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Wednesday, 05/15/2013, 11:18 am

Bryan Caraway Awarded Healy’s Stripped Bonus Money

After an odd sequence of events following a positive marijuana drug test from UFC lightweight Pat Healy, Bryan Caraway will now receive the post fight bonus that Healy was stripped of.  Healy announced recently that he failed his drug test from UFC 159, and the UFC proceeded to suspend Zuffa’s new exciting lightweight 90 days, and turn his latest win over Jim Miller into a no contest.

Meanwhile, Bryan Caraway, who choked out “Brutal” Johnny Bedford on the same night, will be awarded $65,000 which is half of Healy’s earned bonus money.  The remaining $65,000 that Healy pocketed for fight of the night will simply be taken away from the electric lightweight.

The standards that the UFC and different athletic commissions hold for fighters, allowing testosterone supplementation but punishing for a seemingly harmless drug such as marijuana, is confusing and has caused controversy in the MMA world.  But UFC President Dana White is standing by this decision, and it seems that rules are rules, no matter what anyone else thinks.


20 Responses to “Bryan Caraway Awarded Healy’s Stripped Bonus Money”

  1. K2 says:

    Can anyone say BULLSH|T??

  2. doc says:

    Tate and that body of hers… yum.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    idk where the facebook comment box is, but Brian Caraway is a stooge. He is happy he god something he didnt deserve. Healey fought his ASS off and won that fight, meanwhile Caraway chokes out a scrub that does not belong in the UFC and he is “estatic” about being handed someones money. Stooge douche, is what he is.

    Someone seriously needs to do something about this Marijuana law, this man just lost 160 thousand dollars THAT HE EARNED from smoking freaking PLANT. that cannabis is not a Drug.
    i feel for Healy, 160 thousand!!!! for relaxing his aching muscles. fucking 160 thousand dollars, my god.

  4. aggression says:

    I dont fault caraway, the decision wasn’t his. If I was in his position I would take the money also. but the marijuana rule is bullshit.

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