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Wednesday, 09/26/2012, 09:39 am

Brian Stann Believes He Beat Bisping At UFC 152, Says Dana Told Him So | UFC NEWS

“[I’m] disappointed obviously. Dana came back after the fight and told me he thought I won the fight. Of course I am going to be biased, I was in there and I thought I won. I have to take an analytical view. I knew it was going to be close, but I thought I won the fight… I think I could still fight the good contenders, I don’t think I go back to fighting the up and comers,” he said. “I think if I get two big wins in a row, I can get right back to a fight that means something. There are a lot of us to who have gotten there, fall down and then come back. That is what I have to do.”

Taking to the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight special, UFC middleweight fighter, Brian Stann discussed his most recent outing against Michael Bisping at UFC 152 this past weekend.

Bisping was able to outpoint the Atlanta based fighter to earn a unanimous decision victory during the main card bout. However, Stann revealed that UFC president Dana White, along with himself, think the decision should have gone the other way.

What say you Penn Nation? Did Stann deserve the W?


50 Responses to “Brian Stann Believes He Beat Bisping At UFC 152, Says Dana Told Him So | UFC NEWS”

  1. Tsimanga says:

    Dana has been a bit off his rocker lately. Maybe he’s been taking some meds or something. You surely did not win that fight, Stann.

    • What? says:

      Yeah….I like Stann and would’ve like to see him win but there was no way he won. Dana needs to keep his big mouth shut because it stirs shit up when he says oh this person should have won instead of that. That’s why you gotta finish fights. Can’t rely on judges anyway

    • CombatRusse says:

      Dana is probably Bipolar, and all the coke he is sniffing (may be with Chuck lol), is disturbing his mind. Dana, don’t do drugs lol

  2. Bob Lemons says:

    Me and Dana must have watched different fights. Stann fought a good fight, but Bisbing clearly won.

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I’m a fan, but, unfortunately, the judges were right here. I thought Stann edged out Bisping in the first, but the Count took two and three. Much respect for the positive attitude though. He’ll be back.

  4. Is this some sort of joke?Bisping landed way more punches than Stann.He clearly caused more damage Stann’s eyes were marked up.Bisping got takedowns.I mean what fight was dana watching?No way in hell Stann won that fight it was’nt even close.

  5. Scotty says:

    I think Dana might have said, “U won the first” and Stann being punched alot in that fight, his head wasnt cleared out yet and thought Dana said “U won the fight”.. Cause there is no that thinks Stann wont that fight.. Ill give him the first but the second and third were easily Bisping..

  6. HENDO FAN21 says:

    I think if it wasn’t for the take downs he would of won. Work on that back d!

  7. magoo says:

    Cant stand Bisping but he won the fight Brian, props to you though the guy thought you were gonna be a cake walk,way to bring the fight!

  8. Xaninho says:

    Stann is a nice guy and a good fighter, but like it or not, Bisping won that fight.

  9. Big Show says:

    no doubt that Bisping won that fight, it wasn´t even that close…

  10. Big J says:

    Stann needs to work on his take down defense….

  11. pzl says:

    I did not see the fight. But the post fight presser sure looked like Stann got pummled.


    Dana must have been trying to find a bubble for a spirit level when he was meant to have been watching bisping v stann!!there is no way on earth that stann could possibly think he won that fight,iv actually lost a little respect for stann as he is proving to be a lying bastard with this comment!bisping schooled him from bell to bell,only thing he did good was land 1 big shot which bisping comfortably recovered from and mauled him thereafter.stann has surprised me with that comment!

  13. Big Show says:

    no doubt that Bisping won that fight, it wasn´t even close…

  14. ya erd says:

    dana is just saying this because he knows he could make big money of a match between bisping and weidman he dosent wana say hey bisping went out there and beat stann at his own game bisping went toe to toe with stann alot of times within the 3 rounds he beat him in the clinch and had takedowns the only thing stann did was land 1 big shot.. he wants to make another big fight before a silva match up!!!

