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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 11:48 am

Cancel That, Nick Diaz Shows Up To Conference Call 45-Minutes Late

“I didn’t even know about a call. Nobody called me in the last week or the past couple of days to tell me there was a call. I trained last night, ate went to sleep, woke up and my phone was dead. I didn’t know until my brother told me I was supposed to be on a call.”

Says Nick Diaz Just moments ago.

Stay tuned for our audio upload of the UFC 137 Pre-Fight Media call.

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60 Responses to “Cancel That, Nick Diaz Shows Up To Conference Call 45-Minutes Late”

  1. learntoread says:

    So did the Media Call start without Diaz in attendance, or did they wait the 45 minutes and begin late?

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    C’mon, Nick! Don’t fuck this up, bruh!

  3. James says:

    Why wouldn’t they wait for the champ? Of course they did.

  4. Nick Diaz says:

    Sorry guys but my friend just bought some killer weed and I just had to blaze it up. It was some good shit man. Now I just wanna eat a burrito.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      I’m pretty sure Nick Diaz would smack taste out of your mouth for that comment, especially the burrito part, and you wouldn’t and couldn’t do shit about it

    • Kevin Gonzalez says:

      Meet me in the octagon if youre sorry

      • Nick Diaz says:

        Meet me at 7 Eleven! And bring some money.

        • Kevin Gonzalez says:

          Oh u want to get fucked up at 7 seven ? Thats cool lol do u really want me to take your money? Ill demolish your lil ass, I aint Bj or Gsp, ill go in on your lil ass boy lol

        • Ahhhhhh says:

          …CMONNNN !….Please, “Kevin,” take that big chip off of your shoulder and put it away. If talking tough is your thing, I’m sure there are a lot of punks in your town that you can go talk tough to. You can actually do something to them because CYBERSPACE won’t be in your way! BJ’s website is not the place to compensate for your lack of……………social skills.

        • Grim Reaper says:

          Shut the hell up or ill Bitch slap both of ya

        • Kevin Gonzalez says:

          And Who are you? “Nates” protector/bitch ? Lok Thats the thing, I dont like talking shit, I talk with my fists…and knees….and elbows…list goes on, if u want it too, then come through with youre $ in hand and you can get it too. Yes, the internet is what is preventing me from fucking u up, yes. Punks in my town? I live in Chicago, this is no town, this is where bitches like you who dont mind their business end up dead on the news
          Lack of social skills? Because I talk shit, I dont have social skills? Lol are you fucking retarded? Im going to pretend you didnt say that…

  5. Digs says:

    dude needs a personal assistant to keep him on point.

    • Dbaxter says:

      Dude need to seriously GROW UP and MAN UP…This is a career and it requires responsibility. If any of us pulled this crap we’d be out looking for a new job.

      • 3ric says:

        Digs makes a serious post with great advice and I think its a great idea for him to get an assistant. Your comments that he should grow up and man up are just stupid and uncalled for. Dont be hatin.

  6. Jmad says:

    The call started without him, then he got conferenced in later.

  7. JOHN says:

    this guy is the real deal. real deal douschebag.

  8. Badmunk says:

    Sounds like me in high school working at dairy queen “man I didn’t even know I was supposed to work today no one even called me and my phone was dead.” cmon man you used that one already! Excuses excuses excuses….

  9. Brit says:

    Maybe instead of all your keyboard tough guys spouting off you should know what happened first.

    Directly From Dana on Twitter:

    “I’m hearing UFC dropped the ball on the Nick Diaz no show today!! SUCKS”

    See that?? UFC DROPPED THE BALL –

  10. BiggoTrav says:

    Chicks have their soap operas, we have our Nick Diaz.

  11. Doker Jay says:

    Its 45 Fucking minutes..get over it.

    MAin Card Should Be:
    Dana Whites Fat Pussy Ass vs Nick Diaz.

    Dana White needs a dick in the ass, stitched up mouth, a knee to the bridge of the nose, and Popped Ear Drum… Humiliate that POS, and make sure he never talks again.

    • Nick says:

      Dana White would beat your ass. He’s already called out more than one fighter, and they backed down. So shut the fuck up. Diaz needs to get his shit straight. He’s a great fighter, but his media bullshit excuses will screw him over in the end if he’s not careful.

