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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 01:28 am

Brittney Palmer Returns To Ring Girl Duties For the UFC

With so much UFC on Fox talk in the media today, one important detail in the UFC landscape has been slightly overlooked.

This evening UFC president Dana White gave his twitter followers a chance to vote and decide if popular ring girl, Brittney Palmer should return to her employment as a UFC ring card girl.

Once the votes were tallied, Dana White announced that “Yes!” Miss Palmer will return to her cage side seat and help the live audience recognize which round we are entering.

Brittney Palmer joined the UFC’s team of ring card girls next to long-time resident Arianny Celeste and Chandella Powell when the UFC merged with the WEC. Prior to her stint in the UFC she was the face of the WEC’s ring card girl team and popular fan favorite amongst WEC viewers.

While she worked for the UFC the majority of 2012, recent months saw Palmer away from UFC action and through creative PR work convinced the fans that she was merely taking a break to focus on her “Art” at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

Now she is back, and as a fan, I couldn’t be happier! Anyone else agree?


41 Responses to “Brittney Palmer Returns To Ring Girl Duties For the UFC”

  1. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    Wow, UCLA huh. Artistic, Smart, and Pretty!!! Triple-Threat!!! LOL =D

  2. This guy says:

    Way out of my league as far as she probalby only likes dudes with money, probably athletes, but not so far out of my league as to put her in the spank bank. Bring her back, Dana!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      LMFAO!! “Spank bank”. Priceless

    • BiggoTrav says:

      Last I knew, there were rumors that she was hooked up with Donald Cerrone. I don’t know if there was any truth to that or not but it was going around for a while

      • Tim Richards says:

        Yeah, they were dating for a while (I think Cowboy’s an amazing fighter, btw). I saw some video of Brittney showing the video crew her apartment, after which she went kickboxing at some gym, sparring against the male mma reporter. They showed Cerrone ringside looking a tad bit jealous and not so little smug.

  3. Xaninho says:

    One more reason to buy the PPV lol

  4. Trevor says:

    Get rid of Chandella and bring Logan back!

    • david says:

      i agree chandella is not hot, they should never have fired edith labelle , fuck did that ever piss me right off when i didnt see her around anymore, fuck you dana

  5. guamy says:

    man she looks amazing in this pic. glad shes back.

  6. KP says:

    Best news ever!

    On a side note: The author is obviously happy she’s back as he completely missed the fact that it isn’t 2012 yet… lol

  7. Night-Wind says:

    Not just the best octagon girl ever, but one the most beautiful women on earth.

    I live in Finland, so does anyone know when it comes out here?

  8. Jason says:

    i think we are all happy =) love you brittany!!! wooo get to see DAT ASS

  9. Zack says:

    Damn lol she prolly the sexiest one

  10. Jables says:

    Bring back that budder face with the fat tatters Edith.

  11. Donnybrook says:

    SWEET!!!… by far the hottest ring girl of themm all!.

  12. Glynn says:

    Who gives a fuck. I want to see Silva humiliate Sonnen again.

  13. Fox says:

    don’t always think just because shes beautiful she only wants dudes with fancy cars tons of money and big houses there’s lot of beautiful women who just want a loyal man who would treat them right make them laugh and make them feel loved so you see a woman you like give it a shot worse thing outta of it is a no and at least you can say you tried will smith said it best any woman can be swept off her feet you just need the right broom

  14. Mike McMack says:

    Brittany<Arianny any day of the week!

  15. Rob says:

    WOO-HOO!!!! Look at them TIG OL’ BITTIES!!

  16. Aaron says:

    Uhm, “She worked for the UFC the majority of 2012″???
    Nice lol

  17. Night-Wind says:

    Yeah she’s got a time machine behind those hands.

  18. 3ric says:

    So she wasnt taking a break for her Art studies at UCLA then ? And why was there a “vote” thats kind of disrespectful to her.

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