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Friday, 09/14/2012, 09:35 am

Brian Stann: Greg Jackson Gets A Bad Rap | UFC NEWS

“Michael Bisping is a veteran and a fighter whose style I’ve admired for a long time. For the UFC to match me up against him tells me the company thinks highly of me. A win over Bisping is a statement to the middleweight division. I’m looking at it that way. There are a lot of good, solid guys at 185 pounds, I’m not going to name them because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but everyone’s looking for a leg up on the competition. I want to go out there and win an exciting fight. I don’t want to play it safe and lose a decision. I can accept going all out and losing, but I don’t want to look back and say I left anything on the table. So the only way to ensure it is to bring it.”

“When I started off my MMA career, I was basically self-taught. I knew I wasn’t the fighter I could be, but I didn’t realize how much I still had to go until I started training with Greg and coach [Mike] Winkeljohn. Coach Jackson gets a bad rap. You don’t get this with any of the other marquee gyms in MMA. If an AKA fighter fights a bad fight, do you hear people rip the gym? Do the coaches get blamed if a fighter from Team Quest or Xtreme Couture doesn’t execute? It only happens here. Greg gets blamed if a fighter doesn’t perform well, but he doesn’t get any of the credit they got out and have an exciting performance.”

Top UFC middleweight contender, Brian Stann tells that he believes his on-again-off-again, head trainer, Greg Jackson gets a bad rap with the UFC, media and fans.

Is he right?


13 Responses to “Brian Stann: Greg Jackson Gets A Bad Rap | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kyle says:

    Greg Jackson is really good at teaching his fighters how to change their tampons.

  2. After how GSP was affiliated with him and stopped finishing fights, Condit became the Natural Born Runner, and he told Jones not to fight Sonnen, people have had a hard time loving Greg. Can you blame fans who want to see their favorite fighters go for it the way Stann always does?

  3. mean170 says:

    Jackson had Clay Guida doing his best Dominick Cruz impression in his last fight. Man F*ck Greg Jackson. The ‘not to lose’ gameplan is the worst thing to happen to mma.

  4. Me says:

    You can’t blame us fans for not respecting Greg. He seems like a nice dude and all but all I have to do is give one example. Clay Guida. That fight he fought was a disgrace to the sport of MMA.

  5. Andrew Powers says:

    said this before and ill say it again. it is not greg it is the fighters. greg’s job is to make you win anne frankly he does a pretty good job of it. he creates great gameplans and has tons of exciting fighter. but when he gives you the gameplan to run away at that point you should be greg im a fighter im not going to do that. guy has tons of exciting fighters: brian stann, diego sanchez, clay guida(when he doesn’t listen to greg), jon jones, shane carwin, carlos condit(when he doesn’t listen to greg), donald cerrone, akiyama, jon dodson, diego brandao, nate marquardt.

  6. ya herd says:

    who gives a fuck hes only a coach dont post anymore shit about greg jackson its boring puts me to sleep

  7. Sicc1 says:

    Fuck Gregg Jackson!!!

  8. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    Now I’d like to see Greg Jackson and Dana White in the octagon, that could be the fight of the year.

  9. some dude says:

    The problem with jackson is he turns fighters into athletes when he should be turning athletes into fighters.

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