too “scared” to fight him. St. Pierre, who was seated cage side for the main event, was none too pleased with the challengers accusations, and now wants to fight Diaz instead of Condit. Is Nick Diaz really the man to overthrow the champion, or will GSP make the challenger eat his words?



0 Responses to “Carlos Condit Agrees To Let Nick Diaz Challenge GSP For the Title Next”

  1. chon209 says:

    hope nick trains with bj since he fight him twice

    • GSP is ALL class says:

      Bad move dirtbag – you want the champ and now you’ve got’em. Now if he can act like a man and not a 14 year old menstruating teen, the fight will move forward as scheduled. then…GSP is going to teach Diaz a dirty lesson. He has a much better skillset then Diaz, is waaaay stronger, and unlike BJ will not gas out after round 1. February can’t come soon enough.

      • a says:

        gsp is all bitch would be a better name for you

        • GSP is ALL class says:

          a-ss clown would be a better one for you.

        • Ayo Bit*h Make me a sandwitch says:

          I dont like gsp at all as a fighter and dont realy care for nick, but we all know how this is gonna go gsp taking it to nick in every witch way

        • Justin Montag says:

          Why you calling out names, moreover why you hate one of the best fighters around?

      • MMAeducated says:

        Sorry but you’re a moron as much as don’t like gsp’s way of safe fighting he has a vast skill set if you knew anything you’d know that he came into mma as a striker who was finishing fights. Then showed everyone what it was when he outwrestled the shit out of koscheck and from then on has adapted the safe wrestling style you now see point being gsp has the best double leg in mma, is one of the best welterweight strikers, and has a pretty good jiu jitsu game to go wit it. I want diaz to win, cuz he’s one of my favorite fighters but… can’t ignore the fact that gsp isn’t gonna get beat by him.

        • ryam says:

          Hes wrestling and kyokushin back ground dumbass and no he knocked out a couple people hes a greater fighter dumbass respect how he wins and how he thinks

      • J says:

        Exactly,as 4 striking if GSP can get tuned up by a pure grappler like Jake shields he has no prayer tryna box Diaz his body shots are vicious that wut slows down his opponents,its no mystery St.pierres gonna wrestle him the whole time,Im guessing it’s gonna be Diaz by submission,either way
        GSP IS FUCKED!

        • Al Callander says:

          You have no idea what your talking about!!!!!try whatching GSP’s last 5 fights and see how much is on the ground!!!! GSP will destroy him on ground badly and his stand up is better to. GSP is way faster than Nick and by the way can you tell me anyone that Nick’s fought in his last 15 fights that are in the top 10 or even top 20. He almost lost to Daily, who lost to Kosckec who was beaten to a pulp and was almost done fighting because of GSP’s standup!!!! All the GSP haters will see just how much better he is than Diaz…. They should make him fight Condit to see if he can even beat him….whitch I doubt. Why should he get a title shot??? Is BJ in top 5??? Diaz should fight one before he gets title shot. He’s been fighting bums for 3 or 4 years now.

        • StocktonCA says:

          You dumb mother fucker you even watch the Daily fight? It lasted about a minute and ended when Diaz literally folded Daily at the waist and got the tko. Diaz has World Class JJ and has waaaay better boxing that GSP. Shit, do you even watch MMA or just read articles on this site?

      • Darcy says:

        Just like he controls every other bjj fighter he has handled he will handle Diaz.

    • Doubt it.. Gsp will hand nick his head after the saint is done with him!

  2. fin4life says:

    bj sucks anyway

  3. Jordan says:

    I’m glad to be the first to respond to this. Nick you talk too much shit outa your retarded ass mouth. You better learn some strong wrestling fast. Because you will be man handled. Your kamora, arm bar, and gogo platas will be useless attempts. You looked like shit in the 1st round and obviously you had too much respect for bj. He intimidated you all the way until you finally realized that he was too gassed to do anything significant. And you STILL TAUNTED and didn’t even finish the fight. I hope bj doesn’t stop fighting and gives at least one more for the fans. Go out the way you came in, an undoubtable beast. You could take the rebound from gsp mopping the floor with diaz, and totally dominate him in a rematch. I guarentee it if you get in the right shape. It was a ballsy risk you took even taking this fight and i commend that. Bottom line though is that bj, you had him in the truck and i don’t think you realized it, but you would of easily had the 2nd twister in ufc history. Nick diaz would never of seen it coming. That would of also put 75 extra grand in your pocket, as a twister would of EASILY beaten cowboy’s breakdown/rnc that you see constantly in the ufc.

    • BJisnotpau says:

      nice say. i hope bj makes ONE more run for the fans

    • chon209 says:

      you could have just said your a nick diaz hater instead of write that long comment

      what is going to be said when he proves ppl wrong again… oh i know gsp wasnt himself that night

      • Jordan says:

        lmao. uneducated little kid named chon209. i know you fail at mma and life in general. but let me just say this. i dont hate any1. nick diaz is fine with me. but i was unimpressed with his performance. and you mean you’re** you illiterate retard. no wonder you’re a nick diaz nut hugger you’re both at 3rd grade level intelligence. you and i both know that hes not gonna make it through gsp. thats a dillusion that the ufc wants u to think is possible so they can promote a big name fight.. bottom line, if you know anything about mma period. you know that wrestlers with submission defence of any standard e z mode counter LITTLE noobs like diaz. his style is not unique whatsoever. its predictable and any good wrestler/jiu jitsu player can beat him with ease. the problem with people like you is that you know nothing about the sport. you cling onto any1s nuts who the ufc tells u to. or u jus wanna be right and u want every1 else to be wrong. tonight enjoy talking illiterate bullshit and huggin on diaz’s nuts. but the guy down below said it best. bj needs a change, he needs a greg jackson level camp. hes a better fighter than diaz. just look at the first round. diaz was star struck. he doesnt belong in the ufc. he doesnt deserve gsp. only reason condit let diaz have gsp is because he knows whats gonna happen. n hes gonna laugh while kids like you and retarded diaz get stfu. and he’ll get more time to train, and be more than prepared for whoever walks away with the belt. which we all know will be gsp, whether hes “himself” that night or not. diaz hasnt proven shit to any1. hes fought ONLY total fuckin trash in strikeforce until tonight, and tonight he got away with a decision win over bj who jus looked over the hill and ready to retire after the 1st round. unimpressed. but don’t worry. diaz’s next performance will be even less impressive. and thats IF he decides he wants to show up to press conferences this time and not be a scared little bitch like he tries to call every1 else. i dont hate diaz. i hate the kind of attitude and intelligence that people like him bring to the sport. just makes it look like we really are just a bunch of street fight wanna be retards hitting and subbing each other.

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          This right here was the funniest shit i’ve read all night, even after nick obviously made your favorite fighter look like a complete joke and retired his ass you still continue to talk shit about nick like you actually know or even do a little mma. Saying his style is so predictable and anyone could beat him if it’s so damn easy to beat nick and any wrestler could do it why did bj get beat so bad he completely left the sport of mma and went to the hospital when bj has dominated so many GREAT wrestlers? The bottom line is nick diaz is the number 1 contender for a reason so quit crying and get over it you fucking child. You may not like him but saying he is a shit fighter and talking all this shit about him is sad give him credit he just DESTROYED one of the greatest fighters ever.

        • Dr.MMA says:

          Diaz/Penn fought for three rounds, quite possibly FOTY, with Penn winning the first, Diaz the second, and a close third, which is far from one fighter making the other look like a joke. Also, Penn went to the hospital due to a broken hand. And any fighter taking that many body shots would gas, but the difference between Penn, and any other fighter – Penn didn’t fold, whereas others had, ala Frank Shamrock, and Scott Smith. That said, B.J. Penn is legend, and i’ve got $5 on Nick Diaz over Grease Saved Pierre.

