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Saturday, 12/01/2012, 11:03 am

Cain Velasquez: “Nobody is better than me, especially Junior dos Santos” | UFC NEWS

“The whole reason I’m here to fight now is to be the best, to be the champ. That’s the only thing that I want is the belt, and to keep it, keep defending it. I’m going to go in there and just take what’s mine.”

“I’m going to prove I’m the best when I take my belt back. There’s nobody better than me, especially Junior dos Santos.”


25 Responses to “Cain Velasquez: “Nobody is better than me, especially Junior dos Santos” | UFC NEWS”

  1. krafty11 says:

    Sorry to say Cain, but JDS is the best. He knocked your a-s out..

    • ShawnRyanBrown says:

      Please Cain….. That’s why he finished you in the first round the only one who has a chance against JDS is Jon jones if he moves up to heavyweight… And how come Cain didn’t have to fight Shane carwin?

      • yeahrightman says:

        Bones Jones Vs Dos Santos? JDS is the best boxer in MMA by a long way, you can’t go and try and use rangey kicks and elbows against a guy like that. You try for a head kick you had better be god damn fast about it or you are opening up for a serious counter. Maybe if his hands improve OUT OF SIGHT, or he roids bigger than overeem, then he’s got a chance, but he’s never fought a powerful boxer who is comparable in reach to him. Infact he’s never fought a powerful boxer at all. He fought rampage who was old, and lets be honest rampage although he does posses KO power, his boxing technique has been shown up before. He stands too straight and doesn’t move enough in and out, or side to side for that matter. The best striker Jones has faced was Machida, but he’s got limited reach and is more of a kick boxer which is good for Jones, ideal really, cos that’s what Jones is and he’s just bigger and longer and more dangerous. The worst possible match for Jones is a big powerful hand striker with epic take-down defense. Anyway, point made.

    • Sicc1 says:

      First off Cain will be champion once again! He is the better overall fighter! Last time was a good lucky shot Cain did stick to the plan. He tried to box a boxer and that’s a no no, this time will be different and every one will see December 29th!!!! Cain will be a UFC champion once again!!! Take down ground and pound!!!

  2. IT is says:

    That is how you start a fight.

    • yeahrightman says:

      Cain had his chance. JDS was scared last time, he admitted it after. He is not scared of him anymore and will come out better and this time will box him good. That last one was just a clip with the side of the hand, not even a real clean connection with the knuckles. If he couldn’t recover from that he is in serious trouble if he gets a knuckle on the chin……

  3. BJJJB says:

    Not sure how Cain came to this conclusion.. He knocked you out once and chin is the one thing you can’t improve in 12 months.

    JDS will repeat last years performance and then move on to knock out Alistair Over-roid

    • CAIN!!! says:

      cain’s chin is tried and tested though the back of his ear has failed him.can’t you see that chin when he said there’s no one better than him? that’s enough for you to believe.

  4. Jarrod says:

    Cain will win jds landed a lucky shot last time

    • cool story bro says:

      Lol, and just about every other fight he’s knocked people out in have also been lucky shots too eh?

      • No, kook... says:

        the punch JDS landed on Cain was a fluke.
        Cain, coming off an injury and layoff, wasn’t near 100%.
        We will find out very soon. Cain will win.

        • krafty11 says:

          you sir, are an idiot of the highest order.. JDS was injured as well in that fight and still managed to KO Cain even with a gimpy knee..

        • Ohhhh Cheesy one (yeah, you Kraft boy) says:

          if JDS loses (and he will) you come over to my place that very morning, say 3am, and…..

          put your **** where your mouth is.

          think about it…think about it..

  5. the dude says:

    cain would fucking DESTROY jon jones.

  6. Josh fan of game fighters says:

    That’s the hype I like to hear!

    Avoid the KO and throw JDS around! Unless you get knocked out first…

    In that case you would go down to the sound of applause. Either way I love both fighters for their willingness to FIGHT!

  7. both good says:

    both awesome fighters but junior dominates everyone he fights

    • everyone? says:

      he has a loss! how did he DOMINATE everyone he fought but yet have one loss? “oh, he dominated the first minute and twelve seconds, but was submitted in the final second!”

      you, ma’am, are an

  8. confucius says:

    im never amazed by the amount of idiots that are UFC fans. cain is one of the best, JDS is the best. If by some miracle cain goes from a glass jaw to a granite chin then perhaps he has a chance. if you want to talk statistics, when you win any belt and lose it…98% chance youre never winning it back. Lets count how many have done that…Couture, GSP & ?? I dont really count Mir but if you wanna get technical maybe.

  9. josh says:

    this is ridiculous, he just got KO’d and still has the guts to say this sh*t…

    • by dana says:

      the reason why cain said that is because it’s written in the script. dana white wrote it and cain is a company man so he didn’t mind. though i believe him still.

  10. Cain Velasquez will be the UFC HW Champ says:

    on Dec 29 2012.


  11. ACE says:

    STFU about Cain’s Chin! He took all those shots Behind the Ear NOT the chin!! WEEK back of the Head NOT Chin!! CAIN will Make JDS BLEED!!!

  12. Everyone said Machida had a ground game says:

    but against Jones, Machida gave it up on the ground quicker than a college coed in Cancun during Spring Break.

    JDS will be the same. He is awesome standing up. But if Cain takes him down, it’s over. Cain by TKO.

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