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Tuesday, 09/13/2011, 07:24 am

Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem fight won't go the distance, says Overeem

“Everybody who I have spoken to is very excited about [my fight with Brock Lesnar]. We are two big guys. Brock is a very big guy, a very dangerous guy. I’m happy. I’m happy we came to this agreement. I’m excited to fight Brock. I’m going to do what I do best. I expect him to do what he does best. This fight is not going to go the distance, that one thing is for certain. Someone is going to get beat up. And I’m going to do my best to make sure it’s not me.”


36 Responses to “Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem fight won't go the distance, says Overeem”

  1. Voicein the desert says:

    Sorry Alistair, I am going the opposite way on this one: Brock Lesnar by TKO in the 2nd round.

    Overeem still has a puncher’s chance but Brock is too much of a wrestler to not be able to take him down and control him. Alistair will gass early and the end qill come by hammerfists.

    • Doot says:

      Overeem 1st round

    • Fernst says:

      @Voiceinthedesert, Dude haven’t you seen any tapes from Overeem? He has got some sick Jiu-jitsu. Yeah mayb he fought smaller guys than Brock en they didn’t have te wrestling p. Brock has. But don’t forget his superiour strenght and how he tosses everybody around with his power. Overeem will take this one with a TKO in the first, if it goes to the second, he will get a submisson ‘caus Brock wil only lay on top off him caus he’s already gassed and I know what Overeem is capable off on the ground. And that’s only IF Brock can take him to the ground. Otherwise.. BIG TKO Overeem!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        “superior strength”? Superior to who, surely you don’t mean superior to Brock, do you? And as far as “how he tosses everybody around…”, once again, you can’t mean he’s gonna toss Brock around, do you? I ain’t saying Brock is gonna win, but if superior strenght and the ability to throw someone around is why you think ‘reem will win… C’mon man! Strictly striking and that’s it. That’s his chance to win. That being said, I think it can go either way. If it stays standing, ‘reem takes him out. If Brock gets it to the ground, it’s over.

        • Xaninho says:

          Majority of Overeem’s wins are by way of submission…So if Lesnar does get him to the ground, don’t count out overeem yet!

        • andy says:

          umm randy tossed Brock around or have you forgotten that and just watch the weak ass hammerfists he was throwing like his life depended on it and they got slower and slower and slower, Randy would have survived that “onslaught” and probably won. Brock will gas trying to take Overeem down, YES the Reem is bigger and stronger than Brock. Both will be gassed if it goes to a 2nd round…I see Overeem taking a TKO in this one. Easily too.

        • Josh says:

          Randy took down Brock once and ur gonna say he tossed him around? lol. Also lets not forget Randy is also a wrestler and Overeem is not. I usually don’t go as far to insult people but if you think that Overeem can out grapple Lesnar then you’re an idiot.

        • MMAeducated says:

          Alistair is definitively not stronger than brock, for the ground if brock takes him down he isn’t going to be able to do much, even if he has sick jiu jitsu you’ve seen what he did to frank mir. if however he can shut down brocks takedowns he’ll take the fight with ease

      • Aaron says:

        Gotta go with Bandit on this one dude. If you think Overeem can throw around more weight then Brock you’re out of your mind. Overeem has that sick ass kickboxing plus his k.o. power and that’s how he will end up taking this fight. As far as subs go, I just don’t see Overeem being able to throw an armbar on Brock and rip off his 60 pound pieces of meat he calls arms. That’s IF Overeem can put Brock on his back. But if Brock gets in his hammerfisting groove from the top position… I dunno man, that’s like getting beat with a lunchbox made of bones lol

    • Will says:

      Yeah I don’t see Brock being able to handle Overeems devistating striking skills. Brock was dominated by Cain and Overeems striking is better than his and he holds way more power. Overeem by TKO via nasty right hook or knee to the chin.

  2. mikeg626 says:

    Does anyone else think Overeem is strong enough to guillotine Brock?

  3. T.DADDY says:

    see thats why i like Reem he keeps it real and dont come off like a azzhole.. but i still want my boy Brock to whoop its gonna be a war!

    fukk u junkie!

  4. zj says:

    Well he didnt say he would ko brock in the first rd…he just said it wouldnt go past the first rd, and he would due his best to make sure it was not him being ko’d

  5. Nicky says:

    I have never seen a fight where people disagree so much. One guy says Brosk by devastation and on says the other way. Brock vs. Herring or Brock vs. Cain? Overeem vs. Verdum loses this fight.