          Ps- Condit would tear apart either fighter, which he will afterward.

        • Lobo Draco says:

          Dude u r a retard! And your grammar sucks! I don’t what fight were you watching? But Diaz whooped Penn’s ass! And he will do the same with boring ass GSP. Now go cry mma fighter wanna be.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          Your one to talk about someone’s spelling dumbass troll.

        • Lobo Draco says:

          I don’t *know (fucking predicative text) and for the asshole comment below mine: Spelling and Grammar are two totally different things retard troll midget!

        • Aaron says:

          I saw nothing that made me think – WOW, NICK DIAZ IS THE NEXT CHAMP.

        • Ed says:

          Right on Jordan. Fighters like Diaz take the respect out of the MMA. People forget, when training, these fighters do learn how to use DEFENCE. The name of the game is to use as little as you need to win. And than come out untouched. This does not mean you are afraid to get down, it just shows you have the smarts to be the best. Fighters like Diaz will be brain dead before he retires. You can’t be the best without a brain. GSP brings that respect into the MMA. IF you want ranting on watch Hulk Hogan on WWE. Besides most of that is for show to draw tickets. If you can’t see through that you have a half a brain. Diaz should beware, because he is going to fight a real marshal artist who brings brains and respect of the arts into the cage. Go GSP!

      • Chris says:

        nick diaz is ok… he’s just ok. Jake Shields is better then him. But think about his ”10-fight winning streak” in strike force? who has nick diaz fought?? … his best opponent is BJ Penn, and BJ Penn is a legend.. why? Who has BJ Penn fought?? BJ Penn is the only lightweight in the history of MMA to fight the top contenders at HEAVYWEIGHT. He was there at the beginning of the UFC and he’ll be here for a lot longer.

        Take Care buddy.

        • ScrapPack says:

          Jake is better at certain this than Nick but Nick is he better all around fighter, he knows what to do with those things st the end of his arms. Bj fought ONE contender before he was a contender who happened to weight in at heavy weight, still pretty good but don’t give people more credit than they deserve.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Yeah, he shoulda just typed out, “DIAZ HATER” instead of typing out all that bull…

    • Nick says:

      very good reply!! love it bro

    • Nick says:

      my reply was for jordan,not the douche in front of mine!!! fyi

    • DontBeScaredHomie says:

      Instead of your name being jordan you should of put mad bj fan.

    • josh says:

      Lol jordan ur retarded. First of all its called a kimura, second armbar is one word. Third its gogoplata. That shows uve never ever took any lessons. Ur just a fatass who try to talk like they know about mma and fighting. Nd diaz won because he was gassed out? U dumb fuck that’s part of training. He didnt train hard enough to go with diazs pace. He lost and that’s the truth. Face it bro, cardio technique and strength and mental health is part of fighting. Bj has no cardio. If ufc had only one round then bj would be the best. Too bad jordan its not like that

    • ScrapPack says:

      The twister is a spinal lock submission. Korean zombie used it to beat Leonard Garcia

    • KEN IGNAGNI says:

      Not sure why everybody thinks BJ gassed. He does not gas til the 3rd round. That fight had “fixed” written all over it. I have never believed til this day that any UFC fight was fixed but after I saw the fight and realized what happened I was disgusted. Look at BJ’s eyes. He did stopped fighting. Then at the end of the fight Nick gives his Chael Sonnen WWE rendition and then Carlos backs down from a title fight? Give me a fucking break! Its like this! Dana White: ” BJ, take the fall because we have done a lot for you and he is some extra cash for your troubles” Then BJ: ” Im quitting the UFC”… disgusted at the end of the fight. Says he wants to fight at the top level and that was it. Dana White: “Carlos your my bitch so back down from this fight. In the future we will give you your title shot and take care of you”. I am sorry but without Dana telling him to back down he would not just come with that out of his ass. I hope I do not see this. And please… think about it everybody! If BJ won the fight… do you honestly think PENN vs. ST. Pierre 3 will sell any tickets? That would cost the UFC millions. This is why BJ said that he wants to retire because he is a real person and just wants to fight. The guy is from Hawaii not Washington DC.

  4. Edward says:

    GSP wins by decision….next

      • Brandon Wheaton says:

        lol when was the last time GSP destroyed anything besides dana whites butthole?
        wasn’t that chump koscheck.
        wasnt that chump shields.

        GSP’s dodging this fight for a reason.

        • ivan says:

          guys bj lost against a disrespectful dude, someone who praised him before that fight. as a bj penn fan i am pissed off at diaz’s actions, i really hope that gsp whoops that piece o shits ass! honestly if bj could fuck up diaz’s face up like that then imagine what gsp will do. long live baby jay and let gsp take care of that gangster wanna be pussy.

        • Nick says:

          lmao!! classic!!

        • bulgemaster says:

          you have to understand that’s how Nick is. He plays mind games and it obviously worked. I personally thought it was cool that he has that much confidence against an elite striker and made him look like a chump.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Hiding in cyberspace, calling a professional fighter a pussy while tucked safely behind your keyboard…? Yeah, you’re a tough guy…

        • Ethan says:

          both are my favorite fighters… with that said, Nick Diaz has a personality disorder… in the post fight press conference he said something to this effect: “thats what I had to tell myself to get motivated”…. He couldn’t fight BJ Penn as things were.. he had to lose respect and change who BJ was to him before he could perform like he did… This is why I hated this matchup, Nick had to change BJ’s image to him… and that only hurts Nicks image to the fans…

        • GSP is ALL class says:

          dodging it – wtf? He just asked for it. He was in fact set to destroy him in 137 before Diaz pussed out from the press conference. Not enough brains or self-restraint to conduct himself accordingly in public. I know others who are like that – 12 year old girls with adhd.

          & Chump Shields, chump Koschek – I’d like to see a little fag like you say that to there face. All rowdy on your keyboard – and the biggest pussy in person. (yooouuu know it, just admit it)

        • D says:

          You hang out wit 12 year old girls? Sick mufucker!! From your keyboard, u have done nothing but bad mouth Nick Diaz… So How but u just shut the fuck up before something u say gets ur sick, 12 year old lovin ass arrested…. U fuckin clown lol

        • Al Callander says:

          Yeah he beat an over the hill, out of shape, unmotavated,undertrained BJ Penn.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        *GSP will get destroyed by him.

        • slacker says:

          Not a chance. He will never let himself get caught up against the fence to get tee’ed off on the way BJ did. That’s the difference between GSP and BJ – GSP is much smarter.

  5. Jason says:

    I would like to see BJ change camps. Just feels like he needs a change, a major change. Ever since Edgar, things just aren’t working out. Switch it up, and make a total transformation. This sounds rediculous, and I’m not jumping on the bandwagon but imagine BJ fighting w Greg Jackson. Just to give you an idea of what I’m thinking.

    • Jordan says:

      honestly. would be the perfect camp for a fighter like bj. any camp at that level that jus pushes out top knotch after top knotch is where bj belongs. its unfortunate that he wasn’t there all along. if it is his time retire though. at least we know what could of been. much unlike the unedjucated main stream community

  6. bjj1392 says:

    @fin4life ur a fukin faggot and 2 all the haters u shud go and fukin kill urselfs BJ PENN is the greatest fighter that’s ever lived so fuk u

  7. tyler says:

    um guys diaz still likes bj thats just the way him and his brother fight… how about you all show a little class like bj instead of crying all over each other like a bunch of 5th grade girls. bj lost to a hell of a fighter, that just so happens to have what you all think is a shitty personality ( i think it’s an awesome one). and to everyone hopping on either the diaz or gsp bandwagon. “Everyone has got a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” so you can’t predict nothing. and in all fairness diaz deserves the chance at the belt, condit just needs to wait his turn.

