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Monday, 01/27/2014, 11:17 am

‘Bruce Leeroy’ Believes The UFC Wanted Him To Lose To Pettis Last Weekend

“I feel like they wanted him to beat me, keep the train going. I think they thought he might out-strike me and beat me up and what not. I didn’t mind. I feel like that’s how it is with every fight. They put me in there to lose. That’s not a big deal, I just keep surprising people then.”

Alex Cacares, better known as, ‘Bruce Leeroy’, put on a fantastic performance in the UFC on FOX Sports 1 Preliminary Card Special last Saturday against undefeated prospect, Sergio Pettis.

His victory saw him receive double bonuses in the form of $50k for ‘Fight of the Night’ and $50k for ‘Submission of the Night’.

Still though, despite his success, the UFC bantamweight told Ariel Helwani that he believes he was sent out to lose.



8 Responses to “‘Bruce Leeroy’ Believes The UFC Wanted Him To Lose To Pettis Last Weekend”

  1. The Coward says:

    Yes, I honestly think they did want him to lose. You can just tell that the UFC head-honcho’s have a crush on Roufusport fighters. I’m from Wisconsin so I can’t complain. Props to Caceras though for making a “come-back” victory.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    It was pretty clear they were trying to give Pettis somewhat of a name while still giving him an easy win. Definitely backfired hard and definitely left me pretty happy that the ‘fall guy’ picked up the win. The Coward said it best about the UFC Brass.

  3. Great fight, I agree the Ufc was probably hoping Cacares would lose, given that Pettis has more hype, being the younger brother of the champ. More than anything I think the UFC set Sergio up for failure. When this got announced, I didn’t think this was a good match up for him, and it showed. Sergio did better than I thought he would. Great finish by Bruce Leeroy. Probably the best thing to happen for Sergio anyway, get this loss out of the way and take some pressure off the kid.

  4. James Whitehead says:

    Well, you would not catch me complaining if I won 100k lol.. good fight tho

  5. garciagym says:

    You can bet your ass little Pettis gets a cakewalk next fight..

  6. Tyler Thrower says:

    You just got paid 100k in bonuses……just be quite….

  7. Manny Umana says:

    This was the first of probably 5 fights these young guys will have. Could have easily gone the other way. The UFC won with the outcome. Dana has been wanting Bruce Leroy to be a star. Pettis will undoubtedly be one too despite this loss. Win win for the UFC. But it does look like they wanted to test Leroy or maybe even sacrifice him to hype little Pettis even more. Bruce Leroy exceeded my expectations. To finish Pettis?! He better not get too cocky or he’ll start losing again.

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