    More than anything, though, Bisping has done enough to merit a title shot. His win over Brian Stann at UFC 152 proved he can take a lot of punishment — the Brit was rocked in the first round and hit with big shots throughout the fight — and still implement a high-tempo, aggressive game plan and come out on top.

    He is 23-4 and his four losses have been to Rashad Evans, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen, who are all either former champions or No. 1 contenders. Yes, he was brutally knocked out by Henderson, but if you take into consideration that many people scored the Evans, Silva and Sonnen fights in Bisping’s favour, his resume is that much more impressive
    and say he got that win sonnen witch over 50% of people think he did he would be on a 6 fight wining streak

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      How any IDIOT could compare Bispings record (RESUME) of bestings mostly “CANS” to TRUE legengs of the sport who fought all the best i will never understand. That was the most retarded thing I have ever seen written on heree. Bisping has lost to every high caliber fighter he has ever faced. Bisping is a “CAN” crusher. You think Bisping deserves a title shot with one win in row. Wins over Jorge rivera, mayhem miller, Dan Miller woudln’t earn any fighter in any MMA organizationa title shot. Bisping is apillow handed back peddler. H eruns away eevrtime he gets hit. If he wouldn’t have runa way when Stann caught him he would have been KO’d. Weidman, Vitor, Lombard, Boetsch, and all the other TRUE top 10 fighters would beat the hell out of bisping. Bisping dropped out of Boetsch fight to avoid having to fight Lombard because Stann got injured. Bisping “so called” knee injury was the most minor of injuries ever. there isn’t one MMA fighter that doesn’t have a small piece loose cartlidge in their knee but instead Bisping rants nonstop about so called big knee surgury which anyone taht knows about knee surgerys will tell you what Bisping was in and out of clinic in an hour. I simple half hour procedure with almost ZERO down time from training. UFC wants to make a money fight is only reason Bisping will be granted a titleshotand it probably won’t be agaoinst Silva. they and everyone else knows Silva would beat Bisping bgrains in so bad it would be the worst one-sided beatdown since GSP/Fitch. UFC knows Silva is retiring and they want the GSP/Silva fight and then he’s done. UFC wants to throw Bisping in with a very favorable matchup like they always have

  15. Crazy Horse says:

    I wished he hadn’t won, but he did. Let him fight A.S. and get his ass whooped so he can STFU for a “wee bit”…

  16. DMAC says:

    T. Rex arms! He pretty much got outclassed again. Tough guy but I think he lost no doubt about it.

  17. CanILive says:

    I was rooting for Stann, and i can honestly say Bisping won…

  18. yeahrightman says:

    One look at both their faces afterward told the story. Dana has lost his marbles. Silva is fighting bonnar? Seriously. Terrible management.

  19. 757 says:

    Don’t like Bisping …but he won the fight straight away no question

  20. ya erd says:

    Bisping matches up well with silva he has the cardio to go hard for 5 full rounds has the speed to hang with silva.. bisping also has black belt level bjj hes got to be the most underrated ground fighter around!!!! he will also 100% take silva down and bisping has powerful ground and pound…. I still think silva would take him but the more and more i see of bisping the more i think he has a chance… listen he never got outclassed by evans or sonnen, or wanderlie.. he beat the second most dangerous guy standing in the middelweight division if he can go toe to toe with stann most of the rounds he could handle a punch from silva maybe not a head kick but lol

  21. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    Stann is a retard if he thought he won that fight. Dana is a bigger retard and should know better.

    • 757 says:

      ^^ You should find a better expression than retard . That is a pretty harsh way to describe somebody. People on here may have a family member or friend who suffers from that. I also makes you look not so smart and like you have a limited vocabulary.

  22. Dave says:

    I hate Bisping, I want him to lose every fight.

    But he won that one clear as day.

