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Tuesday, 02/07/2012, 08:37 pm

Carlos Condit Accepts Nick Diaz Rematch



“Sources close to the deal just now confirmed with The Underground that Carlos Condit has accepted a rematch with Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight title.

Condit said ‘Yes, I accept the rematch’ and will be in Las Vegas on Thursday to finalize the deal with the UFC.”



According the The Underground, Carlos Condit has in fact accepted the rematch with Nick Diaz., and is headed to Vegas to meet with the UFC, although no specific date was given just yet.  Stay tuned to for updates.

Condit and Diaz fought to a controversial five round decision this past weekend at UFC 143, that has left MMA fans divided on who they believe won the fight. Diaz fans claim that Condit did nothing but run the entire fight, while Condit supports point to sources like FightMetric to prove their case. Either way, it looks like the two are on a path to meet at least one more time, as Diaz will once again get the chance to fight his fight, and walk away the interim UFC welterweight champion.

UPDATE: Dana White, confirmed the initial report via his Twitter account, that Condit has in fact accepted the rematch, and will be coming to Vegas on Friday to finalize it. In another tweet, he specifically said that “Carlos wanted it”.

So who take the rematch Penn Nation?  Will Diaz have an answer to Condit’s elusive tactics, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

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123 Responses to “Carlos Condit Accepts Nick Diaz Rematch”

  1. Frankie says:

    Wow I guess I really would have liked Diaz Koscheck

  2. the original steve says:

    good. and i thought condit was scared homie. not like he wasn’t scared before

  3. justAfan says:

    give us diaz vs sanchez again.. that would be a slugfest

  4. damnage says:

    shit everyone kept on bitching about i seen the fight twice im a diaz fan but condit won fair and square

  5. Jdizzle says:

    This time when Condit wins he hands Nick a box of tissue.

  6. jvd says:

    I just hope he doesn’t do the same thing and run again.

  7. BloodShotRetina says:

    Fuck yeah!! =)) the UFC is really good with these instant rematches! Thanks

  8. stone cold says:

    nick diaz will take it to the ground this time! hope he wins this time

  9. DanielC says:

    great, fight in vegas again so they can have the same faggot judges fuck it up again.

  10. Jdizzle says:

    Can’t wait. I hope Carlos wins again. I’m tired of the whining.

    • BX81 says:

      If he fights for points again he could win. You have to admit that the whining is justified. Carlos Condit’s name is the natural born killer. On fight night he looked like the natural born point getter. I’ve never seen one of his fights where he was just going for points. So for the fans to watch the fight they were taken back by the fact that this guy was really only trying to win by points. If your name is the natural born killer then you better show that type of mentality belt or no belt. I think those two can put on a great fight but Condit has to believe he can win by sub or ko or were gonna see the same on your bike crap again. Go do a karate tourny if you want points.

  11. slacker says:

    Wow! I can’t believe he did it. Well. Here we go again. It’s gonna be awesome!!! I guess the layoff to wait to fight GSP was just too long for him.

  12. Shaundi says:

    can anyone confirm this news? its not on any other mma site that I know of…

  13. GSPlovesDiaz55 says:

    WAR DIAZ!! Fuck condit!

  14. anal_staph_infection says:

    Well this is nice, will Carlos pay for my ppv since his last displayed.

  15. Mike says:

    Condit won the fight, but everyone’s bummed because we wanted to see GSP v Diaz. Fair enough… that fight has a lot of hype and potential.

    If I was Condit I would be pretty pissed that my victory has been more or less denied by public opinion, but – as a fight fan – I’d still rather see Diaz fight GSP; same as I would rather see Sonnen fight Silva, as opposed to Bisping fighting him.

    Still, it would be a bummer for Condit. No one really accepts that he won, mostly because everyone wanted and expected it to go the other way. A rematch is the only sensible option (and yet I still hope it goes in Diaz’s favour, solely so he can fight GSP).

  16. Joon says:

    Nick gets a rematch. Hopefully he will take Condit down and submit him this time. Hard to run when you are on your back or on top. Give Condit the lead in the remake to the Running Man part 2. Or I guess part 3. Cant forget about Quarry/Starnes.

  17. Trey says:

    I don’t see any point in a rematch I mean we just going to watch condit run for another five rounds so whats the point put nick diaz on there with somebody thats fonds fight him and people shut up with the diaz vs sanchez and diaz vs koscheck nobody wants to see him beat them up and I believe sanchez would run to if any body make him fight alvez, pierce or make him fight anderson he might not win but I bet people would watch

  18. Pistol-Pete says:

    Good idea to do this rematch. It was a razor close fight and since GSP is going to be out until around November-December, So it makes sense to do a rematch.

