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Sunday, 06/10/2012, 11:50 am

Brock Lesnar and Dana White at odds? | UFC NEWS

UFC President Dana White spoke about the recent meeting he had with WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar after UFC 146.

“The meeting did not go well. Probably the worst meeting we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar, and I haven’t talked to him since. It’s one of those things (where) it’s not worth getting into it publicly. It’s not worth getting into the B.S. over it.”

Dana shot down a rumor that the meeting was just a ploy to bring more interest to Lesnar’s WWE storyline. He also said he didn’t know if the door for Lesnar to return to UFC was closed for good. Dana also revealed a text message from Lesnar before they met:

“He texted me and said, ‘I want to come to the fight, but keep it quiet because I don’t want to tell anybody. What are you doing tonight? … I want to talk face to face.'”

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20 Responses to “Brock Lesnar and Dana White at odds? | UFC NEWS”

  1. Byron says:

    I can not get my head around all this Lesnar hype. I mean, no one can deny that he is an incredable athlete, yet injuries have plagued his career and simply have made a short on of it at that. There is no doubt that he was a threat when he was in his prime, but I think that he is trying to hang on to something that is gone. The UFC is tough, but getting injured time and time again is apparently all that is happening to Brock. I would have like to see him go further and be more than what he did, what he did in such a short time was admirealbe. Dana will do what is best for the sport, I think that Brock will have a great future, I just don’t think that it will happen here, but who am I to say. Good luck to Brock in what ever decision is made.

    • David says:

      Excuse me, in his prime? Brock didnt fight long enough to BE “in his prime” , his striking sucked and i doubt he trained any bjj so by “in his prime” you must mean the times he wasnt gettin punched in the face and folding like a chair… Oh wait he always was!

      • Martin says:

        I would like to see you say that too his face david ypu faggot,brock would rip you a new one you dumbass keyboard warrior

        • Bupkis says:

          I would, no problem. If he went all rage, I’d enjoy the riches he would then have to share. He wasn’t that good, as the post said. He probably would have done well in 94 when the sport was just taking off and there were a lot of other one sided fighters.

        • Jeremy says:

          dude its idiots like you that believe in the power of a laywer. you will talk shit all day and act like a little bitch but if somebody does somethin about it then you immediately yell “I”M SUEIN!” Dont be a little bitch and stand up and take the consequence of your actions.

        • Bupkis says:

          @jeremy actually it’s the opposite. If u would read the posts, it was talking about his ‘prime’. When it comes to MMA, he needs more than wrestling. His striking wasn’t great and his bjj wasn’t good. Unless your a fanboy, I don’t see where u can deny that. I imagine he realized this and got out when he did. To have someone get physical for expressing the obvious is reason to sue. If it wasn’t, imagine how many roided up mofo’s would just go around beating people’s asses. If you are in the spotlight and the conversation in focused on your skills, then they should be able to take the criticism. If they don’t like the truth, then they should focus te energy to get better.

        • David says:

          Id like to see you say this to my face faggot

        • DBKlein69 says:

          martin and jeremy, ur both bitches. now shut the fuck up and get off mommy’s computer

  2. RFK says:

    Man I wish Brock would c

  3. RFK says:

    Man I wish Brock would come back to real fighting that wwe shit is weak as fuck I cant stand watching a few seconds of that fake ass shit he needs to train and fight his way up the ranks and become a better fighter

  4. WrestlingRules says:

    Lesnar:Mir 3…..coming to a PPV near you soon…..

  5. Paul says:

    Would love to see Brock vs Mir 3 if Brock is fully fit he could be world Champ again a fully fit Brock is unreal good luck champ in what ever you do an do what’s best for you health would love to see brock in the uk tho

  6. Enygma2u says:

    Brock Lesnar – great fight marketer, had popularity from wrestling that he brought over to the UFC during his time. Biggest thing I’ll remember him for (and the injuries are no excuse to me) is not being able to take a punch. Carwin/Cain/Overeem – good strikers who caused this grown man to have to run and cover up in fear. Like the bully who finally got punched back and got found out that he wasn’t as tough as he made himself seem….

    • danno says:

      hell yea man thats all i saw in him too, not really skill just mass, his whole game plan involves sitting On Top of you and hitting you with little bitch punches, i think he’s only ever landed 1 clean standing punch ever and i honestly think it was a lucky shot to a frightened opponent. maybe if he actually tried to change his game up and actually TRY to evolve like everyone else in the sport i’d have a littler respect, until then stick to your fake ass wrestling.

  7. brocks a donkey says:

    Why does everyone think this guy accomplished anything? He was a marketing device with a huge fan base but no skills other then being a ginormous wrestler. He beat heath harring (wow), then a tiny mir before he beefed up, then to get the title a 215lb man who is old enough to father him. Then ducked carwin for 3 scheduled fights before finally beating up carwins arms with his head. Then do the exact same thing against cain and overeem and retire. Sorry, but that’s not much of a career if you ask me, and people are argueing he should be in the hall of fame, for what, having a lot of wrestling fans? Sorry but I can get on this wagon

  8. Mike R says:

    I really don’t think Brock was all that. I’m sorry. Personally, I think he sucked and he had a chin of glass. He couldn’t take a punch to save his life. There is no doubt the man is a phenomenal athlete but its not an MMA fighter by any stretch of the word. Let him stay in the WWE and play with the other boys. Leave the MMA to other men like Randy Couture, Chuck Liddel, and guys like Diego Sanchez. That kid was born and bred to fight. Brock looks so awkward on his feet. He has no stand up game. I wish him the best but I’m sorry if I offend anyone but that dude is in no way an MMA fighter.

  9. Kjtrlt says:

    Meh, he was never MMA level skilled, just a freakish wrestling machine. Best of luck as you move on.

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