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Thursday, 10/25/2012, 09:04 am

Cain Velasquez: Cormier Would Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

“I think [Cormier] wants to drop down [to light heavyweight].He’s been wanting that fight with Jon Jones for a while now. We’ve definitely talked about it. [When] he does come into the UFC, he can make 205 [pounds]. He’s heavy right now. He’s like 240 [pounds] right now. But, you know, we’ll clean up his diet really good, because the way his diet is, it isn’t the cleanest. He’s going to have to work a little bit at it, for sure. He just has to do it smart. The diet needs to be on-point. He can’t be messing around with that kind of stuff. I think he can do it. He’d beat him. He’s fast. He’s powerful. He has the best wrestling out there. I think he beats him wherever they’re at.”

At a recent media luncheon, former UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez discussed the potential match up between his teammate and Strikeforce champ Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones.

While Cormier may currently sit atop the Strikeforce heavyweight ladder, he has a few pounds to spare around the midsection and according to Cain should be able to meet Jones in the UFC’s 205 pound division.

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33 Responses to “Cain Velasquez: Cormier Would Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    Cain you are the man and i respect your school of thought but nobody is going to beat JBJ for a long long time, unless he fights Anderson Silva.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I have the opposite opinion here, I think Cormier could beat Jones at 205lb, he has great hands, better wrestling than Jones, he loses on reach but his lower center of gravity would help him on the take downs, Jones hasn’t faced a a guy with this caliber of wrestling because it doesn’t exist in the UFC.

      On the other hand I think Jones would beat Silva, he’s too big and would dominate him with wrestling in the same way Sonnen did in the first fight or rd 1 of the rematch. The difference is the damage Jones inflicts when he’s on top of you is enormous, Silva wouldn’t get up after that.

      It’s just my opinion, hopefully as fans we’ll get to see both these fights happen….

      • TheTude says:

        As far as the Cormier vs Jones just scroll down a bit for more details on my opinon, As for Jones vs Silva, No matter what Greg Jackson says Jones will never be anywhere close to the caliber of striker that Silva is. Anderson Silva is a modern day Bruce Lee except with a chin like iron. I would expect a fight with jones to be alot like the 2nd fight with Chael. Jones wouuld know he has know chance standing with the Spider so he would get a couple takedowns, Silva would slip out wait for an opening and knock Jon bones the fuck out! Silva is just sooo damn good that nobody on this planet can comprehend it so i guess i cant explain it either,

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          I agree, I don’t think Jones will ever be able to match or better Silva’s striking. Silva is amongst the elite strikers ever, he would have destroyed Bruce Lee, but then again if Bruce Lee was around today he couldn’t win a single fight in the 155lb division…Martial arts for movies is different from real life.

          When I watched Silva humiliate Bonnar, I was like shit maybe he would have a chance against JBJ, but I stick by it, even know I think Silva is the best pound 4 pound fighter ever. JBJ would win this fight 9 times out of 10 with wrestling and the most lethal gnp the sport has ever seen. Lets hope we see it.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Cormier beats JOnes 10 out 10 fights but I doubt Greg jackson will let him fight Cormier and there aint a damn thing Dana White can do a bout it just like when Jones ruined UFC 151. Greg Jackson calls the shots not Dana White. Yes Dana will tell you he does but we all saw who makes the final decision on who JOnes fights. WE fans will never get to see Cormier or Teixeira beat the hell out of JOnes

      • This is just getting SAD says:

        If Cormier cuts to 205 and wins 1 fight, Dana will give him the shot at the title. Jones will get 3 months to prepare and then Bang, it’s on. If Jones gets “injured” during training, the interim belt would go to whoever wins out of Cormier and Jones’ replacement. There’s no way Jones is dodging this fight if Cormier makes weight. Listen and learn don’t just flap Garbage opinions you don’t know much about.

