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Tuesday, 06/19/2012, 12:25 pm

Can Jon Jones Punch And Kick? “Not At All” Says Master Seagal | UFC NEWS

“I respect every fighter that goes out to the Octagon, I don’t think (Jones’) punches or kicks landed well (vs. Lyoto Machida). Do I think he punches or kicks well? No, not at all, and that’s just my opinion. He’s a very big guy, he’s like a heavyweight. He’s 6-4, very athletic and very strong. Is he a better fighter than Lyoto? No. Not even close. But that doesn’t mean he can’t win.”

This interview has provided us content for days.

Speaking with “The MMA Hour” over at, Steven Seagal, gives his take on current UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and explains that he believes his technique is flawed.


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0 Responses to “Can Jon Jones Punch And Kick? “Not At All” Says Master Seagal | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    He’s right. Jones doesn’t have very crisp technique, but he does have a big frame, lotta strength and freakish reach and he knows how to use it to his advantage.

    • Road Her says:

      Yeah Seagal is right about Jones. He knows he is bigger than the whole division and uses it to his advantage. Sometimes Strength beats technique

    • Mike b says:

      I think the same thing.people might think just cause Steven seagal is saying this that it’s a joke.but he’s right,I thought jones always looked sloppy with his strikes but uses his reach well.i was always saying to myself am I the only person that sees I know that I’m not alone.

    • Clay says:

      Jones fighting speaks for itself. People can say what he wants. He cuts just as much weight as other guys. His strikes are clean as fuck. He lands over 50% and is truly the best LHW in the world.

      • Josh says:

        You obviously know nothing about striking technique, and nobody said that it was unfair about his size. Its just how it is. It is a factor to which he uses to his advantage, good for him. But his striking is very sloppy when you look at technique, just because he can spin with really long arms doesn’t mean his striking is awe-inspiring.

      • Xaninho says:

        He does great with the tools he has, but just imagine how much harder he could hit if he polishes up on the striking department.

        No matter how many fights he wins, look at how he throws his strikes. It’s not that great.

  2. ConceptionOfPaul&Monkey says:

    You’re joking right? This is a joke. And anyone who believes this jimoke is a joke. Jon Jones beat the best fighters standing to where he has gotten, and that requires throwing better punches and kicks than the best punchers and kickers!!!!!!! OMGGGGG!!! Where do these ppl come from?

    • Shake says:

      Ummm no it requires very strong spinning back fists and elbows/ takedown ground elbows and octagon control. With a big dude like that he cant be touched. I wanna see Jones move up to heavy weight where he belongs.

      • kushites says:

        he is a natural heavyweight who can cut to LHW because he is so young. Wait a couple years, I wanna see him and Stefan Struve or Travis Hapa Browne fight. Then we will see what heʻs got.

      • AdamW says:

        I couldn’t agree more with the other 2… While JBJ is dominant, he isn’t massively skilled versus the guys he has been fighting with a 10+ inch reach advantage. While he can cut to LWH, he is a natural HW, and I’d love to see him test the best up in that class, then we can talk about him like he is the best fighter ever.. when he wins up there

    • brett says:

      u think the reach advantage has anything to do with it? u cant hit what u cant reach! That being said I hope Hendo can just get in and land one H-Bomb!! Thats all it will take to Dethrone Jones!! Go HENDO!!!!!

    • silverback says:

      Actually he ran away from Rampage and threw kicks that are suppose to be illegal such as the knee thrust kicks. He never hurt Rampage at all during the fight and was easily taken down because of the knee thrust kicks. They didn’t even call for the illegal elbow strikes he threw to defeat Rua the guys is just a more marketable fighter as long as he is on the top people will buy fights. Rampage would have destroyed him if it wasnt for him running and throwing knee striked even in the post fight interview Bones said he ran cause he didnt want to get hit. Right out of the horses mouth the guy is overrated I wish Dos Santos would drop down to LightHeavy weight and destroy him.

    • Mike b says:

      Where do u fucking come from.hes beat everybody that he faced cause of his reach.if u really watch his fights he keeps his fighters at bay very well which means its hard for other fighters to hit him.which means he has long reach.if he didnt have that huge reach advantage he would of already lost.

