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Tuesday, 02/07/2012, 05:15 am

Caceres Believes Figueroa "Milked" The Low Blows & Caused His Loss

“To be honest with you, I don’t know what the hell was going on in that fight. I was pretty surprised that any of that happened. I was aware of the low blows I delivered and I have to admit, the first and second low blow did not land in his crotch. I believe he was milking it a little bit. I mean, he even admitted it a little bit, saying that the second one wasn’t even a low blow, it was vibrations from the low kick that hurt his groin. I was surprised because I never heard of a two-point deduction. Ever. Herb Dean did warn me after the first time but then again I thought it was a glancing blow, it wasn’t as bad as they were making it out to seem. It’s pretty disappointing, it’s pretty frustrating, but the decision’s made. What I can do is just get back in the gym and never throw inside leg kicks again because apparently, they’re gonna milk it for all they got.”

If you missed the UFC on FUEL TV UFC 143 Preliminary card, Alex Caceres was deducted two point by Herb Dean for unintentional kicks to the groin of Edwin Figueroa. In between kicks and action Edwin took his time and expressed his concern and pain to the referee, ultimately causing Caceres to lose two points in the match and lose the decision.

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