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Thursday, 11/08/2012, 10:01 am

Browne Says He Can Beat “Bigfoot” 10 of 10 Times | UFC NEWS

“Damn straight. He has a big bullseye on the back of his head, or on the front of it, it don’t matter. He’s the only man that can stand there and say that, you know, he beat me. I don’t know if he can even say that because really I beat myself. I want that fight back. Today’s really the first time I’ve been vocal about it and this is the first time I’ve really been in the media about it, but, I definitely want that fight back. Whoever I have to go through if it’s to fight him again or to somebody that beats him, hey I’m game… [If we fight 10 times] I whoop his ass.”



16 Responses to “Browne Says He Can Beat “Bigfoot” 10 of 10 Times | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    I hope they rematch. But i want to see browne train and fight atleast one more time before they rematch tho. And i hope that bigfoot is at his best too. So that when they fight, bigfoot can really beat the living sht out of him

  2. Xaninho says:

    If he fights like last time he won’t beat him. Browne looked like a white belt novice with those weird jump kicks. I don’t know what he was thinking, but that looked real bad.

  3. Roberto says:

    We all believe our own hype, what I don’t appreciate is his defiance about his lost. It takes a man to win and lose a fight. Bigfoot was the better fighter that night and nothing wrong with giving props to your opponent.

  4. allmightysandman says:

    he definitely believes his own hype and for the record…your body broke and you lost…so you can’t beat bigfoot 10 times outta 10 because so far you have lost to him 1 time outta 1. whether you lose from injury or decision or finish…a loss is a loss. his flashy moves may work on lower level guys, but I think he’s going to have more rude awakenings if he tries his kumotai moves on big boys like bigfoot.

    Browne has the potential to be awesome…but he has to be smart about his progression and how he fights. IMO

    • TsunamiMan says:

      Au contrare, sandcastle boy. If Hapa fought Bigfoot 10 more times and won 10 in a row, Hapa would be right. He would have beat Bigfoot 10 out of 10 times. But in total fights, it would be 10 out of 11. Just sayin…

      Dana should rematch those two and make it a PPV first fight. Bigfoot didn’t prove himself that night. He beat a wounded opponent. Only a desperate fighter would be happy about that win. If Bigfoot asked for the rematch himself and beat Hapa again, his stock would jump well past what it is now.

    • Calvin says:

      funny cuz bigfoot can technically say 100% of the time he beat cry baby

  5. B-rad says:

    Yeah he wins 10 out of 10 times, except the one time it mattered when bigfoots right hand crushed his face

  6. MMAniak says:

    I think he meant 9 out of 10 LOL

  7. Mike b says:

    Travis looked like a friggin giant dominic Cruz,he was definitely moving and throwing some weird shit.but I definitely think Browne will be able to beat Bigfoot on a good day!

  8. 757 says:

    He lost …Bigfoot won….stop bitching and crying

  9. i love fighting says:

    Im surprised nobody has said this already,,,,,,,,

    When brown fought bigfoot i felt like i was watching someone do their best jon jones impersonation. Brown was trying to move like jones and kick like jones. I thought it was pretty funny and it was a little funnier when he threw that high kick and fucked his hamstring. Its obvious greg jackson has tried to mould brown to be like bones.

    He shouldnt try and be jon jones,, he should have just gone out there and banged and i agree he would beat silva every time. But he didnt do that he went out there and acted like he was jon jones and tried to fight like somebody he is not and injured himself for his efforts.

    silva is shit and i hope they rematch, that huge head of his is there for the taking and cain showed everybody exactly how to destroy him,, if brown gets a rematch copy cain not jones.

  10. Steini says:

    It really doesn´t matter what he says. They fought, he lost, that´s it!! Don´t think that there should be a rematch EVER. Just because he´s thinks that he could & should have done better is no reason for a rematch. Just train and do better against your next opponent but don´t be mouthing of to someone that just TKO´d you. You lost, deal with it!

  11. MooreUSMC says:

    Gonna agree with most of you here. If you didn’t try a stupid thing that ended up costing you the fight you might have won. But that could be said about chael sonnen and his epic fail spinning back fist. Or Bisping and circling into hendos power. Or rashad trying to stand with machida. Or cyborg santos taking Diaz to the ground. So pretty much everyone that has ever lost can say they messed up the other guy didn’t really win. You don’t deserve a rematch because not only did you lose you got ktfo in the first.

  12. punchkick says:

    no you can’t

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