      • Mike b says:

        Let me make this clear,just cause I’m saying that doesn’t mean he’s not a good fighter.hes a great fighter.he uses his tools very well,and the most important one is his reach.thats all!!!!

  3. Adam says:

    He is delusional…. can’t be taken seriously.

  4. nowwhat says:

    Ya he mainly just use his size to over power people. Since everyone he fight’s is like half his size.

  5. Einstein says:

    Thats like saying Usain Bolt isnt a good runner.. He just has long legs and takes longers steps then the others.. Ofc Jones can punch and kick.. Look what he did to Rashad..

    Is “Master” Seagal a better actor than Adam Sandler? No .. I dont think so..

  6. Yeas says:

    Physical attributes are as important as technique. You can’t discount Jones wins because they lack technique. He wins, that is the bottom line.

    • Josh says:

      Not discounting his wins, just that his striking is so brilliant. It’s rather rudimentary. Very sloppy, but he can get away with it because of his arm length. His kicks are weak and mostly uses them to keep ppl away because he knows that he has a glass chin. He is not a fighter’s fighter but I say win how you can win. Just don’t say his skills are so great. Just his gameplans

  7. PunchingThroughYourHead says:

    Apparently Mr. Seagal didn’t see the left hand that knocked Machida on his face just before he was choked out by Bones.

  8. John says:

    When are people going to realize that technique has little to do with winning? Jones might kick “like shit”, but those kicks FUCK people up! And that’s because he has unreal timing. Did you see the kick he through that ruined Rampage’s knee? It was just a mediocre kick, but he through it at just the right time, when Rampage had his weight on it and was coming forward. Bam, fucked his knee up right there. Rampage said he was so frustrated about that.

    You don’t NEED to have unbelievably clean, crisp, fast, uber incredible technique, you just have to read your opponent, use your advantages competently, land it well/at the right time – and presto – you’re fucking someones day up. This isn’t a Kata competition, it’s fighting, and only winning matters. Sloppy or not, Jones knows what he’s doing. He had a gut for fighting, an impeccable instinct that is undeniable, which results in an extremely high success rate when he attempts something. And in a fight; that supersedes everything. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    • Bo says:

      Dude if you’re going to have a take then learn to spell, it’s threw not through. Fishing line goes through the eye in a hook. I threw a punch. What segal is saying is that Jon jones doesn’t throw technically sound punches. Did he say he’s a bad fighter? No not at all he said he doesn’t throw good punches and kicks. And honestly he doesn’t. That doesn’t make him a bad fighter he’s a beast and segal knows that too. What he’s really trying to say is jones come see me and I’ll make u a better striker than silva. Silva throws solid everything. Did that right hand on Forrest look half as brutal as the one rampage landed on him in the first round of their fight? No way, but it finished the job because he knows how to put all the force at the moment of impact. Good take I like what you’re coming with but everything has spell check even phones so cmon, and b don’t make assumptions like segal is saying he’s a bad fighter. Take the words for what they mean not what they could mean.

    • Adam says:

      Wow! You mount a convincing case….. But you lost all credibility when you used the word “through” multiple times- instead of “threw”!


    • Kudos on your insightful post. A great read. I agree. I believe Jones has the will and desire to BECOME a great fighter. At this point he is very strong with the tools that he does possess.

  9. jbeamazing says:

    that’s why he knocked Lyoto down with a right hand then taped him standing on the cage listen Seagal has never even had a real fight I know he has some black belts from 30 years ago but bj penn would kill Seagal even tho Seagal is like 6’6. The gym or dojo isn’t the same as the octogon or ring watch cesar gracie’s fights lol

  10. Darnell J. says:

    Uhm Seagal’s opinion is important why? I think he is still salty b.c. Jon Jones wouldn’t take consultation from him before a fight. You can ‘t be salty about a guy respecting his camp and staying in his zone. There is no telling what this guy wouldn’t have told Jones and possibly would have distracted him from his game plan.
    I think Seagal just needs to lean back and concern. Steven Seagal has had lapses of reality before in his movie career and in comments made to the public. I think it is time he step in the ring with someone and show us why his criticism of any fighter matters… or just shut the hell up…

  11. John says:

    Ugh… *threw*.. I’ve been up for 36 hours..

  12. Brend0magic says:

    No one can kick like the Master.

