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Thursday, 05/16/2013, 11:16 am

Caraway Throws Salt On Wound: Happy To Take Healy’s Bonus, Hates Marijuana

The same guy who went on twitter threatening, UFC female champion, Ronda Rousey with physical violence is back throwing out more classless comments for the world to pick up on.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something to be said for being humble in times when you are rewarded for something you didn’t really deserve.

At UFC 159 veteran MMA Fighter Pat Healy made his UFC debut with a third round submission victory over top contender Jim Miller.

The world learned this week that Healy had failed his post-fight drug test for Marijuana and as a result lost a total of $130,000 in bonus earnings.

With the original ‘Submission of the Night’ victor now ineligible, the bonus money went to the night’s runner-up, Bryan Caraway.

In his latest rant, Caraway, who is the proud recipient of the Pat Healy Submission of the Night Bonus, went on record to to discuss his thoughts on the use or Marijuana and his new bonus money for a second place submission. While showing little class, or even the slightest bit of humility he went on to trash the use of Marijuana and express that he has zero remorse for taking Healy’s bonus earnings.

To me, it’s all just a little too “douchey”.

“I couldn’t be more happy, and it was an insanely pleasant surprise. All I’ve got to say is that’s some expensive weed. I like Healy a lot. I came up through the fighting ranks with him. We used to train together at Team Quest. I love the guy. But I have absolutely zero remorse or guilt. I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I’ve never tried it. I’ve never smoked a drug in my life. So I have absolutely zero tolerance for people that do it. I don’t care if it’s legal in some places or not. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. Whether it’s legal in real life or not, they tell you to follow the rules. You need to follow the rules.”


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  1. Phil Collins says:

    Another clueless idiot whining about something he knows nothing about. I can’t wait to see Caraway get ko’d because he’s an uneducated douche bag. I bet that dumb pussy thinks alcohol is just fine and yet he thinks marijuana s horrible. what a clueless idiot lol

    • aggression says:

      amen. what a complete douche. I stuck up for this guy on another article earlier today until I saw these comments. What a moron this guy is.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Hell yah, all these fuckin loser potheads are a scourge to mma and society in general. Fuckin losers.

    • Thom says:

      You do know you’re on right? You do know BJ smoked weed back in the day. Hell who the fuck didnt? You also realise that a piss test on Marijuana is the most insane thing ever seeing as it only shows that a fighter smoked weed at SOME point in the last 3-4 months, meaning absolute jack shit and is about as relevant as knowing fighter X or Y got a parking ticket somewhere in the last 3-4 months. Taking away 120k without a BLOOD test is absolutely fucking insane and you’re a complete retard if you think otherwise.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        And your point about BJ making a serious mistake about poisoning himself in the past is??? Wake up, Pot is POISON!! It poisons you. The question that needs to be asked is; Why would somebody that is presumably sane, actually take a drug that poisons the user? The answer is that anybody that smokes this crap is NOT sane but in fact IS insane! So yah, banning a poison is smart and prudent.

        • Thom says:

          Wow you completely missed the point didnt you?

        • Dean Bauer says:

          LoL. If you claim to be a christian or believe in God created this world then im really going to have a good laugh at the ignorance of this statement. Just another idiot buying whatever the government sells him.

        • gaygoyle wrestling says:

          stfu! your a fuckn failed abortion.

        • gary says:

          You must not do to much reading do you. Studies have shown that cannabinoids attack and kill certain cancerous cells while not harming healthy cells unlike radiation therapy. When ate it also is a booster to the immune system. Why don’t you try and study something before you bash it. But I bet your cool with TRT huh

    • gaygoyle wrestling says:

      hey gayguy wrestling stfu! go suck your moms dick!

  3. Sean says:

    I’d love to see Rousey submit this guy.

  4. squid says:

    “I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I’ve never tried it.”

    there it is right there. i used to smoke but not anymore. but i get why some people do it. how narrow-minded is this guy? try it first before you knock it. hope this guy gets knocked off his high horse in his next fight.

    • Thom says:

      Same guy who threatens women lmao. But hey, go wath TUF 14 where Diego Brandao absolutely destroyed this dude.

      • Celwall415 says:

        not only destroyed him but had him shittin his damn jock strap when the fight was announced. i can still hear him pitchin his idea to Dana when the Boss man and the coaches where choosing the match ups for the semis “you know i don’t think im ready to fight diego right now, but, i think we wood match up great for the finals.” what a fuck slot.

  5. Twayne says:

    Sad to know that he’d threaten to hit a woman, before smoking some pakalolo. Smdh.. 2ndly,, if they’re gonna penalize fighters for weed. A drug that only enhances your ability to laugh. They need to drug test all employees, and discipline them as well. Joe,, cough cough Rogan cough cough. Just sayin,, hypocrites I tell you. Healys’ gonna scrap.

  6. 757 says:

    I am against guys in the company smoking. I think they should be punished, and PH was. He took responsibility and lost money. That’s enough for me. I hope he comes back and does well. I will applaud him. As for Caraway he is a little puke who looks like a whip next to his girlfriend. I hope someone takes this money and shoves it up his ass. Try winning your own money you pussy and stop talking shit and taking shots at someone at someone’s misfortune…….Caraway is a classless punk

  7. Sean says:

    What a POS MORON

  8. Slim Charles says:

    doesn’t matter because this guy will not be a contender… we’ll remember he was a scrub and not this statement… ignorant punk…

  9. you know what it is says:

    Thanks for letting us know your opinion, Mr. Author. Very interesting. HOW ABOUT JUST REPORTING THE NEWS? STOP ANNOYING US WITH YOUR POV. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

  10. Daryl says:

    Completely agree with Caraway. While I do think hi comments against Rousey were a bit douchey and I hate how stupid he seems, the rules are there. It’s like Dana has said, they are there, it’s that simple. If the State athletic commission says, you can’t do it, you can’t do it. It’s not THAT hard and if you cared about fighting THAT much and getting money for it, you wouldn’t break the rules. I would have the same attitude as Caraway if I won this money. I would have no remorse because breaking a rule, will come with consequences. It’s really that simple, no idea why everyone is so hurt about it. Also, The Rousey situation wasn’t THAT bad, A LOT of women believe in equal rights, and if a woman threatens a man, it should be justifiable for a man to retaliate.

  11. Oggii80 says:

    While I have no problem with people smoking weed, and I have no problem with its legalization, he does have a point. And no, I’ve never smoked pot, I just never really had that desire, I’m sure I’ll try it when I’m retired or something, I just really don’t think it’s all that it’s hyped up to be. And I’m not even a fan of this guy…

    He knew what the rules were before, he knew smoking pot wasn’t permitted by this organization, but he did it anyway, so he lost out. If pot really wasn’t that a big a deal, then why bother smoking it knowing that you shouldn’t? Do I think he deserved to lose all that? Well, probably not, however, the rules are what they are; he knew what the consequences would be, and he did it anyway. Like all things in life, you follow the rules of the organization you work for, end of story, and NOT smoking pot isn’t really morally ambiguous. As we say, “You can’t argue with black and white.” Follow the regs, you’ll be alright. Don’t follow them, don’t be surprised when you get in trouble.

  12. Dee says:

    He’s not a douche for his stance on Marijuana. That’s ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to release a statement like that after a “friend” has been fined, suspended and stripped from his bonus is a FAGGOT move to make. To boast about it is messed up. No respect for this FAG!

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