  8. rob says:

    Of course he is going to eat his words. He is good, but not that good.

  9. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    I agree BJ have to go train with Greg Jackson and fight in 55 at least one more time. Would be sucks to see BJ to live MMA the way he did …..But if he does best of luck…BJ please go in new mexico train with Greg and fight one more time for fun…i can’t except that you quoit like that…BJ ritiar as light whit champ…

  10. GSP is CHAMP says:

    GSP is going to mop the floor with that dirty little rats face. Diaz is a 12 year old bratty shitbag, and GSP is all class. He has a greater skillset than Diaz (much like BJ) but unlike BJ will not gas. I’m glad Condit has stepped aside to allow GSP to put that fuckin Diaz slime in his place.

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He’s going to be eating more than words, he’s going to be eating own teeth for dessert after a full helping of GSP jabs. Chael Sonnen was right lol I thought he was full of shit. Condit must have not been impressed by Diaz performance because he is throwing him to the wolves. No matter either way Diaz loses to either GSP or Condit.

  12. werwer says:


  13. whale says:

    i love bj penn to death i think he is the shit but i will say i think he needs to go down to the 155 or 145 division he is just to small to be at 170 he has to eat a shit load just to get to 168 or 169 the guys are just too big in this division he is way smaller and he is out reached bad i know he lost to frankie edgar twice but he needs to get out of the 170 i dont think he can beat too many of the top ten not because of talent just because of size he had no anwser for nicks reach tonight just got picked apart. anyways i hope to see you again bj i think you might do what im saying after you get over this fight and relize you still have lots of fight left in you but if you choose not to come back again i just want to thank you for all the amazing fights you gave to all your fans you should be proud as hell of yourself you have done alot in this sport.

  14. sgt thai clone says:

    Diaz has become one of the most durable fighters,you can knock him to the canvas,daze him,you wont knock him out! but his will to win is second to none.Diaz will overwhelm GSP with his body shots, head shots ,and that relentess aggresion,

    • Jordan says:

      he just hasn’t had his jaw rocked by the right person yet. every1’s anatomy is the same. 1 well placed hit is all it takes. and he will be asleep as fast as any man

    • Lobo Draco says:

      Finally! Someone who knows what the fuck they’re talking about. GSP is a boring ass fighter because he fights not to loose. Diaz is a true warrior and will destroy GSP!

      • HarmzKR says:

        Now I’m not one to give a fuck about grammar and spelling but seeing as you made a fucking big deal about it earlier, I feel the need to correct you now. LOSE is spelt with one “O” not two! Just so ya know killah.

    • Diaz is an ugly fuck says:

      Yeah he takes a good shot in his ugly boot shaped head I agree. Maybe that’s why he’s such a moron…or do you think he was born that way?

  15. Justa Thought says:

    Disappointed in tonight’s fight, but not shocked. Nick Diaz is an excellent fighter. GSP however will dominate Nick Diaz.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I can understand you being disappointed in the results of the fight, but please tell me how you can be disappointed in the fight itself?

      • Justa Thought says:

        Really wanted BJ to get a big win in the WW division. I just couldn’t believe the difference between round 1 and round 2. What happened? Out of gas again… I really didn’t feel that would be an issue, but it turned one sided and since BJ is a huge reason I follow MMA, I hated to see him get handled like that. Hey, Diaz beat him, no disrepect to him. He was better prepared.

  16. Kalani says:

    I’m With m.j on this one. I’m suddenly a GSP fan. i got no respect for the Diaz brothers. Asshole’s long ass reach was just way to much to handle. Diaz showed his true colors tonight(I don’t think he got enough love as a child) and the end result I’m sure it gained so much more respect and aloha for b.j.
    i never met anyone i liked who wore a metal mullisha shirt.

  17. yea you boiii says:

    yall talk alot of shit. put your money where your mouth is.

  18. Jordan says:

    any1 with a brain can see how stupid every1 looks backing up a complete tallentless imbasul like diaz. he has no skill. he flails shitty powerless hooks for days. has no threat of a take down. and even on the ground he has 4 or 5 basic go-to easily avoidable submissions. he has nothing to offer gsp, nothing to offer any top 5 welter weights, and he certainly has nothing to offer this sport in general. he brings a bad boy wanna be attitude. and for any of you willing to back up your shit talk. contact me and come to my gym n we can full contact whatever you like. and ill weight 135 lbs. and we’ll see who knows thier shit. and i guarentee ill make you never want to train again in your life in less than 2 minutes. people lets see at least 1 pussys ready to attempt backing up that mouth. it’ll be alot like diaz triing to back up all his shit talk about another 1 of the sports best. and even CONDIT knows whats about to take place, thats why he gave diaz the fight, to watch him eat his bullshit 12 year old words. a worthless card in my opinion. gsp has had enough free wins. but i think that this will actually have some juice to it. a huge pussy opens his mouth, and gets a fist in it. but thats daily life for me at the gym anyway =). so bring it bj penn hating pussys. come to my gym. get rolled over by a 135 lber. or get the fuck off this site. theres no room for little unedjucated disrespectful tallentless pussys like diaz here. you’ve only seen the begining of what a Cruz will accomplish in this sport. Cruz will be the name like silva of 135. remember that.

    • pfft says:

      shut up dude. I agree that Diaz is a fuckin brainless shitbag, but it’s pretty futile for you to call out the entire forum to scrap at 135. Faawwk – I weigh 225 am 6’2; I have a blackbelt in Karate and have been training MMA for the past 5 years. I’d never get to 135 (maybe my dick) but in any case I’d fuckin squash you. People are entitled to their opinions on here man – you shouldn’t be threatening to take people out for blogging – that’s what the Site is for.

      • Night says:

        ha ha i agree with this guy talking like your the shit i fight in lightheavy weight i know i cant make the cut because i prefer to be at my normal weight and i know one punch will hurt you not you pfft i’m talking about Jordan

  19. Nick says:

    Fuck that, and fuck Nick Diaz. GSP had more of a challenge with Condit than Diaz. Diaz is calling GSP a pussy? Coming from the pussy who wouldn’t even show up to a press meeting in order to fight him. If GSP really did get that pissed at what Diaz said, I lost a little respect for him. All Nick Diaz is is a shit talker. This is ridiculous.

    • Dick Diaz = stupid...ugly says:

      I think GSP might have been a bit embarassed that he did it in front of all the fans n shit while he was there; very disrespectful. wtf is Dick Diaz even talking about!? Like GSP was set to kick his ass at 137 before he pussied out from the press conference. Now GSP wants him again! He’s not hurt?! he’s dodging him…wtf? Dick is just fuckin stupid, plain and simple. (and ugly as shit)

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Seeing that you place so much emphasis on Diaz’s looks, and have given him a nickname of “Dick”, I hope you are a female… If not, you are definitely suspect…

  20. Relentless933 says:

    BJ wiped the floor with Nick in the first round and he’s done so in the first rounds in many of his fights. If he’s able to continue at that pace (what he does in the first rounds) stay aggressive, be on the attack and control his opponent throughout the entire duration of his fights, he’s virtually unstoppable. If I remember correctly (just to name a few), he beat GSP into oblivion in the first rd of one of their fights, Edgar as well, Fitch, and now Diaz and ends up losing all of them and fighting to a draw on the other. I’m not sure what the cause of the complete shut down is for Penn in the next remaining rds, but it seems his conditioning is still a key factor (he gasses out). I’m a HUGE Penn fan so seeing him dominate in the first rounds, just to witness a weary and fatigued Penn in the latter stages of the fight gets me very frustrated because I know that’s not the Penn we all understand him to be. I watch the UFC mainly to root for Penn when he does fight, so the rest of the broadcast is just a bonus. Penn is one of the most well rounded fighters in the game today: superb striking, unparalleled grappling, and can definitely take a hit. His ONLY weakness is his conditioning. That’s all he needs to work on and he’s back in the game so hearing him announce his retirement tonight was disheartening for me and I believe he should truly contemplate whether or not this is the way to go out. I believe he still has A LOT of fight left in him and will be the next champ, whether it be at lightweight or welterweight, in time. However, if he unequivocally lost that fire, that determination to fight, then I wish him the best and MMA will, without a doubt, never be the same without you. It was a pleasure to watch you all of these years, hopefully there will be more. Nevertheless, if this was indeed your last fight, I thank you.

