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Thursday, 02/16/2012, 10:01 am

Brian Stann On Jon Jones | He Dominates Everyone In Our Gym

“I’ve sparred with Jon Jones for four or five camps now and I don’t know if I’ve punched this guy in the face yet, that’s how long this guy is. It’s very difficult; he beats up everyone in our gym. We all sit there wondering, ‘Gosh I wonder how he’s gonna do in the fight’ and at least when he beats everyone so dominantly we all feel better, like ‘Hey we’re not that bad now!’ We have to put him in the gym in very difficult positions and rotate in and out on him to put him and make him struggle because if you just go one guy for five minutes, normally if it’s not a heavyweight he’s going to dominate them.”

UFC middleweight fighter Brian Stann took to the UFC on FUEL Post-Fight show to talk about the upcoming UFC 145 main event between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans.

As could be expected the champ dominates his entire team. We could have guessed that, but its another thing to hear it come out of the mouth of Mr. Stann.

Anyone surprised here?

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