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Tuesday, 05/14/2013, 03:18 pm


Brock Lesnar Goes Nuts After Getting Called A B!tc# On TV

Former UFC Heavyweight champion is back in the pro-wrestling mix!

Even better news for Lesnar fans is that he gave away a free scrap on Monday Night Raw against Triple H.


0 Comments to Brock Lesnar Goes Nuts After Getting Called A B!tc# On TV

  1. dude wtf says:

    REALLY?! I see a headline like this and expect to see a dude going nuts.

    Come on guys, this is not content, this is WWE junk. This isn’t Brock going crazy on Oprah…

    This is like a news channel saying “aliens invade america” and then linking to a clip of independence day! On IMDB, fine, on a movie site fine. On a news site… no. no no no.

    WWE scripts should not be here.

  2. Jsmith276 says:

    Brock go back to UFC and quit that acting stuff.

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    pffft. headline should read, Brock ‘pretends’ to go nuts (& gets paid for it) after someone ‘pretends’ to call him a bitch (& gets paid for it too).

    …its too much!

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