    • BJ, call Randy Couture says:

      BJ needs to learn how to maintain for longer than 1 round. i think most agree that he is the most gifted fighter in the UFC, but man! Dude just disappears after 1 round…like what in the fuck is going on?! You could clearly see that a fresh BJ is waay better than Diaz. But he came out in the second like he actually lost the first. Did they give him a sedative between rounds? If he really does train his ass off cardio and that’s all he muster is 1 round, than maybe it is time to hang em’ up. Or maybe call Randy C. and go through some serious fuckin cardio – if he can get his endurance up, I agree…BJ would be unbeatable.

      • Stand&BangArtist says:

        agreed! and well said.
        Bj looked great in the first, after that, the gas Light came on.
        wtf is he doing for conditioning? jeezz

        if his conditioning was better, he’d be f*cking beast.

        watching him connect with those rights on Nicks face, when they were on the ground, was fricking great. Until Nick landed 100+ shots to BJ’s eye. then my stomach cringed, as i did not want to watch BJ get pounded on anymore.

  21. This guy says:

    Penn; man the fuck up. Period. You should have taken diaz down. You did not. You should have beaten edgar; you did not. You have tested yourself against the best. You wont put your pride away for anything… That is why you lose. Thank you for everything you have done for Hawaii. You are the craziest baddest man ever to come fom Hilo. And nobody can take that from you. Thanks. My heart hurts, and I rep your the team hawaii shirt no matter what,

  22. Jordan says:

    @ Lobo must be drunk off his ass Draco, and I’mascaredhomobro.

    when you coming to my gym to talk all that big shit??..thats what i think we all would like to know. because its obvious your opinion or knowledge of even 1% of the sport would be equivalent to….nothing. So just lemme know when you’re ready to actually learn. and i will teach you. quick and easily. i can’t guarentee you’ll be worth a damn then even, but i will promise that when im done you can say you know “something” about mixed martial arts

  23. Action says:

    never thought it i’d say it but respect GSP take Diaz , WTF Condit why would anyone give up a title shot?

  24. diaz haha says:

    omg bj fans dont cry no more sayn no 1 could beat bj at his own game well he got a beating haha just admitt it theres 3-4 guys that r alot better than penn edgar beat him 2 times well bj paid the judges in the first fight lol gsp dominated penn diaz destroyed penn and i think carlos condit would of done the same bj isnt as good as people make him out to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. BJ - quit being soo EPIC says:

    Just a thought here – but when BJ loses he always has to follow up with some epic response. Like he lost to Egdar…fine, that he leaves 155 to fight bigger dudes. Why wouldn’t he make adjustments and keep scraping at 155? The he losses to Diaz (cuz he gassed – he’s the way better fighter) and now he’s retiring? Fawk man, with all of that talent! & it’s not like your fuckin 40! Dude, get yer ass back to 155 and stay there. Be the warrior we all know and love you for. Get frickin gritty and tough it out like the champion you are. Go back to 155 and keep making all of the adjustments until your back on top. People would kill to be in the postion your in man…don’t just throw that all away b/c you lost a fight. Seems like you are your own worst enemy; i wish you could see what your fans see. You’d smoke all these fools if you got your endurance up. I dunno, go see some scientists or whoever the fuck you gotta see to figure out how not to gas after 1 round. I say this all with the utmost respect of course. Don’t fuckin quit! Just get back to your proper weight class!

  26. Jordan says:

    @pfft….lmao…..PFFFFFFTTTT. what is dream world like pffft?

    haha bro i beg to differ. thinking you even have a remote chance against me standing, in the clinch, or on the ground would be futile indeed. karate for starters….even in machida karate. is mostly useless. its a set style with little to nothing to offer in a fight. and shogun easily proved that with 1 well placed over hand. and i’ve rolled kids over twice your experience. twice your skill. and twice your overall knowledge period. and theres no ammount of weight or height thats ever put me at a disadvantage for even a second. even a jon jones in the sport that acutally knows how to use that weight and height and reach to his advantage still has major flaws to exploit. for every move theres a counter, and a counter to that counter. but im glad you think that would help u squash me thats soo cute i giggled =). you should come down n try that n come back here n let every1 know how that worked out for u. cuz pfft…its pretty typical to think that you’re good. but take a note to remember who you’re talkin to before you open your big ignorant mouth. you are not on my level. dont ever try to be. you couldn’t hang. jus keep thinkin your dick weighs more than a grain of sand….keep thinkin that needle dick…pfft…your new name is needle dick. and you will post that as your name from now on. because you’re a complete tool, with a needle dick. so see u at the gym then needle dick?

    • pfft says:

      Give me the address then little man. I’ll take your puny buck 35 midget ass and smash it. But you won’t; I can already tell that your full of shit. Not a fighter, except to come on a blog Site and threaten everyone, with your imaginary skills and imaginary gym. Hey everyone come and bring it on!! No name, no address. your a pussy Jordan & if we ever met, I guarantee you’d be fuckin scared of me…

  27. Fabio says:

    I think bj atilo a legend and must not stop ….
    Go on bj the mma will be very sad ig you stop….
    You have many fans here in Brasil….
    Diaz may win St píeres , but bj is better than both….. And i think tour division is not with st píeres and Diaz they are Vig. Er than you… with Edgar and maynard and bj is bytes than both toghether……

  28. Jason says:

    BJ should fight Gray Maynard before he retires. If he can’t beat him up, then hang his hat. But before this fight, BJ sounded pretty pumped about his best days being ahead. Switch camps, otherwise everybody will regret it. Thats why I love BJ cuz he so homegrown, down for his roots. But he belongs in a better program.

  29. Jiu-jitsu.u says:

    Am a big bj fan and was saddened by his lose and now talk of his retirement.

    You yank fans want to get a grip Diaz is the real deal and always has been.

    He is the boy to fix gsp just wait and see, let’s hope bj comes back for a few more fights.

  30. diaz haha says:

    and the first round was close i no u want to stick up for penn but there no point in sayn penn whiped the floor with him in round 1 when he clearly didnt. and another thing if u cant fight hard for 3 rounds u shouldnt be in the sport!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Todd says:

    heres the whole thing…..Diaz is just a straight forward, pull no punches, fighter. its part of the mindset and preperation for any fight to play head games and he even admitted this was not a good performance on his part that he was very disappointed in. I dont think he disrespected BJ and actually has alot of respect for him by his comments before and after but part of his thinking is he has to get in the head of any oponent he faces and it plays a large part of his success. I called this result before the fight even happend and im not a big fan of either but Diaz has unreal cardio and is relentless. He never stops moving, swinging, or fighting and hes excellent at picking guys apart. Do I think hes gonna just walk through GSP?….NO. Do I think he has a shot at beating him?….Yes and a much better chance then Condit did. Serra beat GSP and did so by being unpredictable and relentless, which is the same way Diaz is. As for BJ, I think he needs to drop back down, stay there and stop switching things up with weight, trainers and locations to train. Get with a solid trainer that can come up with a new style that fits his age and makes him a threat. He still has a ton of ability, is a sure hall of famer and some good fights left in him but (A) he has to want it, which it sounds like he really dont and (B) has to be willing to change. As for GSP, and again not one of my favorites either but a great fighter, I do think he overexagerated his injury and could have fought and I can assure all of you that Condit did not just say he was good with stepping aside but, instead, GSP controlled this thing, made the demand to Dana and thus Condit was told, your out and Diaz is in. I predicted this fight and will predict the GSP/Diaz fight…….Will go 5 rounds, GSP will take his worst ass kicking ever BUT will manage to pull it out in a super close decision and it will be a top contedner for fight of the year and maybe even a must be rematch. The thing i do admire about Diaz is he does things his way and doesnt play the political BS. He loves to fight, wants to just fight, ultimately doesnt care about a peice of metal around his waist and just wants to prove he is the toughest guy in his division. He has the whole attitude of “screw the press conferences and all the meaningless garbage leading up to a fight” and “lets just tape up, get in the cage and see who is the tougher and bader fighter…..with that said and the fact I seriously predict a super close call, Diaz could very wll be on the winning side of that close call and prove my prediction wrong and it would not be a suprise to me. Like the guy or not, he is as good as both Bj and GSP but just in a different way that alot of MMA fans dont care for….hes not flashy, popular or perfected any of the art of MMA but he is good at it all and relentless and unpredictable, which makes him a threat and dangerous to anyone who fights him.

  32. Bingi Buckwylde says:

    Seriously, all the haters out there, you guys can’t be real fighters… Just loud mouth supporting fans! You’d never say shit to anyones face, or call them out, cause you can’t fight! Respect the guys! If you got beef with GSP or BJ or got something stupid to say, take your girly pants off and prove you better! But you can’t! So keep talkin shit under your breath and pray the guy you dissing doesn’t call you out! All pro MMA fighters deserve a respectful head bowing! It takes hard work to get to that level, a lot of dedication and heart
    We are all allowed our own opinions, don’t force yours!
    Also remember, GSP and Diaz beef is between them, for our entertainment and inspiration! Don’t pretend your involved!
    Respect is honorable, and key to the spiritual advancement of any fighter! Be humble in winning, it could have been luck! Be humble in losing, for you are in the presence of a greater fighter!”
    However, when you understand this, you’ll also understand that in order to battle honorably, a valid confrontation or motivation is required! Otherwise its street thuggery or bullying!
    Much “Sudden Elightenment” is gained through a swift hook to the chin or temple, but…
    Keep it in the Cage!
    Bingi Buckwylde – Red Eye Jedi

  33. Cyurry says:

    I hate GSP more then most of yall…but what does history tell us? dont bet against GSP

  34. ThaGreenBandit says:

    It’s disgusting how some guys on here are all of a sudden fans of GSP simply because Nick dominated B.J.

  35. El Charlie says:

    Even after Nick proves the world wrong, the hate continues. I love BJ and have followed him his whole career, but name me one person that has put a beating on him the way Diaz did? No one, I don’t think I’ve even seen him with a completely shut eye. Haters will be haters but you have to credit Nick for his credentials. He’s a hell of a fighter.

  36. KingGareth says:

    Lol When most of these comments turn into long stories of vast MMA knowledge, I don’t bother to read them. Remember, most of you thought Penn would win.

  37. AAxAntonio says:

    i dont get condit would agree? must not want to wait for the fight, i wonder who he will be fighting next.

  38. Omar Contreras says:

    With JShields succes on his feet against GSP, id safely triple the landed strikes for Diaz on GSP.. GSP turns into “quasimoto” and tells feraz he cant see and feraz stops the fight..

    • Donnybrook says:

      You call multiple EYE POKES success!?… I all that bull shit. Nick’s face is going to get diced up by some elbow’s and the Doc’s going to stop it in the 3rd rd.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Because Greg Jackson trains his fighter specifically for his opponents. This is going to be the best GSP you’ve ever seen. GPS despises bullies and Nick Diaz acts like a bully. Therefore this is going to look like GSP vs Kos 2 but even worse. The fighters clemency ends when they meet super bowl weekend.

  39. RESPECT says:

    when its all said and done bj has accomplished everything you can in this sport plus more. a natural lightweight holding the belt in two different weight classes and made a vow to only fight top contenders his whole career.
    Win or Lose bj always goes in to scrap and jus let the best man win. and thats why he’s a legend and will go down as one of the best of all time to ever set foot in the octagon or any other ring for that matter. he has nothing else to prove to anyone in this sport. he already made his mark. now its time to settle down and be a family man, i respect that more than anything.


  40. Donnybrook says:

    GSP’s going to teach that skid some manners. Nick got under Georges skin fairly easily and lit a fire that hasn’t been lit for quit some time and he’s going to pay the price.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, he’s gonna promise to finish this fight… again. Just like he has done so for every fight since losing to Mat Serra. Hold on to your hats folks! GSP is angry! We’re in for 5 rounds of action packed, safety fighting because GSP is mad this time! He’s gonna decision Nick like he’s done to no other! Yay. Didn’t Kos disrespect the fuck outta GSP, and was told he’d be finished too? GSP broke the man’s orbital bone, and still didn’t have the balls to tuck his chin and go in for the kill.

  41. mark says:

    geez i woke up with an empty feeling this morning bj u are the fucking man penn nation loves you for real respect any decison you make for you and you family your the reason i do bjj today and the reason i wanna fight we will miss you for real! War Penn

  42. Bobby says:

    what a puke punk b@#$h!!! I have never pulled for GSP but have allways respected him. This time i am pulling for him to end the punks fighting career! Both of the Diaz brothers are nothing but punks! Both should be beat senseless!! One gets his in feb.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      You’re sounding a little emotional there, buddy. Really. Sounds like you’re all worked up because BJ happened to get beat by a man who was the better fighter that night. What did you expect Diaz to do, go in there to fight to lose? Get a grip. It sounds like you wanna scratch Diaz’s eyes out for what he did to your man crush. If you were a real BJ fan, you’d be happy that BJ was in such a war, and cam out standing. Also, real Prodigy fans would never push for GSP retaining the belt so he can continue to bore us with his fight not to lose, lay and pray, score points style of fighting.

  43. diaz haha says:

    hahaha lmao look at all the bjpenn fans all lyking on gsp just because gsp didnt hurt bj as bad as diaz did in to fights. u r just loud mouth pricks who will be licking gsp dick until diaz beats the hell out of him

  44. aeloa says:

    What’s frustrating is you see the skills and the amazing talent of BJ and then he gasses……no one beats him in the first round. Me and my bud was tossing around this thought that maybe it’s physical…..I think it’s lack of self motivation and now excepting the fact that we’ll never see what BJ could have been.

    As far as Diaz goes I feel they shouldn’t give him GSP. Why reward him with a championship fight? send him as far down as he can go and throw away the key.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      What? Why? Becase he missed a PRESS CONFERENCE?! He didn’t miss weight, he didn’t not show up for a fight, he missed a PRESS CONFERENCE, and for that he deserves to be knocked down the ranks of 170 before getting a title shot, which he just proved he’s worthy of? Stop being so emotional. The fighters should be given title shots based on their skills, and recent past performances, not their fan friendly attitudes and personalities

  45. Jujitsu Player says:

    This will be an awesome fight. Diaz was oustanding last night and has the best chance in the division to beat GSP. I still give GSP the edge. I wish all GSP haters would stop whinning like bitches. So fuck if he lays and prays or out wrestles people and scores points off them. This is MMA so he can pretty much adopt whatever fight strategy he likes, so go fucking watch K1 if you want to see people stand up and trade like kickboxers. You fuckers piss me right off. You haven’t got a fucking clue about fighting. He’s the champion because he is the best and has the belt and record to prove it. If and when he looses it’ll be because someone counters his take downs and puts it on him. Maybe Diaz is that guy or maybe Condit I dunno but while he has the belt he’s the champion.