  19. slacker says:

    So, it will be interesting to see how many converts to the Condit side there are for this match. haha. This time he is going to take him out!

  20. DaRuckuz says:

    Das what im talking about.

  21. true mma says:

    Let’s do this…..

  22. wishbone says:

    Condit’s stretegy to circle left and deliver un-checked leg kicks was effective, but he ran a little too much…..= boring fight

  23. slacker says:

    I just read on yahoo sports that Condit will fight Diaz, after he fights George. Condit’s manager, Kawa, says that’s how it has to go down. That was an article from 5 hours ago.

  24. slacker says:

    But if this quote is accurate, it has to be before the fight with GSP. It says he has accepted a re – match for the “interim belt.”

  25. exit 8 says:

    Hope its on the july card.

  26. G says:

    Fuck yes, justice. I want to see a fucking finish, bad.

  27. haha says:

    Bisping should move down weight i beat these to fools

  28. diaz won at least by 3 points all 3 judges they stole the fight

  29. slacker says:

    It says on The Underground that the re – match is happening. Haven’t found anywhere else. Anyways, for all those who are interested, you definitely gotta go to the website. They have a printed transcript of what Nick’s corner was saying during the fight and to Nick between rounds – word for word. Those two guys are brain dead. You won’t believe the stuff they were telling Nick. It’s retarded. And I am not even a Diaz fan.

  30. slacker says:

    Yep. They just changed the title to “Dana White confirms…” It’s going down!

  31. stone cold says:

    i would love to see bj penn vs nick diaz again..all bj gotta do is train a lot of strength conditioning and cardio and he got it! would be a great fight for sure, we know bj dont like to run cuz he got big balls!

  32. G says:

    I’d rather see Penn-Diaz II, rather than Diaz-Condit II. Penn has more of a chance to stop Diaz than Condit does. Oh well, it’ll still be good (again).

    • mikej says:

      Short memories you guys have. Are you kidding? BJ Penn got his ass handed to him. He was beat to a pulp and dominated like never before. So where do you see him having a better chance? At least Condit had the sense to avoid the boxing match Diaz coaxes his opponent into. Nobody in MMA boxes better than Nick Diaz. Nobody. Only guy that has close to his skills as a boxer is KJ Noons. Do you really wanna see BJ Penn get beaten and battered round after round again?

  33. drew says:

    GOOD DEAL!!!!! WAR TO BOTH!!!!

  34. el kanagroo lcco says:

    i recon this will be hyped up and last minute someone is gonna pull out injured….gut feeling…i hope not though cause it will be a good fight…..condit pissed off he won and no one believes him…and diaz…well just being diaz =P

  35. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    As much as I bitched about Condit running during the match, he shouldn’t have accepted the rematch. If he loses it will be the biggest mistake of his career. I bet Condit is making bank for this deal.

    • slacker says:

      Yeah, it’s risky. But I think he is a true competitor and wants to remove all doubt. Plus, the long wait for GSP. The timing, the controversy – everything just off. To me, he won and doesn’t need to prove anything. But the one thing I can say in Nick’s defense: his corner really messed him up with bad information.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I also believe he won even though his game plan was kick and run but he shouldn’t take this fight unless it’s for tons of money because it makes Condit look weak accepting an immediate rematch. Like he actually doesn’t believe he won that fight himself.

        • david says:

          all that teaches diaz is if he whines and bitches he will get what he wants, he lost and cant accept it, fucking juvenile. anyways condit im sure is gonna put him away for good this time, gonna land a flying knee in his face

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I don’t think it makes him look weak dude. Quite the opposite; he won the fight and now has everything to lose by taking a rematch. But he’s like fuck it, let’s do it again then. That shows that he has balls. Still not sure I’ll order the replay though.

    • slacker says:

      So, I guess you are going to stick with Nick for the victory 2nd time around too?

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Yeah, I think Condit is gonna come into the 2nd fight over confident, expecting Diaz to stick with his bully like style and pay for it. In 2nd fight Condit won’t be able to use the same game plan and will either get TKO’ed or submitted since Diaz is so paranoid about the way these fights are judged.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          ^^ This.

          It’s the same reason Diaz will beat GSP. Now Condit HAS to fight Diaz. Diaz is GSP’s head, and because of this GSP will WANT to stand with him & not dry hump him.

          Condit pussed out and he knows it too. He knows he didn’t fight the way he’s famous for, he was scared of losing & “fought” (I use that term loosely) like it.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It’s time GSP got his chin checked by someone relevant and the man best for the job is Diaz. I think if he can survive the Diaz barrage that would help him in the P4P and his legacy as the WW champ.

