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Tuesday, 09/04/2012, 11:24 am

Car Hits Jose Aldo in a Motorcycle, Champ Suffers Minor Injuries | UFC News

Fortunately MMA fans, UFC executives and the UFC featherweight champ himself, Jose Aldo walked away from a motorcycle accident with only a few minor scratches and bruises.  Aldo was reportedly traveling by motorcycle in Rio de Janeiro when a passing car struck him.  The accident is not expected to impact his upcoming title defense opposite former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Tatame confirmed UOL Esporte‘s initial report.  Jose Aldo states:

“Yes, I had a motorcycle accident, but it was no big deal.  No, there’s no problem (about fighting Oct. 13). I’m going to the gym right now.”

UFC 153: Aldo vs. Edgar  takes place Oct. 13 at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro

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27 Responses to “Car Hits Jose Aldo in a Motorcycle, Champ Suffers Minor Injuries | UFC News”

  1. Tokofeigy says:

    That’s a big as Jose Aldo

  2. Tokofeigy says:

    That’s a big asS Jose Aldo

  3. thebigv57 says:

    wrong picture dummy

  4. Mike Luis says:

    lmao thats toquinho

  5. James1989 says:

    wow jose aldo put on some weight

  6. NoThanks says:

    What does a story about Jose Aldo have to do with Rousimar Palhares? You guys (and ladies) are better than this! (or at least you should be.)

  7. CodyB says:

    love the picture of Palhares…

  8. korean jesus says:

    fuck man that sucks. glad he isn’t hurt bad. gotta be careful riding.. always gotta look out for dumb fkn motorists. ride safe!

  9. uncool_dude says:

    you had one job Lynn R Mitchell.

  10. Me says:

    I swear I remember reading this news yesterdaay morning on a different website. Bit late isn’t it? Also a picture of Palhares common…

  11. This dude needs sacking for not knowing the difference between Jose Aldo and Palhares.Its not like its an easy mistake to make.What a fkn

  12. Xaninho says:

    Riding a motorcycle in Rio is crazy. Nobody follows any trafficrules there. The craziest driver with the biggest balls gets to go first at intersections or roundabouts.

  13. Steve The Great says:

    He won’t be ok after the “Answer” is finished with his bitch ass!

  14. Ironfist says:

    I’m happy he’s ok….I can still watch Frankie beat him up….

  15. Zack says:

    Does anyone other than Jose aldo know how to get in a motorcycle. I always thought you got on them.

  16. Justen says:

    What till he gets hit by Frankie. There’s gunna be some further injuries there I expect. lol

  17. ernesto hoost says:

    no thats aldo he has just been trainig with alistair overeem….he must be eating “shark meat” like the reem was

  18. ASDF says:

    I don’t feel sorry for motorcyclists when they get hit. Cyclists yes. Motor bikers no. Group riding okay. Just to fill the ego, he’s willing to throw his whole career away. I call that, a dumb ass. I hope it wakes him up, and takes it as a sign to get a f’n car with his money.

  19. Xaninho says:

    It’s funny to see so many people thinking Frankie ‘the Rematch’ Edgar can actually win that fight. I hope Aldo just knocks his ass out and won’t let it go to a decision so there won’t be any ‘controversial decision’ bullshit and begging for a rematch coming from the Edgar camp.

  20. Robbin says:

    the ufc should have rules in the contract for fighter when training for a fight.

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