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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 12:40 pm

Brian Stann On Lack Of Trash Talk Coming From UFC 136 Opponent, Chael Sonnen

“I told everybody from the start that I didn’t think it was going to happen, and I’ve said this a couple of times where I believe that Chael is very genuine when he says that if he has a problem with somebody, he’ll speak it, and when he doesn’t have a problem with somebody, he won’t… I also wouldn’t have taken it personally anyway if there was anything used to generate hype. I really think that our skill sets and the weight of this fight has generated all the hype it needs.”
Brian Stann tells the guys over at that he believes that his fight with the brash, Chael Sonnen needs no trash talk or hype, that the fight, simply, sells itself just on the merits of the matchup by itself.

MMA fans have grown accustomed to a very entertaining lead up from Chael Sonnen where he often bashes his opponents for months prior to their eventual meeting. While he usually attacks everything from their heritage to their fighting style, Sonnen has remained silent in the lead up to UFC 136.

At any rate, this fight is supposedly for the next number one contender to Anderson Silva’s middleweight title and with just four days left until it goes down… Who ya got BJPENN.COM?


18 Responses to “Brian Stann On Lack Of Trash Talk Coming From UFC 136 Opponent, Chael Sonnen”

  1. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    I know much of everyone is expecting Sonnen to win but with ring-rust, I think w/ Stann’s solid standup & sere power he’ll be able to get this win over the favorite! But once Sonnen goes for those double-legs for all 3 rounds then that’ll be unfortunate for Stann.

  2. Clint Mathewson says:

    Staans getting mauled. Sonnen is the best middleweight.

  3. a says:

    lol, sonnen has never been and never will be the best middleweight. with the bjj defense of a 3 year old he can never be the champion. let me know when he finishes his first ufc fight as well.

  4. Big J says:

    Of course Sonnen won’t talk trash. Sonnen is involved in politics and I’m sure he will continue to do such….how will that look if he bad mouths an American soldier, a war hero?

  5. Raja says:

    I hope Sonnen wins so he can get destroyed by Anderson…A healthy Anderson would rape Sonnen worse than he dry humps his opponents…so all you knuckleheads that really think Fail Sonnen is gonna beat AS don’t bet the house on it…dumb ass republicans!

  6. Diezel says:

    Here we go with the race card again…. Thats all u hear, Racist! So what if he don’t like Black guys or Brazillians or mexicans, As long as he’s not committing hate crimes against them, SO WHAT! Its funny, The Non white people i know that make comments like the last few ^ are as racist as they claim us white people are.. Its a new World, Everbody has they’re chance in this country So shut the F**K up…. And personally, I hope he beats the Black off of Silva…… Face it, He got his ass kickede in the first fight… PERIOD! he won the battle but lost the war, Nobody has made Silva look even close to beatable until Chael Sonnen showed up..

  7. big bad john says:

    some of you guys are retarded… chael sonnen is racist?? why because he wont talk trash about a US war hero?? the man trash talked dan miller, brian baker and marquart (all white)… the only person he went over the top on was silva… (thats cause he genuinely didnt like him)…

    with that said I GOT THE MARINE BRIANN STANN FTW!!!!

    • Jmad says:

      all the shit that he talked about brazilians is racist.

      • Creature says:

        He really only said anything major about certain fighters, Silvas, Machida, and Nog brothers, He said some shit implying Brazil is an underdeveloped country, which is true. He has said good things about Brazilian people in interviews, and even had good things to say about Bigfoot about when they fought in IFL i believe. The Brazilian public was going to try and lynch Chael, so he said fuck brazil, thats not raciest

        • Jmad says:

          Telling the Brazilian reporter that he should thank Chael for the internet is kind of racist. Not to mention the thing about the Nogueira brothers trying to feed a carrot to their bus, (if that’s not racist, then I don’t know what is) and that was said before the people said they were going to lynch him, those comments are the main reason those people said that in the first place. Chael has even made fun of Anderson for wearing a pink hat saying ‘he wouldn’t make it in my neighborhood’ ok Chael, you wouldnt make it their neighborhood either, he just needs to stfu.

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