  46. Filmy says:

    Nice info waiting for fight ;p

  47. Mike McMack says:

    GSP WILL WIN…via Dry Hump! It’s true and everyone knows it.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I pray to the MMA gods that it doesn’t go down like that, but if Diaz can’t keep it standing by stuffing GSP’s TD attempts, the king of blanket/points fighters will prevail. Hope that Diaz beats that ass tho.

      • Mike McMack says:

        GSP is apparently fired up so maybe the beast in him will come out and do some real ground and pound. We all know that GSP is supremely talented, he’s just gotta be more aggressive. I think Diaz is almost as good as Jake Sheilds on the ground so if GSP does look for the td then Nicks still in it. Really, I don’t think anyone can stuff GSP’s takedowns, he’s the absolute best at getting them, but once he gets there he doesn’t always do much.

  48. joey c says:

    gsp mad!!!!! thats strange, hope it doesnt influence how he fights……. he always trains in a well thought out process for each fight . will there be a new champion??? …because gsp is thinking with his emotions like a democrat .. sorry gsp for the reference to a democrat you didnt deserve the blow below the belt

  49. Creature says:

    Always been a fan of GSP, always been a fan of Bj. Never liked Diaz, and i prolly never will. But with that said i gotta admit he is a very skilled fighter and took it to BJ just like i thought he would. But he will not have any chance to do that to GSP, the moment Diaz tries backing him up and trying his signature diaz boxing, Hes going to end up on his ass. his bjj is good, but last night proved Bj’s is better if only by a little bit, and GSP tore through BJ’s bjj and he will do the same to Diaz. GSP will take him down and beat him down for 5 rounds, Diaz will then get up and talk shit saying GSP is a bitch because he just got schooled by him and got made to look like a B level fighter.

    Dumb move on Condits part, but at least he just helped GSP prove hes not scared of anyone, made Diaz look like a complete fool trying to say he is.. I hope that after GSP beats Diaz, and Condit cant manage to beat him either, Condit fights Diaz and puts a beating on him. Guarantee he would

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Diaz should be fighting Jake Ellenberger for the title shot. Condit either made a mistake or he thinks GSP is that dangerous.

      • Creature says:

        Made a mistake, i doubt Condit would be scared to fight anybody, dude is crazy as hell lol and very skilled

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I wasn’t saying he was scared of GSP. I was saying he probably thinks GSP is too dangerous to lose Nick. So when his turn comes he still gets the fight he wants. Or maybe he doesn’t care as long as he gets a title shot with somebody. As far as a mistake, who knows what the future holds for these three fighters… GSP, Diaz, or Condit. Also, where the hell is Jake Ellenberger in the title shot mix?

      • Mike McMack says:

        Condit is probably getting paid well to step aside. He’s still guaranteed a shot as long as he wins his next fight so it’s really a win win for him.

  50. sgt thai clone says:

    BJ What a warrior you are,thanks for all the memories,GSP will not be able to withstand the barrage of strikes and pace. he tapped from strikes from Matt Sierra,How in hell is he going to avoid not getting hit-Diaz is tough as nails Good luck trying to finish him.Cant wait till feb 4 when Diaz walks home with the strap


    Nick still not getting respect hilarious..

    Chart, mma faggot junkie.. hope u bitches reconize the champion.. He will soon be crowned the NEW WW CHAMP!!

  52. McCombski says:

    Ok, first off bj hasent looked like the same fighter scence the lost to franki. He just isent movitated anymore and when that happens its time to hang it up. It doesent mean shit all u people saying that he sucked or that diaz destroyed him are fucking stupid, watch the fight again. Next I like diaz as a fighter he always brings it and is fun to watch but he isent on the level of anyone in the ufc. Anyone who knows shit about mma will say that diaz would loose everytime to wreslter and its cause he isent well rounded enough. Finch would beat him kosh would beat him condent would beat him Rick story would beat him Jake ellenberger would beat him I could go on all day…he is fun to watch but he is unprofessional and not well rounded enough. And now for Gsp .. everyone who knows anything about mma k owe that diaz has no chance in fucking hell of winning that fight. Danna is just hyping this up a lot because he knows he can make a lot of money espically with all the drama. Gsp could beat nick in every aspect of his game wrestling, striking, and bjj, Gsp trains with the best boxing coach ever Freddy roach, has the best wrestling camp out he in Greg Jackson and trains bjj with renzo gracie so what the fuck do h have diaz … Cisar gracie … Exactly … So I will end with bj is a hall of fame fighter diaz is a brawler who wasent good enough to make it in the ufc b4 and he deffently isent now…. And Gsp will murder him and is by far the best walterweight at the moment …oh and ps for all u morins who are gonna say j hang on Gsp nuts I don’t … He isent my fav fighter at all I lime him yes but melvin gullard and rashad Evans and Gilbert melendez are prob my top 3 just to let u know

  53. Brent says:

    Just a thought and maybe I’m wrong but does anyone think that Cesar Gracie is biased towards his own fighters? He has been getting Nick all the attention, spotlight, and speaking out like crazy for him. When Jake fought GSP and Jake lost, did Cesar have anything to say. Normally the way the fight between GSP and Jake went, I thought the way Cesar is acting now he would fight with UFC to get a rematch for Jake right away. But no, he has directed all attention to Nick right away. I know Nick is his superstar but it looks more like Cesar is just looking for that jackpot that he can make out of Nick. And honestly I don’t even think Cesar is even a good influence for Nick. Look what happened right after the BJ Penn fight in the ring. Instead of encouraging Nick to show some respect to BJ first, Cesar kept firing the fuel in Diaz to just keep calling out GSP and start trash talking. It’s almost like as if everything that comes out of Nick’s mouth are Cesar’s words, almost as if he Cesar’s puppet. Let me know what you guys think?


      I think you’re smoking crack.. Cesar knows Nick can beat GSP..

      Cesar and Nick have trained specificially for GSP’s style.. Nick is world class off his back..

      Nick will not let GSP lay on top of him like he does with fighters and Nick is far superior in stand up then jake as he showed again again and again against top fighters aka BJ..

      Cesar and anyone with a brain knew Jake would lose to GSP so no point in talking for him.. Nick how ever is a true prodigy when it comes to fighting / getting in peoples head / BJJ / and the list goes on..

      I think Nick will outclass GSP hardcore.. and if you still Doubt Nick you are a moron..

  54. Digs says:

    UFC 137 was FUCKED!

    Condit. Penn. + Diaz were all promised something different and they all got screwed one way or another.

    Diaz was stripped of a title shot.
    BJ was left without a fight.
    Condit was promised a title shot.
    BJ had to fight a comrade.
    GSP pulled up lame.
    Diaz put a hurting on Penn.
    BJ retired.
    Condit steps aside?

    Dana White shouldn’t be breaking contracts left and right.

    I didn’t think Diaz had a chance against GSP, but I also didn’t think he would hurt BJ like that either.
    I still think Condit could beat both of them.

  55. brian says:

    I’m not surprised that Penn lost to Diaz…Penns cardio is a JOKE!

  56. Night-Wind says:

    Now i actually first time hope that Georges wins. I don’t want to see Nick as a champion, not after what he did to BJ.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Uh, what did you want him to do, try to win, but just barely? Maybe he shoulda fought just enough for a split decision? Hell, maybe he shoulda just went out there and fought to lose a close fight! To say that you don’t like another fighter because he beat your favorite fighter too badly sounds stupid, and a little girly. I’m pretty sure BJ would find it a bit disrespectful too, because he lost a fair and exciting fight to a man that happened to be the better fighter that nite. No lay and praying, and no dirty tactics. Just some aggressive, in your face fighting, and you’re mad at the way he beat BJ…? WTF?!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      True BJ fans don’t root for GSP, because he is what BJ hates the most about MMA; a laying and praying,blanket fighting, points fighter

  57. Jacob says:

    I hope GSP hands diaz the beatdown of the f*cking decade, that’s all I need for christmas this year!

