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Wednesday, 01/22/2014, 06:35 am

CagePotato Writer Details Giving Matt Riddle Weed before Second Failed UFC Drug Test

Matt Riddle was released from the UFC back in February of last year for his second failed post-fight drug screening, failing yet again for having marijuana in his system. The test came after his split decision against Che Mills at UFC on Fuel 7. To the fighters defense, he is a holder of a legal medical marijuana card, however that doesn’t seem to hold much ground in the eyes of the UFC.

The release however doesn’t seem to be detouring Riddle from smoking the sticky icky as we can see in his latest photo shoot with High Times Magazine in which we see Riddle with a big ol’ bag of the ganja. Personally, I don’t see how smoking some herb can be considered a PED (performance enhancing drug) when TRT use is still just frowned upon.

But that aside, what makes this even more interesting is that Riddle may have passed his post fight drug screening if he had not fallen victim to peer pressure. I’m kidding of course, Riddle is a big boy, and a big pothead, which makes it no surprise that once he was offered some of the goods he couldn’t resist.

Recently, George Tibbles, the “typical Limey wanker” from, came out with his “true confessions” story in which he claims that he gave Riddle a little bit of bud before his meeting with UFC President Dana White. Obviously, Tibbles had no intention of Riddle sparking up before he had to pee in a cup, but none the less we (along with Tibbles) are left to make that assumption.

In the story, Tibbles said that Riddle stated that he had not smoke in over a month before his bout with Mills. A comment that Tibbles found to be heartfelt and honest. With that being said, the only conclusion that Tibbles could come up with is that it was the weed that he had given Riddle that caused him to fail the drug test.

Obviously, Riddle is a grown adult and can make is own decisions on whether to smoke or not, but it’s easy to see why Tibbles feels a bit responsible for Riddle getting canned.


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  1. Angel says:

    I work out and smoke bud like a chimney! I don’t lift as hard or as much as I do when I’m under the influence as I do when I’m not. Might just be in my head but to me marijuana is a bit of a pain killer.

  2. Xaninho says:

    It should be possible to get a marijuana exemption. I don’t understand why steroid abusers with shrunken balls can get a TRT exemption and people who have weed as medication can’t.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Weed as medication…..Right!! you idiot. It’s poison, you don’t get exemptions to take poison dummy. That would be immoral db.

      • XXxxMacleodxxXX says:

        all medicine is a poison….dummy

      • Kerry Norton says:

        ^^ Look, this douche bag is back. ^^

      • Xaninho says:

        There’s the retard troll again with his nonsense hahahaha! Still on here making yourself look ridiculous huh? You sleep in superman pajamas and scream at your momma you’re batman. Just let the educated people talk on here and play with your lego’s dumbass.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You are such a crybaby. You get one little challenge to your douchebag logic and you go all crybaby on here. Your little man ego can’t handle a challenge..BoooHOOO little baby. I own you bitch. All you got is insults(immaturity). You can’t fight, can you??? So you got any intelligent logic to discuss or are you just gonna be all butthurt? For a 40 year old, you are quite immature. Do you still live with your mommy? roflmao…

        • Xaninho says:

          I didn’t go into that because you weren’t challenging me. You think you said something clever but it’s your usual troll nonsense. If you want me to respond in a civil way then start by not calling me an idiot. I don’t believe in turning the other cheek , so if you insult me I insult you worse. If you hit me I will kill you. Reap what you sow bitchboy

        • Gargoyle Wresting says:

          You are just WAY too sensitive! What is up with that? Whee does that come from? What does it matter is someone calls you anything?? What’s up with being so sensitive to insults? I’m just calling you out on your logic and mentality and you get all baby on here. You are quite sensitive aren’t you? Maybe its because you are European, most have just about had all their manhood educated out of them. Now, they just get all mad and sensitive when someone insults them. Let me remind you, I am a 27 year old beast and you are a fat washed up low-t 40 year old. The only person dying here is you.

        • Xaninho says:

          You are a 27 year old victim bitch boy. I am not fat nor washed up. Just be glad that there’s an ocean between us so you can sit there with your fat ass behind your keyboard acting tough troll.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Yes it is on the banned list, and yes it’s the fighters responsibility. The issue is that TRT users get exemptions to use a true proven PED. To make it completely fair the athletic commissions should ban ALL substances including for instance coffee/caffeine which is essentially a PED. It’s the hypocrisy of it all that is bothering people.

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