  2. Clay says:

    Idk man. Jbj is so young still. Even if he were to lose he would still have like 15 years of fighting. Lol. Plus u can’t win a fight based on wrestling alone (not saying wrestling sucks) but you
    Have to use strikes or submissions to win

  3. jbeamazing says:

    DC would own bones it’s not like there is a chance in hell jon can take him down and dc has better hands cain is right

    • TheTude says:

      Comier would never be able to get inside jons reach. I dont think a lot of people understand how much of a of an advantage an 84 1/2 inch reach is. The longest reach in boxing history was 85 1/2 and that goes back to like 1915. Lennox Lewis only has 84″ along with stephan struve. Nobody utilizes their reach better than Jon Jones he is rocking a 13 1/2 inch advantage over Comier. Like i said, NOBODY is going to beat Jones for a long long time.

      • Seven30 says:

        Actually, Jones doesn’t use his reach NEARLY as effectively as he could. He keeps people at a distance with his kicks more than his jab, so the 84.5 inch reach doesn’t come into play as often as people like to discuss the advantage of it. If Jones developed a technically effective jab & improved his striking defense, he’d be virtually unstoppable. His jab sucks. I see consistent improvement fight by fight though.

        • searstradamus says:

          your so wrong.. bones best asset is his short bows.. his reach allows his elbows to be equal to a normal figther fully extended .. and elbows cause 10x the damage .. his name should be jon bows jones , even ludacris would be proud the way bones ” throw dem bows”

        • Pkq says:

          @sears no one will ever take you seriously if you don’t even know jon BONES jones nick name and your tryin to spew facts about him.

      • DMAC says:

        I like your LOGIC thetude! Finally someone coming with facts instead of just talking out their a**..

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Reach won’t matter with Cormier he has been taking out dudes twice his size his entire life and Jones will snap like a twig when Cormier grabs those TOOTHPICKS JOnes calls his legs and put him on his back and pound him out. However Cormier will just take him out on his feet and won’t even need his wrestling

  4. The Dentist says:

    I wish everyone would STFU about Cormier. Hes beat Bigfoot & Barnett, That is the only 2 even worth mentioning who he has beat. This guy will not beat Jon Jones or even last a round with Jon Jones. PPl give Weidmann shit for only beating 2 top 10 guys this guy is a fucking joke

  5. ballsackface says:

    this is a spread
    they are doing it so AKA do not have too many fighters at top level competing for HW as cain is already there and if he wins cormier would have trouble fighting him as a close team mate in HW
    this is tactical as cormier is a small HW

    he could beat jones though, i like how jones fights but cormier is quicker. im not sure he could handle him for 5 rounds though, if it went 5 jbj would take it

  6. ya herd says:

    we have not seen enough of jones yet everybody calm down hes still got a long time to go to be considerd the best ever.. Silva has the best movement by any type of fighter i have seen… and he clowns fighters when hes fighting… for a guy to be that cocky and sure of himself in the biggest postion u could be in, in mma its just crazy anderson silva is a freak fighter.. The reason he lets people punch him is that he knows how to moves his head with the punches he could let JDS tee of on him and he wouldnt ko him

    • allmightysandman says:

      LOL… i was with ya until the rubbish at the end about JDS not being able to KO him if he was allowed to tee off on him. (and “…he lets people hit him.) That’s just silly too.

      • Not You says:

        It’s a fact mate. Watch some of his fights. He’s notorious for taking shots. Hands down tool punches from Hendo. Took shots from Bader, took hard ground and pound from a training partner. Not many people understand what they are watching when Anderson fights, they see a “guy doing cool moves”. They don’t see his slips, they way he turns his whole body with his opponents punches, they way he stays perfectly out of range against even that fastest strikers (Belfort), and flat out can avoid and dodge most strikes people through. His laser accuracy with all strikes, not just his hands. The man is the best striker in MMA history, and Jones will take his rightful seat beside him.

  7. Wowzers says:

    Most of you crack me up. I mean you’re, “Certain” DC would beat Jones huh? Lol.. I think DC has the best chance of beating him besides Anderson(never gonna happen though). But I don’t think he would 100% win the fight hands down… Lol. Jones is a beast. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete and utter moron. You’re comparing the #2/#3(GSP can be argued as the 2nd best) fighter in the WORLD… To an up-and-comer.. Don’t get me wrong, I think DC is amazing and I want Jones and DC to fight really, really bad. But do I think DC will win? I think he has a chance. But Jones is a very SMART fighter.. He will do anything and everything to stay away from DC’s take downs, he’ll probably do what he did to Rashad and maintain his distance while throwing those NASTY elbows.. DC has QUICK hands though so it’s going to be an interesting fight. Can’t wait for it. I’d still put my money on Jones.