    BJ Penn, you are my hero, my idol and the reason I practice MMA, to me you are always the greatest! Thank you so much for every single incredible fight you’ve been in! Good luck in your life outside MMA!

    • The Saint will spank nick like he’s Canadian bacon..

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        if jake shields can bust gsps eyes with his sad standup nick diaz gonna mess gsp up, at least i hope so!

        • Donnybrook says:

          LOL, bust his eye up with his stand up!… you mean those girl like EYE POKES. GSP’s going to SMASH Diaz!… Georges is not going to gas after the 1st rd so Nicks not going to be able to stand there and paw away at him without getting dumped on his ass with a TD or put on his ass via head kick, hook or even a stiff jab like his girl friend Shield’s did.

        • JARIS AKA ANGERFIST says:

          Junkie becoming a believer while Chart is in denial.. good to see some respect from u disrespectful fucks 😀

          Nick will BURY GSP like you have never seen before.. GSP will be outclassed. Nick by submission off his back armbar or triangle..

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i hope u are right jaris i would love nothing more than to see gsp get the mother of all beatdowns.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Your fuking dreamin bro… your skid hero is in for the beating of his life.

        • Eye poke junkie.. Diaz won’t dethrone the saint. Condit might..not Diaz.

  58. lol says:

    lol @ penn fans they r just as overrated as BJ is……..i respect BJ for not quitting after the second round though. WAR diaz 4 sending the most overated fighter to ever live into retirement

    • Donnybrook says:

      Go finger bang your urethra shit face… have some respect for a legend of the sport!.

    • El Charlie says:

      @ lol

      Most overrated fighter to ever live? Name me another man who earned a black belt in bjj in 3 years. First fighter in mma history to hold two titles in two weight divisions. Arguably one of the best lightweights of all time. Seems like your brains a little overrated to me if those accomplishments are a little too much for your brain to process. Then again what do you know. Apparently your a complete dumbass like every other BJ hater. Nick defeated him in a fashion that I believe no one has ever done but to say he’s overrated just goes to show how much of an uneducated moron you are. I was routing for Nick Diaz last night but its idiots like you that compell me to say something. He was defeated by a man who has significantly improved over the years and I felt he had a point to prove to everyone. He’s as good as speculated, not because BJ is overrated DUMBASS!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      “…the most overrated fighter to ever live…”??!! Welcome to MMA, noob. Now work on getting your facts straight.

  59. Wiseguy says:

    To me it’s pretty simple (not that I hope the fight turns out this way!!!)…GSP can hang in there on his feet for a while with Diaz by using the jab effectively. As soon as Diaz starts to push the pace by trying to close inside of GSP’s jab range, GSP will take him down. Maybe Diaz can catch hold of an arm, but I don’t see Diaz dictating how the fight goes on the ground since GSP conpletely controlled the absolute best grappler in the world at their weight in Jake Shields. GSP will try to ground and pound Diaz out with elbows, but I think Diaz will pose just enough of a threat by attempting submissions that GSP will only win the decision via takedown points and the occasional elbow or punch from the guard.

  60. Meaner73 says:

    I have yet to read all comments, but there seems to be an illiterate virus running rampant in the good ole’ USA. There seems to be huggers on both sides of the equation. The problem with BJ is a very simple one. He is too big for 155 and too little for 170 pounders. I think that the best comments come from the idea of BJ taking some time off, switching to maybe Jackson’s camp, and moving back to lightweight. He can still be formidable at that weight. He is done at 170. As for GSP vs Diaz, it remains to be seen. I do not think that Diaz is at the level of wrestling or athleticism as GSP. GSP wins fights period. Diaz can call him all the names that he wants, but fighting him is a whole different ballgame. These are not street fights. This is MMA and the nottom line in competative sports is winning.

    • Bobby Larson says:

      BJ walks around at 168 169. That’s why when he fights at welterweight he’s never 170. Literally he’s never been 170 at the weigh ins when he fought at ww. He only really had to cut 10-13 pounds for lightweight. Gray Maynard and Melvin Guillard both cut from 180 plus. How is BJ too big for lightweight? Unless you meant it another sense you should wording your thoughts a bit more clear next time. I’ll tell you what the problem is. He’s not as hungry as he used to be. He’s not that crazy kid from Hilo that came out guns blazing at the beginning of his career. His motivations lacked ever since the edgar fights, he’s mentally not there. As for him coming back I don’t see it happening. The man’s made a decision respect it. Your just as much part of the virus that you speak of because your post sounds identical to everyone else’s. Hats off to B.J for an incredible career and thanks for the run. Accept reality my man he’s not coming back. As for your Diaz/GSP analysis you must be a complete moron if you think Diaz has won 11 straight fights by strictly “street fighting.” I too believe GSP has an advantage over Nick but give the guy a break. He’s improved over the years and is as much a mixed martial artist as GSP is. His last eleven fights he’s won 6 by tko 3 by submission and 2 decisions. I don’t know where you see the street fight in that, but please do explain. Oh wait you have no explanation. Why don’t you get an understanding of the fight game before you speak. You only make yourself look sad.

      • Meaner73 says:

        I meant that most 155’ers in today’s game are speedy and most are much closer to 155. ie. Frankie Edgar. They are also way faster than BJ. If he wants to retire that is fine, but he probably has more untapped talent to offer with a great camp. He has basically stuck by his main trainers and ventured to other camps as an outsider. The street fight I am talking about is not his MMA skills. It is his trash talking, hand waiving, baiting tactics. He can call GSP a pussy as long as he likes, but GSP is a great fighter that Diaz does not show respect to in any form. Diaz is a great fighter as well, but his actions do not respect the game. Neither do your with this personal attack. Is that clear enough for you?

        • Bobby Larson says:

          Nick Diaz will be Nick diaz like it or not. Dana’s learned to accept it and that’s why he’s back in the ufc. As far as the gestures and his actions, so what. If it concerns you so much why even talk about him? Why even watch him fight? He’s been the same way his whole career, and has never shown respect to anyone. No matter how great GSP is why is he any different from every other fighter he’s disrespected? No reason, he does it to everyone. By no means do I think some of the things he does is necessary but I do accept his personality. Its just who he is.

        • Meaner73 says:

          I actually love watching the Diaz Brothers fights. They are higly skilled athletes with interesting styles. I agree with what you just said in your comments that this is the way he is as a fighter, but that does not excuse him. For mma to become a sport as opposed to a Roman spectacle,there has to be a little more decorum. It is a fight, yes, but it also a sporting event with winners and losers. There is no need to get up in peoples face, call their mothers names, and call them pussies because of their so called lay and pray fight styles. To Dana, the bottom line is dollars of course, so hyping fighters and letting them act like this is totally acceptable. He actually acts as childish as the fighters that he promotes. I know that we need drama to sell the events, but it is starting to get a little ridiculous. More in the realm of WWE or Piston vs Pacers Brawl.

  61. Dante says:

    all the PENN hate is depressing.. how can my boy have such an illustrious career n recieve all this hate
    i love bj like i do anderson – it actually depressed me to see bj down like that.. i hope he returns
    Diaz is the real deal, i said it before ill say it again
    my heart bleeds for bj though.. anybody dissin i hope u catch a headkick lol

  62. M8 says:

    come on guys, you know the drill. Diaz doesnt have a chance on GSP.

    GSP FTW via UD – 5 rounds of lay and pray.

