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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 12:15 pm

Puff Puff Pass: California to Allow Therapeutic Marijuana Use

By Mark Carillo:

Today, the California State Athletic Commission voted to approve an amendment that would allow therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for fighters that are in need of the very controversial testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as well as medicinal marijuana.

However, before Nick Diaz and Alistar Overeem get to celebrating they should know, the amendment still has not been approved, and could take months or even years to be approved if it even does happen.

Of course, the fighters must be prescribed the marijuana or approved of the need for TRT by a doctor that. The state of Nevada has given a TUE to fighters in the past such as Dan Henderson when he fought Shogun at UFC 139; Henderson was determined to be in need of testosterone.

George Dodd, the CSAC executive officer has said that that particular case will be somewhat of a blueprint for California’s testing. The fighters would be required to check their testosterone levels multiple times prior to fights, and will need to provide extensive medical history in order to be approved for a TUE. Only after the amendment is passed by the Department of Consumer Affairs and the state’s Office of Administrative Law will it officially be passed. This will be interesting to see how fighters and promoters would react if the amendment was passed.