      • wigler says:

        you have got to be borderline retarded to think dana white would fight any fighter, this isnt the fucking wwe

        • who cares says:

          mmajunkie dot com/news/2114/

          dana white vs tito ortiz boxing match was suppose to happen.. but tito didnt show up for the weigh in ..

          dont know of any mma challenges.. but dana was def. down for a boxing match with tito..

  12. Cesar says:

    Maybe Nick will “show up” late in the fight, which is why his only hope is round 4 and 5.

  13. RogerThat says:

    He’s a child trying to live in a man’s world. He needs to get the chip off his shoulder and be a professional. I used to be a fan, but he doesn’t deserve fans. He’s become a sideshow. Does anyone believe his excuses? How many times can you use the “my phone died” excuse? He’s got to be real dumb to think anyone is buying into his nonsense.

  14. Duane says:

    Hey BJPENN.COM can we get the damn link to the media call, or do we have to go else where? We didnt use to before the big change on here, this is BJs main event isnt it, okay just checking would figure his site would have all the media calls etc.. When he wins i hope he doesn’t say go to BJPENN.COM for info cuz ain’t sh!t here.. lol just saying….

  15. Skid says:

    This dude smokes way too much weed!

  16. Heinken420 says:

    that wouldnt happen he nick diaz had a brain

  17. Watttie says:

    Nate knew about the call, but Nick didn’t? I’m confused, are they twins?

  18. Tim says:

    Nick Diaz loses this fight via failed drug test, they should add that to the betting lines.

  19. Mike Diaz says:

    Nate saves the day. Good to have a bro back you up! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  20. Jay says:

    How you feel Nick ? I hope you whoop up on B.J. I like him but we need to see some more talent,ive watched you from your earlier U.F.C days,and I got to give up for you and your brother man good shit,good luck too!

  21. ZeZoo says:

    Man sometimes I think that Nick is just a big kid … If he didn’t screw up that much .. he could have been on the top the whole time …

  22. Jon Fitch says:

    I am the number 1 contender, why don’t I have any fans?

  23. Man of Steel says:

    At the end of the day he just lacks discipline. But then again he’s also a true fighter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m BJ Penn all the way in every fight but Nick has made this fight into a media frenzy. Who doesn’t want to watch the fight now. Can you imagine the crowd if he lost? It would be an echoing chant of trash tallking like a bad comedian boo’d off stage. Then on the other hand, what if he wins? The crux of Nick Diaz with his antics lies with Dana White. Dana wants him a certain way and Nick is out to prove a point that nobody controls him, ot even Cesar. I look forward to the Fight!

  24. Brian says:

    Nick Diaz should be fired after this fight. In all seriousness, the fight itself is a huge part of the contract but he certainly is NOT living up to his other obligations. I am a business owner myself and if i had an employee like him, he would be loooooongggg gone. I dont care if he was the best worker ever. Just like Nick is one of the best fighters. If he isnt gonna show up to work or come in late all the time he is gone. IMO.

  25. hahaimage says:

    Hahaha, I just had a thought of Nick in school. Growing up he was probably the kid, that hated school, and always asked to go to the bathroom. LOL! Excuses, excuses, sounds like he hasn’t grown up. haha. ï didn’t know. Know one told me.” how do you become a champ with that attitude…

  26. Brent says:

    How will he deal with publicity and media events that he will be obligated to if he ever becomes the champ? Nick needs to do whatever it takes to get use to it or someone to keep him track and not let his talent go wasted. Hell, hire BJ after the fight.

  27. Adolf says:

    F*ck Diaz, bring Condit out and make a BJ vs Condit

  28. sgt thai clone says:

    I have Diaz winning by chokeing out BJ before the 1st rd by second-hand smoke.

  29. chon209 says:

    it shows nick checked in at the 37 minute mark not 45 minutes… even the writer is a hater
    keep up the good work

  30. sat says:

    I like Diaz but he needs to grow up and take some responsibility

  31. Daniel says:

    C’mon Nick, wake up! Everyone seems to know you have a call other than yourself. It’s your damn responsibility to find out what’s going on for your fights as a fighter. Either that, or ask your monkey brother Nate, he even knows!

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