  13. Beast says:

    He Just Wants Some Press Because He Cant Make A Good Movie

    • spis firm says:

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  14. LowProRocker says:

    If I was Jones I would tell Mr. Seagal one thing… Atleast I don’t run like a girl!! Haha lol Lmao roflmao lol ha!!

  15. Dee says:

    This is my problem with MMA fans today they have no respect for martial artists. They’re only in it for the hype and the barbaric nature of the sport. If you are a true technician you would completely understand where he is coming from. Take a way Jon Jones reach and he probably would have never gotten past Rampage or Shogun. He has tremendous skills, but he’s lacking in some areas. Bob Sapp beat Ernesto Hoost. Does that make him technically more sound than Ernesto?

    • well said brotha man says:

      thank you for a post that actually involved using logic!!!!

    • STAND says:

      I see your point…but to say he only wins because he is big is kinda lame, he’s not that big, he is tall and he uses it…what else is he supposed to do. Its apart of his package…you also must remember that he is still growing in the sport,,,He wasn’t practicing martial arts as a child…so of course he lacks some technique but that shouldn’t take away from his ability to beat people in the octagon.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      @Dee – this is the perfect example of a ‘martial art” nerd. In love with the moves and the choreography of it all!! This is Seagal and all these other spongebob karatee nerds that do all these katas. Its dancing and NOT fighting. Fighting is a whole different animal. And in fighting, technique is a subset of effectiveness. EFFECTIVENESS is the most important aspect of a mma fight, street fight, etc. NOT technique. What Jones has is great EFFECTIVENESS to his game and therefore, his technique is perfect for Jones. These nerds that got their blackbelts from sandy cheeks NEVER seem to amaze me with their stupidity….smh…

      • Xaninho says:

        This from a guy who actually believes laying on another guy means you’re ‘winning’ a fight….

      • Xaninho says:

        This fomr a guy who actually believes laying on another guy means you’re ‘winning’ a fight.

      • Xaninho says:

        You really do not understand that throwing strikes with proper technique makes your striking game more effective?

        He’s doing pretty good already, just imagine how hard he could hit if he polished up on his striking.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Efficiency and effectiveness are different. No?? There is physics and mechanics involved in doing anything, BUT each individual is UNIQUE. Therefore, technique is unique to that individual. I would argue that Jones “technique” is perfect and effective. Maybe HIS technique is what everybody should be practicing because it is so effective??? You and nerds like Seagal think to damn much when it comes to fighting. Technique is ALWAYS a subset of effectiveness. I would say Hominick and Kampmann have very good boxing technique. Hominick, exposed Aldo’s weaknesses but he still lost because Aldo was better effective in fighting that time. Kampmann has good technique and won his last two fights because he has heart when he was losing both of those fights and pulled out a win. It WAS NOT his technique that won those fights. It was his effectiveness in fighting that did it.

          Technique DOES NOT lead at all in a fight. I’ve seen great strikers get all f’up listening to some know nothing bb drilling technique in the striking. Technique is only good when you are doing these stupid kata dance moves for these idiot judges. The first time I saw this in high school, I walked out in disgust over these idiots and their katas.

        • Xaninho says:

          His ‘technique’ is useless to anyone else, because normal peple don’t have his freak reach to compensate.

          I understand and even agree when you say that having great technique on it’s own doesn’t win you fights.

          I was beating up black belts who did some great looking Hyungs (same as kata but Korean) back when I was just a blue belt. The belt on itself doesn’t even say anything about how good of a fighter somebody is.

          But still whenever I see Jones throwing strikes I KNOW he can do much better. No matter how many fights he’s winning, he can do even better if he works on his striking.

  16. Ben says:

    Why are people interviewing this clown? Who cares what he has to say?

  17. STAND says:

    If im not mistaken jones fights at 205 right? Yeah he’s tall but he doesn’t really have a hulking build, he’s almost a string bean…he is just a freak athlete with dangerous elbows and wrestling….shut up and beat him….

  18. Chris Heinz says:

    Machida may very well have better technique then Jones, he’s also been practicing martial arts longer by a lot. But that doesn’t mean that Jones cannot punch or kick. Its not all strength in what he does he has good technique just Machidas is better. That being said Machida’s skill set is different. More karate with Jones being more mauy tai.

