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Thursday, 11/21/2013, 08:34 am

Cain Velasquez Won’t Need Surgery For Shoulder Injury, But Upcoming Title Fight Still On Hold

It seems UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will not need surgery to heal an injured shoulder he sustained in his trilogy fight against Junior Dos Santos.

An MRI after his Dos Santos fight confirmed the injury, but being unsure to the extent of the injury left Velasquez wondering how he should go about treating it.

Following a second MRI, Velasquez’s doctor realized the champion has a torn labrum in his left shoulder, which requires rehabilitation to return to full functionality.

Velasquez spoke to “UFC Tonight” on Wednesday, and confirmed he needed rehab, but does not need surgery. Velasquez said he plans to talk to his doctor in the upcoming weeks to determine how long he will need to rehab his injury.

Unfortunately for Velasquez, this puts his planned title fight against Fabricio Werdum on hold, and because he is still waiting to know how long his recovery will last, it is unclear when the fight will occur.


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