        • slacker says:

          Yeah, it’s really tough now for each side because each has lost some element of surprise. If I was coaching, I would pick a few strategies so that you can even change it up round to round. I think you also have to determine what about your opponents skills are a constant and will not change – no matter what. I am sticking with Condit. I think he still has power to spare that he didn’t swing for in his punches in the first match. I think he is capable of knocking him to the canvas and finishing him. Of course, he will still be avoiding the fence. I think yes, Nick will make earlier efforts for take – downs to work his BJJ. Now, that Condit knows he can match Nick’s cardio, I expect him to be moving forward on him more this time. It’s gonna be awesome!

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Lol I think you are one of the few excited for this PPV. This needs to be of UFC on Fox 4 because I am not moved to buy it unless they have badass mofos on the co-mains. Maybe put Cruz vs Faber on the co-main or switch to be the main event because that’s gonna be a great fight.

  36. california grown says:

    this is a business (dana white) play, and a good one.
    this fight will bring in so much cash, it’s stupid.
    i respect both fighters, and i like that condit wanted it. if he can drop the point game, and just let it hang out, he has a strikers chance.
    if diaz can train for the finish, now that he’s fought condit, he can execute it.

  37. lol says:

    Rather see Diaz Penn 2 with a in shape Penn not a fat one..

    Also Diaz vs Condit 2.. Who the hell wants to see that boring azz crap?? hahaha I will not be paying for that fight ans Sopa and Pipa can kiss my ass. I dont pay for boring fights.

  38. IknowMMA says:

    Diaz is getting knock out!

  39. Jesse says:

    I don’t want to see this rematch if condit is going to go for points. If they going for the belt I would like to see some action not a points war. I not a fan of either fighter and I’m glad I didn’t pay for the ppv. Diaz is a sore loser he should of should just asked for the rematch not whine and bitch

  40. BJ Penn > says:

    Hhhhhmmmmm sounds super fishy…I wouldn’t be surprised if Condit’s hand was forced into this much the same way he “agreed” to let gsp fight Diaz.

  41. Brandon Wheaton says:

    Ahaha but anybody who watched the post fight press conference or later interviews knows Condit DOESN’T want this fight lmfao.

    Don’t blmae him, setting a record for leg kicks while moving backwards lol.

  42. catmanfando says:

    people need to stop sucking Diaz’s dick and accept that he loss, but i don’t care i will gladly see him lose again

  43. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Wow Dana loves him some diaz nuts. Dana does anything to make diaz happy is sad. O well hopefully he won’t play around and actually finish. Diaz played around to much instead of fighting and that’s what cost him that fight I have a feeling this is going to be a tougher fight this time around.

  44. a real mma judge says:

    FOR THOSE WHO SAYS CONDIT WON… I will believe you if you can answer this question… Tell me why Condit was crying when the score cards was being read!???

    If you can’t answer, then you know he was crying because he KNEW he lost!

  45. Mike says:

    I like how all you keyboard warriors are typing shit about Condit. None of you would even get in the ring with Diaz. All of you are butt hurt fan boys that got mad because condit out struck diaz and won the fight. I agree with condit if he were to of just stayed still and played diazs game then diaz would have won no doubt but it didn’t happen like that and why? Because condit is smarter then you dumb ass people claiming hes a runner and not a fighter. Think with your dipstick and not your battered and bruised keyboard warrior fingers you butt hurt diaz fans.

  46. Chartmonster says:

    Diaz ass beating part 2.. and it’s not even Christmas!

  47. John Dizzle (blocked from sherdog) says:

    I just hope it’s a good fight and lives up to the hype the first fight was suppose to be. Unless of course the natural born killer acts like he did during last Saturday’s fight; in which case I hope Condit’s short come lose somehow and falls down to his knees so entire world can see that he has in fact lost his balls.

  48. John Dizzle (blocked from sherdog) says:

    @Mike- Let’s please stick to the facts. During their
    “fight”, Nick slapped Carlos with an open hand (known as a bitch slap in most parts of the world) and Condit responded by stepping backwards.

  49. BobO says:

    I was hoping for Penn vs Diaz 2. However, This is good news as well. ~BobO

  50. jboy says:

    This time I hope condit comes to fight ,then we will all see the true champion which is diaz..condit will get bitch slapped again haha….

  51. CCW.Gun control=Government control. says:

    Underground is pretty decent, thanks for the tip. I like that site a lot. Going into favorites right next to!

    I am glad there is a rematch!