    • KIDD433 says:

      That call that rediculous skilless shit striking Jones uses muay thai.its nothing close.his shit striking has only been effective because of his freek reach advantage on all of his opponents…We will never see Hes really capable of until he moves to HW.which he wont,he prefers to stay at 205 where Hes safe and continúe to bully much smaller fighters.

  19. Schweez says:

    Jones is a pretty big guy he is about 240 to 245 in camp about 234 to 237. He was just as big as rampage and rashad at the weigh ins. He has already cleaned up that division move up if you wanna be the best. He doesn’t want to move up idc what the reports said that was all hype if he wanted to move up he would. Dos Santos would destroy him in under 2 minutes and that’s a fact.

  20. MMApersonaljesus says:

    Jones has a crazy reach, and is very athletic. If people have a problem with him being too big for his division, then you have to have a problem with weightcuts in general.
    Look at fighters fighting at 155 and 170 weighing as much as middleweights, it’s the same thing.

  21. Yeah right man says:

    I have always agreed. He a physical freak to be that big and strong and be able to weigh in at 205, it would be hard to have textbook technique when you are that rangey. But swing him in the ring with Hendo is going to open the eyes of even the most closed minded Joned fanboys. The guy is too big for the division and something needs to be done about people who cut this much weight (the lightweight division is full of these guys too.)

  22. Yeah right man says:

    And 6’4? He’s pretty much 6’5 I’m 6’3 and he towers above me.

  23. truths says:

    When a 8th degree blackbelt says someone can’t punch and kick…i am inclined to believe him. Just like when Freddy Roach says Anderson Silva is the best boxer in Mma and people say he does not know what he is talking about

    • Pat Sagack says:

      I feel the same way, but one thing when the fuk did Roach say Silva is the best boxer in mma. Last I heard from Freddy he was saying GSP was the best and is constantly improving and that at this point he would be very competative in boxing. I might have to look into this unless you can supply a link to the article

  24. stemm says:

    Jones is sloppy and has shitty technique but he is a heavyweight size fighter who towers over everyone and has a frealishly long reach over everyone and he can cut enough weight to make light heavyweight I mean look at any of his fights hes a huge guy beating smaller people thats not impressive at all infact I think hes to scared to fight people his own size or he would be fighting heavyweights Jones is a pussy I bet almost all heavyweights would beat his ass he only looks good fighting smaller people thats not impressive at all just watch hendo is going to handle this guy like he did fedor

  25. stephen riddle says:

    The grandmaster would own all of u show some respect hes like big country times 100 hes a fat dude that will kick your ass aikodo is nothing to play with.

  26. bk says:

    Didn’t he drop Lyoto twice standing? How do you drop someone with a punch that doesn’t land well? And he opened his face up with an elbow. How do you open someone’s face up with a strike that doesn’t land well?
    Ridiculous. I understand that Steven wants to defend his fighter, but the proof is in the fight. Plus Steven has never trained with Jones once as far as i know.
    These comments are sadly comical and desperate.

  27. Bjj BB says:

    What funny about what he’s saying about jones is, really the only one that looked good fighting machida was shogun, every1 looks bad when they can’t hit machida. Then I’m laughing harder cause he’s talking shit about a guy who caught machida to set up the choke and win the fight, so how is he talking shit in the 1st place? he teaches silva the up kick, then silva lands it on belfort, and now all of a sudden he thinks he’s gods gift to mma? sounds a lil salty to me cause silva is only champ and not machida cause he lost to a guy who can’t punch and kick right? buwaaaaaahahahahahahaha take yo fat face the fuck out of here you washed up actor tryna make a living of real fighters!!!

  28. B-rad says:

    not at all says master meatloaf

  29. jones says:

    this fat pussy is going talk about kikking or punching???? seagal can kik you knee only;;;he aint kicker or puncher,..he does bullshit movie joint locks an shit b boring,,,,but he is right about jones

  30. Mike b says:

    Where the fuck do u come from?OMGGGGG!!!.dude calm down.its his fucking reach it’s so obvious.if u really watch his fights u can even see that he keeps his opponents at bay very well.which means they can’t hit him.which means he has long reach.i see ur point though,he destroyed shogun.DAMMNN!