  23. Anthony says:

    I also thought he won

  24. Heathen says:

    I had it tied going into round three and the takedown sealed the deal. Stann is a good dude but he lost. Judges got it right. I don’t know if Dana said that cause he usually comes out and says that stuff

  25. enzo says:

    No doubt that Bisping won the fight. Stann did a good job but no, you did not win that fight, as you said it yourself, you’re being biased.

  26. f00n says:

    How can anyone say Bisping was fighting Stann’s game (meaning the stand up)? Bisping is a champion kickboxer. He has always had excellent boxing skills. When he won against Chael (cough cough) he even showed he had excellent ground defence (maybe not takedown defense tho). The guy outclassed Stann in all respects in that fight. Maybe Dana was smoking some of Joe’s new sheeeeeet.

  27. Boom Boom says:

    Much respect to Stann, but I only gave him the 1st round. Bisping won the rest, thus winning the fight. Stann will be back though no doubt. Still a contender. Just needs to work better against the takedown.

  28. zach says:

    I think Stann should listen to the judges and keep moving forward statements like this question his integraty he knows he lost move on!

  29. Boom Boom says:

    his face received more damaged than bisping

  30. Red says:

    Judges got this one right; Bisping won no question about that.


    Sorry stan im a big fan of yours but i thought u lost every round, the first was close but bisbing lit ur face up pretty good and stole the rounds with the takedowns.

  32. Michael says:

    Stan Easily won the first, but “the count” won the 2nd and 3rd because of all his little gay takedowns that he specifically said he would NOT DO, which i think is BS considering he specifically said he wanted to keep it standing and then after the first when he saw stann was gonna beat his ass standing up he started to take it to the ground, just BS if you ask me

  33. dmoney2020 says:

    Lol bisping mauled stann. I think danas been hangingout taking LSD with Joe Rogan and picking matches high.

  34. Noah says:

    Uncle DW is all over the place lately…he calls fans are “moron” WTF?

  35. 123 says:

    dana white is getting annoying, michael bisping won the fight. takedowns surely count for british fighters too? michael bisping was very accurate with his punches, dana white sucks dick.

  36. just me says:

    Bisping still has to get by Weidman and that’s not going to be easy.

  37. Joe says:

    lmao, yeah and vitor beat jon jones right ?

    stan had his face busted to shit and bisping slammed him down a bunch of times.

  38. Josiah says:

    i hate bisping and was expecting stann to murder him on that fight but bisping was the better man that night. i ‘d like to see a rematch though..

  39. jklraiders says:

    there r so many haters out there is it cos he is a brit that u yanks hate him? he won the fight easily i was really impressed by the way he could take stann down at will and then standing up he out punched a puncher who only has 1 punch….. think stann needs to work on his game

  40. wtf ???? says:

    You have to be kidding me. Brian you looked horrible and out of your league. After that fight you may as well give it up cause there is no way you will be able to beat a top 10 guy a, and if they rate you in the top 10 it is wrong. You looked slow and made Bisbing look good. He should also have to fight a top guy to, and win cause he never has fought one and won the fight. Dana has been feeding certain fighters fights they can win and avoiding ones they will loose.(right bisbing) All these guys who want title fights never fight top guys and then get title shots and get their butts kicked and look like they don’t belong, cause they don’t!

    • Pkq says:

      Fighting is about never giving up even when it look like there is no hope. You obviously do not fight at all because you would know that and telling a fighter to give up because they lost a fight? You need to go watch other sport because MMA is not your cup of tea…

      Ps stop acting like bisping is a bad fighter, Stann lost to him yes but it was a good fight against a top contended that you MMA noobs thank is terrible because they have no clue what they are talking about

  41. Jimmy joe says:

    I like stann, but bisbing must of done more damage than I realised if stann thought he one. He may need an MRI

  42. Jimmyjoe says:

    I like stann, but bisbing must have hit him harder than I realised. Think stann may need a MRI

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