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Wednesday, 04/04/2012, 11:15 am

Brian Stann Picking Sonnen Over Silva

“I think that Chael Sonnen takes it. There are a lot of factors that are going to play into that. Just similar to when I fought Chael, I think he’s particularly a very, very difficult match up for Anderson Silva. Just due to the years and years of difference in grappling and how physical Chael is when he’s on top. We’re going to have to see some new techniques from Anderson that he wasn’t able to showcase in his first fight. But, if Chael performs the way he did against Bisping, he could be in for a long night against Anderson.”

UFC middleweight fighter Brian Stann took to last night’s broadcast of “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV and threw out his prediction for the upcoming title match between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.



35 Responses to “Brian Stann Picking Sonnen Over Silva”

  1. drew says:

    stand up guy gives stand up statement

  2. guamy says:

    Andersons gonna eat Chaels children. medium rare.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    there’s a lot of people that want to say it but are in fear of being called stupid lol ballsy statement

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    i’d kind of like Chael to win lol #TeamSonnen

  5. Alex Daas says:

    Stann is a moron

  6. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I have a feeling that Chael is going to be catching knees to the face.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I see a Seagal Aikido boot comin’ his way – straight outta Japan, exploited in Hollywood, downloaded into Anderson’s foot, and uploaded onto Sonnen’s face. I think knees leave him vulnerable to Sonnen’s double leg, which I admit is top notch, but also all that he really has.

  7. Hostile Hunter says:

    If Silva looses this fight his Legacy would be ruined. For that reason only id like Chael to Whoop his ass for 23 minutes and then get submitted again :)…It would be legendary!!!

  8. Chael Sonnen medium rare steak says:

    Cheal Sonnen wil defeat Adrianna Silva, never forget what Silva did in the past with good humble fighters like Demian Maya. Keep dancing around like dancing with the stars. So let him dance again and he will really dance around the sky stars this time hahaha

  9. Xaninho says:

    Ofcourse he’s picking Sonnen, Stann got his ass handed to him by Sonnen! If he would have picked Silva for the win, that would have meant he got demolished by the number two of the world….

    Now let’s take a step back from Stann’s biased opinion and look at the facts here. Sonnen had the testosterone levels of ten men in the first fight. That wasn’t even enough to secure a win against an Anderson Silva with a cracked rib who was contineously trying to submit him. This time Silva will be 100% and ready to take his head of for running his mouth.

    This will be a one sided beatdown with Silva asking:”Who’s the champ chump?” with every punch or kick he lands. Sonnen couldn’t even bring it against Bisping without a few extra testosterone shots. Coming fight he is going to retire from MMA.

  10. BK says:

    Honestly, Bisping makes almost all of his opponents look bad in his fights, win or lose. It’s just his style. Chael will rebound and take Silva down.

  11. j says:

    xaninho is a biased fool who knows nothing about styles make fights, chael just got a new training partner in vinny magalhaes so that just makes things worse than it is for Silva.

  12. Nick says:

    I’d like to see Sonnen win. It would be nice for that belt to change hands.

  13. avenger says:


  14. jomo says:

    Silva via liu kang’s bicycle kick KO.

  15. Jordan says:

    No sir!! Silva is gonna win it by a long shot

  16. If Brian Stann honestly believes that, the NSAC tested the wrong man for drugs today. He’s also lost to Sonnen, but has never been in the cage with Silva.

    • Turduckenfucken says:

      Yet you have been in the ring with none of them and your opinion is somehow more accurate? I think not.

      • Anderson Silva has never lost in the cage, and he already defeated Sonnen once. I don’t care how, he still won. The uneducated fan who has never fought would go with Silva, no? Otherwise, I would think someone who has experience with both fighters would be the only one qualified to give an opinion that has some weight to it.

  17. fight fan says:

    this is stupid, hasn’t anyone ever noticed that fighters always favorite the fighter that beat them somewhere in the past, just to make themselves look a bit better?
    they think so highly of themselves, that if someone actually beat them he must have super-powers or something.

  18. jimmyjam says:

    First off Mr xaninho, get your statements straight before u publish something. Chael Sonnen’s testosterone was only .01% high. So if that is the testosterone of 10 men then wow, we are a bunch of no sex craving pansies. The way Sonnen works his legs is how he could have caused a higher testosterone test that low. Anyone who knows working out knows working your legs produce more testosterone.

  19. fatmir says:

    I like turtles

  20. I Kill Turtles says:

    DuDe I GoT sOmEtHiNg To TeLl YoU!

  21. Mike says:

    Styles make fights, and if there is 1 style Anderson has always had problems with it is wrestling. Anderson is going to loose because he cant defend against the wrestling of Sonnen. Anderson’s best chance of winning is a very early KO before Sonnen takes him down and beats him up. When Sonnen wins and passes the drug test what will all you Anderson nut huggers say???

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