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Tuesday, 08/20/2013, 12:27 pm

Carlos Condit Admits to Buying Into His Own Hype Prior to First Bout with Kampmann

Carlos Condit came in to the UFC hot off of his WEC welterweight title reign that spanned three title defenses. Upon his arrival in to the UFC, Condit was matched with a tenacious UFC veteran who promised not to be a stepping stone for Condit to make his way to the title. That man was Martin Kampmann.

On that night in 2009, Kampmann won a very close split decision over Condit in what would become Condit’s only loss until he faced current welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre in 2012. After the loss, Condit went on a tear, notching wins against Roroy MacDonald, Jake Ellenberger, Dan Hardy, and Nick Diaz.

Now, in an interview with the MMA Hour, Condit admits that upon the biggest fight of his career up to that point, he bought in to his own hype:

“The first time around, I felt like there was a lot of hype and it was my fight to lose. This time around I’m in a completely different place mentally. I’ve trained really, really hard, and I’m prepared to get in there and fight from bell to bell. In that first fight I cruised a little bit too much. I don’t know, I wasn’t real focused… 

Yeah, probably [bought own hype]. That was a few years ago, and I was a few years younger and more immature. At that point in my career I had talent, it had gotten me a long way. I think with experience a lot of things are learned. In that first fight, going into that third round I felt like I had won the first two and I could cruise through the last round and get the decision. That was a really hard lesson learned. I lost my UFC debut. Martin Kampmann put an end to my win streak. That was something I definitely learned from. Either way, that fight’s behind us, and I’m really looking forward to next Wednesday.”

Now, those two men will face off again on Wednesday, August 28th in a rematch, on the first UFC event on a Wednesday since signing a deal with FOX, UFC Fight Night 27.

This time around, Condit looks to erase that loss from his record and turn his title compass back to the welterweight belt.


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0 Responses to “Carlos Condit Admits to Buying Into His Own Hype Prior to First Bout with Kampmann”

  1. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Let’s just hope Carlos “Kaleb Starnes” Condit doesn’t show up for the Kampmann fight like he did for the Diaz fight.

    Someone needs to run that “sports killer” Greg Jackson right out of MMA

    Also if that FAKE ASS Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt was one/tenth as religious as he has tried to spend the last 35 years convincing people he would come clean about being a steroid cheat his entire career. I hate when people use a “FALSE” religion to try and convince fans that they are sincere honest people by faking being religious. I find it outright disgusting and a real slap in the face to all the millions and millions of people with “TRUE” faith.

    Nate your father is one of those millions of people with “REAL” faith its too bad his son will never be and honest person and own up to being a career long ROID CHEAT. Nothing worse than a liar and someone who blames everyone else for his failures and refuses to take responsibility for choosing to be a weak ass person who has spent 20 years hiding the fact he is a ROID CHEAT from hell and even after being busted 3 different times Nate still refuses to come clean even with his few remaining fans. You have to admit his little soft hurt puppy dog fake ass voice has gotten him out of everything from convincing fans, athletic commissions, to Dana white to give him not one, not two, not three but a ( 4 th ) chance. How many ROID CHEATS other than Barnett and Marquardt have been given a 4th chance. Any other sport and both of them would have received a lifetime ban from competing ever again. MMA will never be respected as a mainstream sport until these commissions or Dana white starts making examples of the worst STEROID CHEATS Like Marquardt and Barnett, Sonnen, Carwin, Mir and countless others who have gotten away with using steroids their entire careers

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Fitch Rules…never taken steroids therefore….Fitch Rules, just admit that Fitch is a great MMA fighter.


        That’s funny because Victor Conte did a story on AKA and found that almost every fighter there was using PED’s. Fitch is just as dirty and rest. All Fitch is LHW who is afraid to fight anyone his own size.

        Fitch’s career is over and he will fight in the minor leagues from her on out

        I think its funny how BJ Penn who Fitch had over 30 lbs on at fight time outwrestled the much much bigger Fitch for 10 minutes. Fitch was a joke in college during his 6 years at Purdue. Wrestlers like Hendricks and Askren had more wins in one season that Fitch had in 5-6 years. Fitch is a staller/lay n prayer not a great wrestler. Fitch has the smallest fanbase of any top 10 fighter in history of MMA. WHY???? Because he is miserbly boring and can only use his weight to lay on much smaller opponents and pilolw slap when he’s about ready to get stood up.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          So now we know that you are gullible if you actually believe anything that comes out of Conte’s mouth. Is that your source? The biggest sycophantic liar there is in this space. Figures.

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Funny Carlos admits he bought into his own hype

    Why doesn’t he admit the truth about running away from Diaz for 25 minutes like a coward. I lost all respect for Condit in that fight. That was first time I ever went into watching a fight rooting and being a fan of one guy then at end of the fight being a huge fan of the other guy Diaz. Diaz is a REAL fighter unlike the GSP’s and ROIDY MacDonalds, Condits, Guida’s. Diaz comes to fight just like Hendricks and Matt Brown and a hand full of fighters that is getting smaller by the day.

    Someday in the near future the UFC will start declining and losing fans unless they figure a way to stop the “GSP” trend of fighting like cowards which was started by the biggest “SPORTS KILLER” in sports history Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson AKA little weasel bitch

    • Steven Thurman says:

      He had a game plan, and that was not to be an idiot and fall into Diaz’ game plan. He fucked his face up too. He’s also a finisher, with more finishes than Diaz.. More finishes than most of the UFC fighters actually… and was the first one to put GSP in danger in a long time, plus beat the living hell out of him. Honestly, do you really know much about MMA?