  63. T.DADDY says:

    BJ is still the best!! FUKK ALL THE HATERZ!!!

  64. twodragunns says:

    Nick will need plenty of down time after he meets a pissed off GSP. I think we’re gonna see a systematic beatdown like no other in recent history and GSP will finally shut the mouth from Stockton…… at least for awhile.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Systematic beatdown?! My ass! Another typical lay and pray exhibition put on by GSP is the most you will see from him. He has promised to finish fights so many times since getting ktfo’d by Serra, but he never attempts to make good on that promise. Safe points fighting is the norm for GSP, and that’s all I expect from him.

      • Joe says:

        after seeing BJ’s face, you know damn well that is all GSP will do is lay and pray…. GSp fight out of anger? haha yea right, you know damn well he’ll stick to his ” game plan”

  65. syche says:

    I hate Diaz for what he did too BJ, come on gsp

  66. Xaninho says:

    Is UFC really turning into the WWE? Are all fighters going to call-out their next opponents? WTF man! Low-skilled humping pussies like Sonnen calling out the real champs, now the others are doing the same..What’s next? GSP jumping into the octagon with a chair in his hands?

    C’mon man! Let’s stop this nonsense before it gets outta hand!

  67. tim says:

    GSP will make Diaz look like he doesn’t belong in the ring – no contest GSP punishes him for 4 rounds – knocks him out with 1 minute left in the 5th just before ref stops it cause Diaz is so beat up

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Uh, yeah… Let me get this right; GSP, the king of safety blanket fighting, is gonna knock out Nick Diaz, who just so happens to be one of the best, if not THE BEST, boxers in MMA? Because he’s recently KO’d who? When was the last time he even finished a fight? If you think he’s gonna win, ok, just don’t go saying dumb shit that most likely won’t happen.

  68. Gemalen says:

    How dumb are u Tim?
    GSP won’t stand a chance going toe to toe with Nick. His only chance is to use his jab and take him down whenever Diaz gets into a rhytme.

  69. Andrew says:

    You can’t teach heart and Diaz has 10x the fighting spirit GSP does. If this turns into an ugly fight with GSP getting hit it’s over. He will tap out standing, from taking all the shots Penn did.

  70. BX81 says:

    It’s wierd. When Bj started getting rocked in the 2nd I felt like damn this sucks! But Bj kept fighting. By the end of the fight I had a smile on my face. If this is BJ’s last fight I’m happy with that. Weather you like diaz or not he’s a good fighter. BJ has held the LW and WW UFC Belts. Most fighters just hope to have one. Truth is BJ is too small for the WW devision now. The fighters out there today are a lot faster and stronger than they used to be. BJ is mans, man. He doesn’t worry about weight classes he just fights. At some point you have to pass the tourch. It happenes in every sport. You can’t be the Ace forever and when it’s your time it’s better to go out on your shield than ducking fights! Thanks for all the good fights BJ. There comes a point when family time comes into play and in the end that’s what’s really important. As for Diaz vs. GSP. The problem for GSP is diaz’s hands and pace. GSP has good cardio but no where on the level of Diaz. The problem for diaz is gsp’s ability to strike and take him down. We all know GSP likes to be on top so I think it’s an interesting fight. We all know that at a minimum Diaz isn’t going to just stand infront of GSP like many fighters do with the deer in the headlights look. lol

  71. Michael Kerrigan says:

    Many of you fans had it right……others? i wonder why you’re even on this site. No fighter in the UFC is as well-rounded and complete as BJ Penn. But as with any sport, talent is not always enough. For BJ, it used to be. But this sport is growing. And growing with it is the physical nature of most fighters who are competing in it. Work to keep up or…well, we know what. An in-shape, focused, and hungry BJ Penn is the best fighter in the world, without question. No fighter possesses more tools than Penn. There is no fighter in the light or welter-weight division who beats him when he is in-shape, motivated and hungry. I was watching the sanchez fight last night and he Penn fought in the 5th round with the energy he did in the 1st. That’s the Penn that Edgar, Fitch and Diaz should be grateful they didn’t meet in their fights. After training with the Miranovich brothers and realizing the what was happening when his talent was meeting peak conditioning, i don’t understand why he would want to change that. Maybe desire. Maybe his daughter. Maybe reasons no fan knows about. And really it’s his business. I’ve been blessed to watch such a rare talent for 10+ years and if this is the end, while it’s bitter-sweet, I’m grateful for the chance we’ve all had to watch his journey. He owes no one but his family and himself. But when it comes to questioning BJ Penn’s place in the among the list of MMA’s all-time best, i think we all know where he belongs… the very top.

  72. Andrew says:

    Its so funny people to act like nick diaz is going to get fucked up. They all doubted him against BJ and all St. Pierre manages to do with any fighter is to hold them down in side control and hope he wins the fight. Nick in his last i dont know how many fights hasnt even used his strongest talent, which is his ground game. HIS MAIN WEAPON, he doesnt even use and hes winning. George st pierre is a good fighter and hes going to try and use his wrestling to determine the fight. George st pierre doesnt get tired in the first couple rounds because hes too busy sitting and chilling on people resting.George St Pierre is a safe fighter and that’s good, but its not going to work this time. If this fight goes to decision there going to rob nick watch. AND nick is practicing in SAMBO right now to stop George St Pierre’s wrestling.

  73. greatone says:

    Both great fighters in there own right no one can dispute that! Believe Nick will pepper Gsp with punches and pull off the decision Nic has the best boxing in mma in my opinion . Or Gsp wins via storage due to Nick getting cut! Can not wait for this fight! Bj thanks for all the great fights u r a,legend and one of the greatest of all time! Thank you!

  74. greatone says:

    I love Bj and he is one of the best boxers. But let’s be honest who out boxed who sat night? Like I said love Bj and one of the greatest if all time.

  75. TunisiaMan says:

    whoever wins between Diaz or Gsp, I’ll be happy cause the looser will have his ass kicked :
    – Gsp because he’s a bitch
    – Diaz because he disrespected BJ during their bout (and Penn was angry that’s why he gazzed out during the second and third round)

    • Joe says:

      but thats diaz’s game, and bj knew that

      in diaz’s eyes he shoulda fought GSP that night, had to beat his own hero, and now gets to do what he was supposed to last saturday, diaz had to get as angry as he could because of how much respect he had for BJ, it was the only way he could throw that out the window

  76. Mike says:

    Everyone always criticizes GSP’s standup but he busted up Koscheck’s orbital with killer inside jabs.

  77. James says:

    I am super proud of BJ and would of like it to be the other way, i just like to point out how disrespectful Diaz is, BJ I hope you read all these things but go home and enjoy your Ohana, re-focus and get some dope ass trainers and get back in there! I believe in you and so does Hawaii!


  78. josh says:

    Nick is going to whoop ass again!! Just like i said before. Where is forty5 and mma whoever it was that was saying i wouldnt be here after the fight??? Still here chumps

  79. Devilock says:

    Diaz needs to work on wrestling, especially takedown defense. I am sure St Pierre will be able to stand and jab with Diaz, but Diaz will eventually pick him apart standing. I don’t think GSP has the same chin or heart as BJ. When Diaz starts to batter GSP, GSP will go for takedowns and control on the ground from the top. Diaz is a cardio machine and his conditioning matches his style. Diaz will be able to throw many punches and remain dangerous on the ground.

  80. Cherish quiocho says:

    My dad said mma is like chess and bj is the master that will soon be crowned king,if he don’t go back he’s still our champ! Hawaiian island gots to be proud!family first ! You the man bj!

  81. Fred az Shogun says:

    GSP is going to step up his game for this fight but if is he going to stop Diaz it wil be by hard jabs and point boxing and finally take him to the ground and TKO him.

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