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Saturday, 10/29/2011, 11:27 pm

Carlos Condit Agrees To Let Nick Diaz Challenge GSP For the Title Next

“If you haven’t heard Carlos Condit has agreed to step aside and to let GSP fight Diaz! GSP flipped out after what Diaz said and wants him next”

In what’s already been a roller coaster of a night, Carlos Condit is now out against GSP, as he’s going to let St. Pierre and and Nick Diaz settle their differences inside the octagon before he get’s his shot at the welterweight champion.

During his post fight interview, immediately following his victory over BJ Penn, Nick Diaz let the world know that he thinks GSP isn’t really hurt, but is simply too “scared” to fight him. St. Pierre, who was seated cage side for the main event, was none too pleased with the challengers accusations, and now wants to fight Diaz instead of Condit. Is Nick Diaz really the man to overthrow the champion, or will GSP make the challenger eat his words?



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