    • squid says:

      ok i agree with some of ur points. like cheating, steroids, “fighters” who dont come to fight and use cheap point fighting, stalling lay and pray tactics. but i still think condit is a true fighter as well as diaz and brown. scrappy mofos. unlike roidy, guida and gsp

      • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

        Condit was my favorite fighter until he ran away from Diaz for 25 minutes. Diaz had his back at end of the fight and IMO did more as the aggressor and anyone who runs away should have points deducted. In a smaller cage I believe Diaz would have finished Condit.

        Like I said iw as a huge condit fan going into that fight and ended up as a Diaz fan after the fight. I think Greg Jackson is the worst thing since Fitch for MMA.

        Still a condit fan but IMO he disgraced himself and stooped the a Guida/Starnes level in the Diaz fight

  3. Not Gargoyle wrestling(but if I was I would say...) says:

    Fitch is still better they should just give him the belt cuz he so dam good, all that the Hendricks ko And that wsof fight against burkmann prove is people have to hit him in the face to win. Wresting!!

    • Steven Thurman says:

      Its funny, you’re trolling, which is worse than someone being Bias. I dont agree with a lot of what Gargoyle says, but at least he knows his stuff, even if it is biased. Most of us are..

      • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

        I forgot more about MMA in the last hour than any of you idiots are capable of knowing in 5 lifetimes.

        Condit fought like a coward in Diaz fight and still lost

        99.9% of REAL MMA fans think Fitch is and always will be a disgrace to MMA

        • Steven Thurman says:

          Condit may have not been the one moving forward most of the time, but he WAS the one landing all the strikes. Diaz has that style that you cant just stand in front of him, you gotta move around him, or take him down. Id rather see Condit vs Diaz a million times then to see GSP vs Diaz twice.

  4. Not gargoyle wrestling says:

    All that dude does is troll, he rarely gives good insights which I’m sure he does have but even if it does come out he still gargles some wrestlers wiener. It’s like Facebook up in here. I’d like to just read what people think as fans of fighting and give credit where it’s due and not bash or nuthug because its a certain fighter. I hate chael but he gave an great performance against a very and former champ and I honestly believe that he can make another title run. I’m a fight fan, bring the skill and ill cheer on

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Look, yah I am BIASED as FUKC, because wrestling dictates the whole fight!!! Period. Strikers CANNOT strike if there is no space. Wrestlers, or more specifically, wrestling dictates that space. So I will always be rooting for top wrestlers. But look man, These dudes that fight are ALL badass’ and deserve respect for stepping in to a fight. There are great strikers and great juijitsu fighters, but I just feel and really KNOW that a top mma wrestler will always dictate the fight and that is why most UFC champs and Bellator champs are dominant wrestlers. SO yah I am biased as fukc and a prick too. Hope that helps.

      • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANKS DANA says:

        Without Yellow cards and no stalling rules with point deductions the rules are plainly in favor of wrestlers that is a known fact. Regardless Askren is still one of my favorite fighters because he uses his wrestling to dominate nonstop and never lay n rpays or wall n stalls like all the Sheilds and Fitch’s in MMA. Askren isn’t afraid to give up solid position for a better one. Fitch is a leghumper and NEVER ever gave up his lay n rpay to go for finish or submission. No way the UFC would ever let askren in the cage with GSP because they know he would embarrass him and show the world that Bellator had the best wrestler in MMA as their champ.

        Fitch needs to take that fakeass Geurilla JJ black belt and put it back in the cereal box it came in.

        Also for all you IDIOTS like GAYCUMGARGLE mouth who say stupid shit like Fitch shouldn’t have been released HELLO he had one win in his last 5 fights and a draw to a LW. A natural LHW had a draw with a LW is why the UFC wanted rid of his boring NO FANBASE ass. UFC lost massive money over years floating Fitch’s ass. If even one out of 10 fighters were as boring as Fitch the UFC/MMA would have been bankrupt 10 years ago. Fitch is and always will be remembered not only as the most boring fighter in all MMA history but also as the scurge of MMA who ran countless thousands of fans away from the sport.

      • UFC 84 Forever says:

        Your insight is often great, you have the right idea but your bias ruins you delivery. A lot of your opinions are correct but you display them too hard and that’s why people don’t like you.

        Keep being you, bro. Who gives a fuck? A lot of Brazilian’s lose because they don’t respect American Wrestling the same way American Wrestlers respect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

        Brazilian’s have pride and arrogance without earning it, American’s at least try to earn their pride and arrogance.

        I’m a big fan of Brazilians but it’s a fact; that’s part of the reason why Demian Maia is such a fantastic grappler and fantastic MMA fighter (except when he tries to box… Come with the one that brought you!!).

        True mixed martial artists should value wrestling as much as a powerful right hand or a fantastic triangle choke from rubber guard; everything should be important to a true mixed martial artist. Anyone who finds wrestling boring should really reevaluate their love for this sport.

        Georges St-Pierre is arguably the best in the world because he uses his wrestling to dominate fights, showcasing that fully controlling your opponent is far more talented than going in and kicking them in the face. Anyone can get a knockout it takes a truly talented fighter to dominate his opponent for 25 minutes.

        Same for Jon Jones; he can be such a fantastic kickboxer with zero worries because he KNOWS his wrestling is on a whole other level; if he needs to go to cruise control and get people bloody with elbows? He will.

        Go back to Matt Hughes; I wonder how many people here have loved Matt Hughes in his prime (with the exception of the BJ fights). Dude was the king back then! Dan Severn, Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Cain Velasquez, Matt Hughes, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Liddell, and so many more fighters have been true greats and legends because of their knowledge and respect of wrestling.

        Anyway I’ve rambled too hard, that’s just my opinion.

  5. Not gargoyle wrestling says:

    Anywaaaaay…… Condit and kampmann are both coming off loses from Hendricks and have something to prove and I’m sure they are going to bang

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