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Monday, 12/30/2013, 10:35 am

Brock Lesnar Is Set To Make His Return – Just Not In The UFC.

Brock Lesnar will not be returning to the UFC.

After days of speculation, unanswered questions and rumors circulating around the MMA community, it appears that most of it was just a publicity stunt used to get Lesnar’s name in the media, prior to his return to World Wrestling Entertainment at tonight’s live Monday Night RAW show.

Lesnar renewed his contract with the WWE in early 2013, meaning that the biggest-drawing heavyweight champion in UFC history wouldn’t be allowed to fight again until April 2015. A shame, considering how badly the UFC could use a big-money draw at the moment; Georges-St-Pierre has retired, Anderson Silva is injured with no word as to if he will return to the sport and Cain Velasquez recently underwent shoulder surgery.

Although Lesnar is under contract with the WWE, rumors still circulated, citing the “fact” that Lesnar has a very unique contract which allows him to fight in the UFC while employed by the WWE.

Turns out that “fact” was anything but. was able to contact a WWE official on the matter, who had this to say:

WWE has exclusive rights to services [to Lesnar] and such exclusivity extends to ultimate fighting competitions,”

Looks like we’ll be waiting until 2015 to find out if Lesnar will ever step into the Octagon again, or if his fighting days are truly done.


0 Responses to “Brock Lesnar Is Set To Make His Return – Just Not In The UFC.”

  1. WWE GAYNESS says:

    Lesnar needs to piss off and quit staining the sport with that WWE gayness. Go wrestle play yah big doucher.

  2. Charlie Tyler Deaver says:

    time for the internet keyboard wrestling federation to begin it’s domination….

  3. Bojangle says:

    LMAO charlie, lesnar was a motherfuckin beast when he was in UFC

    • Shut up! says:

      yeah thats why he got his ass kicked by Cain Valasquez

      • Robert Jenkins says:

        And somebody Cain fought didn’t get their ass kicked. Junior is the only guy to ever beat Cain… and junior lost to him twice in a row now so… yeah… shut the fuck up? talking stupid shit like Cain is just a run of the Mill. With your logic Congo, Bigfoot, JDS and everyone else cain has fought is also not a good fighter.

  4. pjbenn says:

    let’s book two of the biggest pussies

    lesnar vs sapp

    doooo eeettttt!

  5. Mark Danger Hopps says:

    I’m not a Lesner hater, he beat the crap out of some decent guys in the UFC however these were guys on their way down the ranks with the exception of Carwin (his biggest win by far in my opinion)

    The problem is if the UFC brought Lesner back they would have a very very expensive gate keeper and finding excuses to put him in the main event would be difficult when he has very little chance of beating anyone in the top 3

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