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Monday, 03/25/2013, 10:08 am

Cain Velasquez Says His Body Proves He’s An All Natural Fighter | UFC NEWS


With the UFC’s recent cut of heavyweight fighter, Lavar Johnson, who failed his UFC 157 post-fight drug test with testosterone levels consistent with steroid use, the Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) debates have opened once again.  In a recent interview with, UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, denounced PED’s and advocated for fighters to remain all-natural.


“There’s rules out there,” Velasquez said.  “We all need to follow the same rules.  Me, I’m a natural athlete.  I think all my competitors should be the same.  We should be all equal.  Nobody should have an advantage like that on their side.  You can [tell] by looking [at me].  Me and Daniel [Cormier] were talking about- I forgot who were saying it, but it was two guys, they were trying to think  of the two guys that they think, for sure, are not on steroids or anything.  The only ones they could come up with we[re] me and Daniel.  Just by looking at us, you can tell that we don’t do anything.”


He went on to express his support of increasing testing, including blood tests and random testing.  “For sure,” he explained, “I’m all for that.  Being natural, I think, is the best way to be even on the playing field… That’s why we have the testing and everything.  It’s a good thing.  Hopefully that side of it grows more and more, where people get caught beforehand.  People will just stop eventually using because the know that if they are, they’ll get caught.”


Wedged inside the PED and TRT debate is the question of marijuana as a banned substance.  A number of fighters, more recently UFC welterweight Nick Diaz and former UFC fighters Matt Riddle and Alex Caceres, have been suspended for testing positive for marijuana or marijuana metabolites in their systems.  On this, the UFC heavyweight champ responded that “It’s a thing of where they draw the line.  What’s illegal and what’s not as far as a substance” is up to the athletic commissions.
In any case, Velasquez has remained an advocate of fighting without the use of banned supplements.  “When we both are natural going in, it’ll be the best guy that wins,” he concluded.


Cain Velasquez won his UFC belt back from Junior Dos Santos at UFC 155.  He is set to defend the title in a rematch against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 160 on May 25.


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  1. kingkong says:

    yeah just take a look at barnett, he looks sooo clean and tested positive soooo many times

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I’m pretty aure Roy Nelson is all natural too….

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I’ve been around some fat ass’ that were juicing to the hilt. They just didn’t have a clean diet. Very high caloric.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    yeah body dynamics tell some of the story, but not everything. Beer drinkin’ roiders turn into irreversible fat fucks. it’s funny to see. they juice up thinking their going to look like Hercules & windup up looking like a tub of shit. hahaha

  5. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Everyone’s already said what needs to be said; body type doesn’t prove whether someone is roiding or not (though it can often give helpful hints as we’ve seen).

    So, that’s more of a cop out excuse than evidence, though I actually believe Cain saying he’s clean…

  6. GET RID OF NATE "The Cheat" (forever) says:

    Its amazing how many fans have aleays given Mir a pass for being a ROIDER. Mir as much of a ROIDER as Carwin.

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