  52. Andyboy says:

    @Mike! Braddah it has nothing to do with “we wanted Diaz to win” or “the fanbase denied Condits chance at fighting GSP” u sound ignorant as hell…we wanted the better FIGHTER to win, and the one one who said it was gonna be a “DOG FIGHT” cleary was looking for a win by points and not KO, TKO, or even damage. The better fighter was neither becuz Carlos fought like GSP and Diaz didnt even attempt to chase him down and bring the scrap to his face. Diaz walked him down and was barely outlanded via Fightmetric but until the 5th round he never really attempted to turn it on, one could certainly argue becuz Condit was running the whole fight but its still Diazs job to finish him and he didnt no matter how Condit fought. The one time the media makes Diaz happy Carlos s***** all over him with a performance like that…i think Diaz will kick up the s*** talk in this rematch for sure! Unfortunately greg jackson will watch this fight all day everyday for the next 3 months and figure out another way to outpoint Diaz. If GSP was healthy we wouldnt be having a rematch, Condit and Jackson dgaf what you or I think and they’ll hit n run again and get that shot at GSP!

  53. chee who says:

    I think he also set the record for turning his back and running in a single fight… Fightmetric that bitches

  54. B-Wes says:

    Diaz will take the rematch.

  55. aaron says:

    Hope Condit puts on a head kick clinic

  56. A. Bloom says:

    Does anyone even care about this fight anymore?… I don’t. I’m tired of hearing about the Diaz’ Bros. Pity Party Show. Good riddance….that’s what I’d a told the b*tch…..

  57. learntoread says:

    If this does indeed materialize & is signed, props to Condit for stepping up.

    It’s the right thing to do under the circumstances.

  58. Night-Wind says:

    All about the money. If Condit wins this, they’ll probably gonna give the belt to Diaz.

  59. Xaninho says:

    Condit shows warrior spirit, but he really needs to take out Diaz this time. If it goes to a decision the judges will give it to Diaz.

    So I’m counting on the dogfight now. Diaz won’t even know what hit him…

    • krafty11 says:

      really?? Condit will not win a slugfest with Diaz.. Why do you think he chose the hit and run tactics for this last fight? I tihkn this all b/c the UFC really wants to see Diaz/GSP and trying really hard to make that happen. Condit must have been given some serious bank for the rematch..

    • baldy says:

      basically if condit doesnt stand in front of diaz with his hands down allowing diaz to pitter pat and stockton slap him for 5 rounds, offering no resistance, no head movement, theyll all be cryin again.
      i was a fan of diaz till after this fight…dana white needs to stop catering to this fool…if he wants to quit let him. he was gonna quit to get into boxing, white lets him in the ufc. he gets a title shot, doesnt act like a pro a do what he’s supposed to, still gets a title shot. cries and quits after a tough decision (never leave it in the hands of the judges), gets his rematch.
      honestly i hope condit stands and bangs with diaz and knocks him the fuck out just to shut diaz and all his fans the fuck up…

  60. learntoread says:

    Interestingly enough, Joe Rogan has altered his thoughts on the outcome of the fight after watching it a 2nd time at home. Giving Diaz rounds 1,2,5:

  61. isaiah D says:

    Good, There should be a rematch, and they both better bring it the second time. No sissy leg kicks from Condit. And Diaz better actually push the pace.

    • lolziez says:

      yea them sissy legs kicks that would have a chump like you crawlin for acouple weeks, also Diaz was pushing the pace, but since his gameplan wasnt working, suddenly his pace was all he had cause the rest of him became one demonsional and Condit out played the “playa” and suddenly people think he “ran”. come on people get your fuckin heads out your asses..

  62. al says:

    i’m getting sick of Nick acting like a baby when he looses. You lost the fight, look at the numbers. That fight reminded me of Ali vs Foreman (the mummy). All you did was looked slow and he countered you perfectly. DEAL WITH IT!!! last time you fought and lost, how did you act? CRY, CRY, CRY! your a looser that has fought nothing buy bums for years and when you get in with a good fighter you look slow and average. Now you want to fight GSP? Maybe thats your plan lose 2 or 3 and your gone from UFC. Any top guy will beat you, you know it, so take your money that you also cry about and go back to strikeforce so you can win some fights again……CRYBABY!!!!!!

  63. dubsicle says:

    I second what al said, ive lost alot of respect for Diaz for the way hes acting about this. He reminds me of my 4 year old, cries until he gets his way.

  64. Santa Cruz Mike says:

    I watched all 5 rounds and for the most part, it was a boring fight. I guess I can see how Condit outpointed Diaz, but he was getting beat bad when he did engage for more than a second. Diaz will indeed win a rematch. At the end of the day, I don’t want to watch a smart fight, I want to watch a good fight. BJ entertained us. Lately I’ve been losing my passion for the sport, it’s more about wining and not about putting on a good show for the fans. Condit looked more like a Track and Field star with all his running, not a fighter.

