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Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 06:28 am

Bravo vs Gracie 2 set for Metamoris 3

One of the largest upsets in the jiujitsu world came by way of triangle choke, when Eddie Bravo defeated the seemingly unbeatable Royler Gracie (son of Helio Gracie) at the 2003 Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) grappling tournament.

Now, the two are scheduled to meet again to test their skills against each other a second time.

The event is scheduled to headline Metamoris 3 in Los Angeles, California, on March 29 at the Peterson Automotive Museum’s special event deck. The UFC’s own Kenny Florian will be commentating along side premier jiujitsu fighter Jeff Glover.

No points will be scored. The only way to victory is by way of submission.

The two were set to rematch in 2011 at the Abu Dhabi tournament, however they could not come to an agreement. Gracie then challenged Bravo to an MMA bout in Brazil instead. To no one’s surprise, the bout never took place.

Of course, that holds no ground, because the fight every fan wants to see takes place on the mat. Jiujitsu fans around the world better cross their fingers that a fluke injury doesn’t take place, because in the next two months we could see one the most highly anticipated rematched in the mixed martial arts and jiujitsu communities.

The event will be live streamed from, and tickets for Metamoris 3 go on sale this Friday, January 24.

This is a grappling match for the ages, and I for one can not wait.


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  1. mike says:

    Thats gonna be epic. Cannot wait.

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