  8. neto_2011 says:

    i totally agree i like DC’s chances

  9. BT says:

    I dont know if DC beats Jones, but it is a matchup i would love to see.

  10. jonjonesnuthugger says:

    God you Jon Jones haters a brainless. Daniel Cormier stands no chance. Heres why:

    1) Sure, Daniel Cormier is undfeated… in strikeforce LOL. People forget how much better fighters are in the UFC than in strikeforce. Its almost as bad as comparing a team from AND1 to a team from the NBA. There is no one on his record that is even close to the caliber of Jon Jones opponents.

    2) He has quick hands… but then again, so did Rashad, Vitor, Machida, and Rampage. (all of them are better strikers than Cormier btw) Like in all of his previous fights against these legends, Jon Jones will find a way to neutralize DCs attacks til he is just standing in front of him, helpless.

    If you just stepped back a bit and remove the hate filter from your vision, you would see that Jon Jones is untouchable. DC lacks the experience against competant fighters and the means to even get close to Jon Jones. Jones is just too smart of a fighter to be pulled into a battle of “quicker hands” or “who can take down who first.” Lets face it, thats why he has defended his belt 4 times and on his way to a fifth. Deal with it.

    • Pkq says:

      If you would move back and pull jon jones nuts out of you face you would realize that there is no 100% predictable outcome for any MMA fight. Some people defend there favorite fighters on here like they are fucking blood related. Get over yourself you don’t know anything you posted for a fact. It is all 100% speculation.

      You also need to get rid of the mentality that any fighter is untouchable, no fighter will ever be untouchable.

    • MooreUSMC says:

      You ever heard of the Olympics? You know best in the world and all that. That’s where Cormier has competed. He was team captain as a matter of fact. You think jones is unstoppable but that’s ignorant. No one is unstoppable. DC can beat JBJ. Will he? Who knows until they fight. On the other hand JBJ can beat DC as well. You guys that KNOW already please let me borrow you’d time machine. I’ll go fix all the terrible mistakes I made as a kid you guys can have future MMA I’ll wait it out.

  11. 11thhour says:

    jones would loose to most people bigger than him.

  12. 123 says:

    Nahh.. Jon Jones Is A Proven Monster, No1 Can Stop Him.

  13. lanceohman says:

    Jones would not beat the spider… Silva would submit him..

  14. Make me Crazy says:

    What ever.. But he Def. His Titel now 4 Time is on the Way to Nr.5 …. But 4 me hes still at 3 & i’ll say ok its a New Record in the ufc if he Beats 2 other Real LHW… No disrespect to Vitor but this was on Short n. & he was a MW now Long Time.. & Sonnen… lol.. I mean Comon… & yeah its right DC could Beat JBJ like anybody can do.. But the Question. Is what than..? I’ll Tell you… Its like GSP & M. Sera or Matt H. He Would Thake tha Belt in a REMATCH with DC i think… So at this time hes the man but how i say he Must Fight more LHW & i Wanna See a REMATCH with Lyoto M. & he Need to fight Dan H. (i want him to Fight bouth of them..) & Maybe TeX. & A. Gustafson… Wie will See what happend in the end of 2013 & 2014…. Couse hes next Fight is April 2013 & After 2m. He could Fight again if there is anyone… If Not Maybe wait 1 or 2m. Longer… So i think he will Not have that many Fights like this Year.. We will see what happend…

  15. Derek says:

    Agree totally with The Tude and JohnJonesnuthuger!
    BTW – Anderson Silva is the only person capable of beating John in my view just saying…

  16. GRT 3000 says:

    What is with Cormier suddenly being a contender at 205 for Jones?! He drops to LHW from Strikeforce and he figures he’s next in line now?! I agree he’s a great fighter, but hold your shit there guy – there is a long list of LHW’s that have been EARNING there way through the division that he needs to deal with first. FACK! see what goofs like Chael bring to the sport! It’s open season now on talking shit to a title shot.

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