  6. Cody Schumacher says:

    All the overreem belivers jus take a quick look at his record he really hasn’t beat anyone and he certainly has never faced anyone close to brocks wrestling ability I really don’t think it’s gonna be a good fight brock will control him and come on u know brock won’t gas before reem

    • Will says:

      Brock is a one trick pony and that got exposed in a horrible way in his last two fights. He will need to learn to stand up and take a punch if he will remain relevant in the HW Division.

  7. steve says:

    i wanna see brock lesnar do that dance agian

  8. zack says:

    brocks gunna be doing backwards cartwheels in the first round again lol

  9. Yeah! says:

    …just happy that we got some exciting fights coming OUR way, beginning on Sep 17. Well, the Fight Night card seems weak, but it kicks off a whole lotta UFC !!!!! Unprecedented number of cards within such a short time… As for Brock and Overeem: I like both guys. But I like Overeem a little bit more. Great times….

  10. Voicein the desert says:

    Sorry dudes!!! I have seen Overeem fight especially the one where Werdum was outstriking him and where he was gassed in the 1st round. Since he has been the so-called champion in Strikeforce, who has he fought other than Werdum? An he looked pitiful in that fight.

    Overeem should just go back to LHW where he belongs. At heavyweight, he looks like Frankenstein’s monster wearing cement boots trying to dance the menuet…

    I still give him a puncher’s chance but I see this fight ending the same way as Lesnar vs Mir 2 unless Brock slips on a banana peel.

    • Xaninho says:

      Werdum outstriking him? Overeem wasn’t gassed in the first round dude!

      Must have been a different fight cause all I seen was Werdum getting knocked down and laying on his back begging Overeem to come down too.

      Overeem went into that Werdum fight injured by the way. He never used it as an excuse which I find very respectable…Give the man the props he deserves!

      Brock Lesnar is too one dimensional he doesn’t have the size advantage like he had against Mir. So Overeem also a big guy, but with more skill sets will kick Lesnars ass. It’s just as simple as that!

      • Josh says:

        Overeem did get out struck by Werdum and Werdum wasn’t really getting knocked down by Overeem he kept trying to get the fight tot he ground just like when he fought Fedor. Mir beefed up when he fought against Lesnar for the second time and Carwin is the same size as Lesnar and is one of the most heavy handed guys in the heavyweight division. Overeem was injured but he had a broken toe then ended up getting his ribs broke by Werdum during their fight. Plus it’s not just about Brock being big that’s a concern for Overeem it’s Brock’s skill as a wrestler and just because Overeem is big too doesn’t mean he can stop a takedown by lesnar. I fight at 155 and in training I’ve taken down guys that weigh 70 pounds more than me.

  11. Jmad says:

    werdum landed way more punches than he should have in that fight.

  12. MZ says:


    Ur silly … Overeem superior strength? I know u got plenty of shit for this already but sup. strength? Sure he’s much bigger than he’s ever been but he’s been throwin and tossing around lower competition. Brett Rodgers and Werdum are nowhere near as strong as lesnar. Lesnar can take down any heavyweight in mma and as far as being gassed y don’t u go take a look at the Carwin and Herring fight and tell me how gassed he looks. Whether on top or bottom his cardio’s among the top hw’s in mma no doubt about it. I’m no lesnar kiss ass but as everyone else in this thread stated alrede there’s no way overeem’s tossing lesnar. Especially if that’s his main asset to win the fight.He just doesn’t like to get hit and that chin’s a bit suspect,(even tho he hasn’t been out cold) that’s y he’s looked a little slow lately. Personally I really don’t care who wins. Allistair can put in serious work and strike his way to the w, while lesnar can easily take him down nd gnp himself to victory as well. I just want this fight to happen alrede, if i had to pik tho .. lesnar tko 3rd or 4th rd.

  13. Anthony says:

    If it gets to the ground, it is definitely in Brock’s favour. Overeem has some good BJJ skills, and is always a chance of a submission, but remember that didn’t help Mir too much in the Lesnar-Mir II fight. It is an interesting match up and I can’t wait to see it.

  14. Bob says:

    Bj would kick all these turds asses! =)

  15. james says:

    i dont care who wins, this is going to be a fun fight to watch. same thing with diaz vs penn and rampage vs jones… nothing but good fun fights coming up, cant wait!

  16. MMA Genius says:

    I need to see Brock stand and at least trade with someone before I can restore my confidence in him as a top fighter. All I’ve seen lately is him taking a shot and then turtle-ing. Swing those giant arms big man – don’t try and duck and weave. Punch back, maul. If he can straighten that part of his game out, I might bet on him. As is, Overeem is going to punch his face off.

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