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Wednesday, 08/29/2012, 02:36 am

Brendan Schaub Plans To Test His 'Weak Chin' Against Lavar Johnson | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Brendan Schaub comments on his next bout against Lavar Johnson. The bout is set to take place at UFC on Fox 5 Dec. 8, 2012 from Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

Schaub has been finished in his past two bout via knockout. Firstly losing to Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 134 in Brazil the loss was then followed another first round knockout loss to Ben Rothwell.

Following the losses Schaub’s chin has been called into question. However in his next bout against the hard hitting Lavar Johnson he plans to answer those questions and prove his doubters wrong.

“I think it’s good to control your own destiny. I just throw a name out there. He’s had three fights in the UFC and two Knockouts of the Nights. His sole loss is to Struve. I think people are scared of him. I think it’d be a good fight. Lavar hits hard. For me, yeah people say I have a weak chin, so this would solidify my place. But I fight at heavyweight. Everyone hits hard.”

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14 Responses to “Brendan Schaub Plans To Test His 'Weak Chin' Against Lavar Johnson | UFC News”

  1. Tommy gunnz says:

    I really can’t name a heavyweight thats had back to back ko’s tho.can anybody help?????in the UFC only.he said he’s in a division where they hit hard…….he has a weak chin that’s it no excuses.lavar by ko.first rd.Lol…..

  2. Brend0magic says:

    I like Schaub but he better train his ass off. Stick and move. I’d like to see Brendan winbut if he stands in front of Lavar he’ll get ko’d.

  3. Thom says:

    Lavar by 1 punch KO.

  4. B-rad says:

    When others saw this fight is on the Fox 5 card, did anyone else immedialty pray that its on the undercard?

  5. 123 says:

    Junior Dos Santos vs Lavar Johnson Would Be Exciting.

  6. sQrLLZ says:

    Fun Fact: Schaub has never beat anyone with “Big” in their fight name.

    Big Nog
    Big County
    Big Ben Rothwell all destroyed him.
    Bad matchup via name alone

  7. calvin says:

    Nigga yo chin ain’t weak cuz you ain’t got one

  8. Tacs says:

    I can’t stand this guy. Never liked him. But love seeing his dumb face when he gets KO’d

  9. Shadleigh says:

    Got knocked out by big nog. That was only the second KO of big nogs long ass career. Sure big nog has a couple other TKO’s , but only two KO’s. So yes Brendan I think u prob have a weak chin. I use to root for Schaub , but he is getting KO easily this fight.

  10. Quitcrying says:

    Lol shaub was fighting a ghost after his last ko loss

  11. jbeamazing says:

    so his point about everyone hits hard makes the problem his skills right?

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