  31. e says:

    wow a thread all about a bunch of butt hurt bitches and spelling queers.. same shit different day

    • joseph says:


      all this crying about Jones being a HW? he makes LHW therefore he IS LHW. he’s not huge he’s just tall. If he walks into the ring with an overwhelming weight advantage I’d like to see some sources cited.

      Tim Sylvia was tall and that didn’t last long even when the talent pool wasn’t nearly as deep as it is now. With all due respect, it doesn’t matter if it’s pretty Mr. Seagal. Dogmatic adherence to technique prohibits growth. If it works it works. If he’s not the best, someone will eventually beat him. Until such time here in the real world where Mr. Jones and I live, he’s the champ.

      For the record I’m not even a fan, but don’t drink hatorade either.

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Shut the fuck up u cock sucking faggot. If you already know about it then why the fuck are you here? Get off this page if u have a problem you cock sucking homo.

  32. Pancho says:

    Seagal only says this bullshit cause he knows Andersons scared of Jones and won’t fight him

  33. DMAC says:

    Actor talking about what reigning champion is doing, only in brazil..

    • Todd May says:

      What a ridiculous bunch of non-sense. How can he say Jones isn’t a better fighter? H
      e was choked out Standing UP in the 2nd round. He couldn’t even manage to beat an aging Rampage Jackson. he’s nothing more than a fringe contender at this point.

      • Josh says:

        You say “UP” like its so special… His back was against the cage, talk to me when he chokes somebody out standing in the middle of the octagon. Please get off of Jones’ crotch.

  34. Game says:

    Even though I agree why does steven seaguls opinion matter

  35. B-rad says:

    his opinion would matter…..if you were practicing aikido (lame) other than that, you might as well have betty white saying “i think bones needs to shorten up his punches”

  36. Cody says:

    Hes just speaking the truth u don’t have to be a master mma trainer to see jbj biggest strength is his size and strength look at his legs he has practically no muscle mass on them and still has to cut like 30 I remember I a couple months ago he was standing next to Charles Barkley and shaq he looked big enough to play basketball with them I think all people r crying about is its not fun to watch someone bully people he’s gotta be one of the biggest lhw in the world

  37. KnowItAll says:

    To the guy asking about Freddie Roach’s best mma boxer comment…here is Roach’s top 5 MMA boxers.

    1. Silva
    2. GSP
    3. BJ Penn
    4. Nick Diaz
    5. KJ Noons

  38. Tsimanga says:

    Funny how people say stuff like “Why does Seagals opinion matter” “Why would anybody care what he would have to say”

    I mean excuse me, but this site and many other filled with people who sit on their computers and give their opinions on MMA and they expect people to listen to them…. but NOT listen the Seagal who has done and seen more in martial arts and combat than 99.9999% of people in the world.

    Bottom line – his opinion is at the very least, ten times more relevant than any of yours.

    • mike says:

      except for Seagal has never competed in combat sports not 1 time. Just because a guy beats off for 30 years dont make him a porn star. Seagal practices a fake martial art in front of a mirror and thinks that makes him a pro fighter. Hes a delusional fat old actor who pretends to do what jon jones really does.

  39. domp says:

    IM glad most everyone agreeing with segal is retarded. Jones Isis the best he lands theost unpredictabe shots in MMA, more than Anderson. MMA isn’t about just technical striking, otherwise everyone would learn to technically strike, Jones kicks are always dead on and effectiveand yes he’s better thanachida obviously he choked him unconscious

  40. BJ is KING says:

    jones is a true professional, but his striking is a bit sloppy although he knows how to use his size, speed, reach (especially reach) and has good accuracy. He can cut weight, he will never come into a fight tired and gassed, and he has the right gameplan. So alot of things count against machida, i thought machida needed more time as he had just come off a loss from shogun and rampage (he did beat couture but randy was past his best). I think it will be interesting if machida builds a bit of pace, i certainly thought machida would of won if he was champion and fought jones (confidence of machida).

  41. pokers says:

    Im not a bones fan but i just hate SS comments maybe he is angry because his guy got choked and fell on the floor like a pig. no power and technique he said but very effective,the most important thing is the outcome he got beaten and finished not in a controversial boring way. better luck next time

  42. seminalcacti says:

    why even talk about jon jones. He’s not a relevant topic anymore after Alexander Gustafsson beat him.

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