  65. Turth says:

    Diaz was an ok fighter at best and did nothing to earn a title shot to begin with. Condit worked his way up and beat Diaz, Send Diaz back to Stirkeforce where he belongs.

    • Ronnin says:

      Beat Diaz! he was just running away, what are u talking about?!

      • Turth says:

        It was a game plan that worked. Diaz is no UFC quality he’s 7-5.

        • slacker says:

          I agree. His Strikeforce – Elite XC streak is not impressive. Even his fight against B.J. is not all that impressive when you see that he had to wear him down on the fence before he started to outstrike him. Condit is 5 – 1.

        • CONDITVSGSP says:

          Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth:

          Diaz is a big baby when losing fights. He lost the Condit fight 100%.

          His streak of wins is impressive, but it wouldn’t have happened if he were in the UFC during that time facing a division that is stacked with wrestlers. No way.

          Penn lost the Diaz fight, strait up. I am a HUGE Penn fan. It killed me to watch that fight. But I have to be honest with myself and the truth is the truth.

          The UFC pushing Condit into a rematch is bullshit. He won, the UFC hates that because Condit vs GSP won’t make as much money as DIAZ vs GSP.

          Geez, let Condit relish his victory a bit and prepare for GSP. Its a HUGE task but I think he has a chance.

  66. jog on says:

    Would there be a rematch if Diaz had edged the fight on points? Would there fuck, I hope Condit takes Dana White and the UFC to the cleaners when they start talkin about his purse, because if Nick had edged it, there’s no way Carlos would be gettin a rematch. Theyre just so desperate to get that GSP vs Diaz headliner somehow, and no matter to them if its at Condits expense.

  67. Trent Hilker says:

    I think everyone who thinks Diaz won is fucking blind and only thinks that because they are Nick Diaz fans. Alll diaz did the whole fight, was walk forward. Walk forward, taunt, walk forward, get pissed that condit was “running”, when really he was being smart and avoiding his shots. Watch the fight again, and if you still think diaz won, well then you are fucking retard. That fight was NO DIFFERENT than tito vs machida. should tito have got the win because he was the won walking forward??? think about it

    • slacker says:

      What Jackson and co. did was take Diaz’ “walking down” (emphasis on walking, because most of the time, he is not throwing punches), arm out, measuring and pawing at his opponent, until he is pinned against the fence “tactic”, out of the equation – it’s a tactic, not octagon control or effective aggressiveness – by either striking and moving, ducking and moving, or just simply getting out of there and re – setting in the center, where Condit outstruck him and beat him up all night. Diaz sucks in the center as a striker. B.J. outstruck him there too. Only after he had striked with him against the fence, did he start to reverse his fortune and win that fight. People talk about lay and pray. Diaz is “dense for the fence” or a “pin and win” fighter. You make him fight quality opponents – not 2nd tier, Strikeforce competition – that force him to fight in the center where the striking is even, and he gets outclassed and beaten. Prime examples: B.J. and Condit! This one – trick pony has been exposed!

  68. slacker says:

    Baby Kicks! lol That is the best one of them all.

  69. BJPennRules says:

    I do have a feeling when Condit and Diza meet again..its going to hit the ground and it will be Jitz for Jitz….would do you all think??

  70. RAY says:


  71. dub says:

    Listen, It was a close fight there’s not doubt about it. Carlos Condit won the decision. Good for him. He played the typical Greg Jackson lets game plan to the max and win a decision. smart, yes. But bad for the sport also yes. Condit is supposed to be a striker and supposedly had more power than Diaz. Then why did he run the whole fight and throw ineffective leg kicks. Let the fighters fight. GSP does the same thing. So do most of Greg Jackson fighters. Yes Carlos Condit won the Fight and I respect him alot more for accepting a rematch with Diaz but Like Dana White says all the time: if you are one of the best in the world then why not fight. And I agree with one the previous comments. The UFC wants Diaz and GSP. Thats the fight the fans want to see and that the the money maker for the UFC. So yes i’m sure there definitely offering Carlos Condit alot of bank to take this rematch. I think its the right thing to do it was a very close fight. I can understand If GSP was ready to fight not wanting to give up his title shot. bBut he’s not and if Condit were to fight again it would probably be against KOs which is an equally tough fight. But kudos to Carlos Condit for accepting a rematch! Lets do it again the real way not the Greg Jackson Lets play it safe way!!

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