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Wednesday, 03/21/2012, 04:52 pm

Brian Stann's Operation Matador From Yesterday's 'UFC Ultimate Insider' (Video)

An extraordinary true story about a warrior in the Octagon and selfless soldier in the battlefield. UFC Middleweight & U.S. Marine Brian Stann walks us through every harrowing detail of the mission for which he was awarded the Silver Star. Stann also outlines his return to the Octagon after his battle in the middle east; and how he is helping fellow soldiers return back home to the United States.

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21 Responses to “Brian Stann's Operation Matador From Yesterday's 'UFC Ultimate Insider' (Video)”

  1. Jim says:

    This is great, but Brian Stann is no soldier, he is a Marine.

    Semper Fi

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      so friggen tired about hearing about Brian Stann playing army man 10 years ago. di anyone ever think that just maybe we are tired of hearing about “BUSH’S WAR” total discrace taht we ever sent troops in Iraq anyway after the UNITED NATIONS voted to stay out. Bush used false intel to invade Iraq saying it was necessary because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which (AS U.N. KNEW) was false and only being used so Bush could go in and take control over one-fourth of the worlds oil supply. No not everyone bleieves in bullshit war corrupt politicians start. enough is enough we need to move on tired of hearing about this crap OVER AND OVER again

      • asdf says:

        Word. Nice to know, there are some Americans aren’t pro war. We Canadians tend to think, since Bush was re-elected, you all were war-mongers.

        Mitt Romney is a MORMON! Gastly scary. Scariest of all religions, if you you’d call it that. Personally, I call it a cult, masked as a religion. Their transcribed book of Mormon from pages of gold, and added to the Bible, should be exposed….

        • mike r says:

          all religions are cults, believing in invisible beings and harass everyone in to believe it despite all scientific discoveries that contradict such stuff, you have to be crazy.

        • Felipe says:

          Intolerance is crazy. If science was so complete and perfect, nobody would believe in any religion anymore. Bunch of assumptions and missing information. Faith is a gift. Stop using the “intellectual card” on people.

        • CHS says:

          “all religions are cults” – No. Religion is a believer who follows a holy book (Christians/Jews), cults don’t. So no, not all religions are cults, you don’t know the concept.

        • CHS says:

          Sorry, mike r. I thought you said the sect, not cult. Im not American, so i misunderstood the meaning of the word.

  2. Pierce says:

    Good man jim

  3. Big J says:

    This piece makes you appreciate the men and women who serve. Thanks, guys….

  4. Cutter says:

    It’s just a Pity the war they fought in Iraq served no purpose what so ever

  5. Cutter says:

    Afghanistan terror group attacks the US…. Oh let’s invade Iraq… Ye that makes sense ??

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Cutter well said my man 100% true

      • idiotsdontunderstand says:

        The troops in Iraq removed a violent dictator responsible for the merciless murders of thousands of innocent people. Remember the pictures of all those Kurdish bodies? They had all been murdered. America went in and removed a violent dictator, thats all. Why do the motivations matter? I assume you were / are pro Saddam since your so opposed to his removal? Are you also pro Assad? A baathist?? Crazy you would protest against the removal of a murderous tyrant. Guess your a fashionable guy with your fashionable opinions. Real world? Your an idiot.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Yea they went in and did what needed to be done. They got Sadaam out. That was 2003.

        • Hans says:

          Saddam was a fucking fag who is related to Obama they both have the same surname Hussein, my friend Darlene works in the Dept of Defense and says it was hushed up.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          I guess it’s possible. “Hussein” is Obama’s middle name.

  6. Jdubx says:

    So allowing people to come and kill innocent people because we’re American is not a good enough cause to go to war? Every other war we’ve been involved in wasn’t because someone attacked us, but when someone does and we go to war people bitch about it like no tomorrow. What would happen if we just let anyone that hated the US come and crash planes into buildings without consequence? I know, we wouldn’t be a country… get out of your bubble and live in the real world.

  7. Xaninho says:

    So many lifes of good men and women wasted over a bullshit war.

  8. Cutter says:

    The question you need to ask is why do these “terrorists” hate the US?
    America has done so many fucked up things on their global empire building and resource robbing

    they only meddle in countries with valuable resources that they are after

  9. Hans says:

    The reason the war isnt over is because of all the fags in the military, thanks to that fag lover clinton and his bitch wife.

  10. Fu*k the USA says:

    Look..if you live in America you watch CNN and all you hear is how America is right and the moslems are wrong..well that’s called propoganda..because you don’t hear about all the innocent people americans have killed or have encouraged the killing of all over the world (mddle east, africa, south america) for their own political and material gain as well as the gain of the sellouts in those countries…America is the biggest terrorist and needs to go down…this is the right and godly thing to do…and Christians in America are just as fundamentalist and extreme as Moslems in the middle east and the only difference is the Christians in America (ie. the republicans) are rich because of all the terrorism they do all across the world which we never hear about because the control the media I hope America gets what it deserves…stop being brainwashed ppl..Christian are and have been the biggest terrorist..and I ainit niether Christian nor moslem but I call it like i see it..

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