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Wednesday, 02/06/2013, 10:37 am

Cain Unsure Who’s Next For Summer Return, Won’t Fight Cormier | UFC NEWS

“I would not fight [Daniel Cormier]. He’s my coach, teammate and my friend.”

In true Cain style, the champ kept it short and sweet when asked about a potential matchup between himself and Daniel Cormier.

This comes out of last night’s “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV.

Anyone think the two should put friendship aside and fight?


10 Responses to “Cain Unsure Who’s Next For Summer Return, Won’t Fight Cormier | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Cormier is going to 205. He can’t stay in HW as long as Cain is the champ apparently. I don’t think he will stay in HW without having a chance to fight for the title.

  2. PacManK says:

    He couldn’t cut it as a HW in the UFC anyway. Moving down a class is his only option at POSSIBLY winning a few fights anyway.

  3. car dee oh says:

    If Cormier doesn’t take the LHW’s down he’ll want to fight for the belt at heavyweight. It’s not up to Cain who he fights; he’s the champ and like the GSP with Mcdonald he should be prepared to fight the best guys regardless.

  4. 123 says:

    cain velasquez vs either.. roy nelson, stefan struve, mark hunt, bigfoot 2 or junior dos santos 3 would be good

  5. fight fan says:

    Velasquez vs Hunt would be a great fight. otherwise Josh Barnett if he signs with UFC.

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