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Tuesday, 05/15/2012, 06:29 am

Braulio Estima Challenges Nick Diaz To An MMA Fight

By Jamie McAllister
Braulio Estima in an interview with TATAME.

Estima comments on challenging Nick Diaz to an MMA bout.

“(The challenge) It was for real. I fight him next week if he’s up to it. But I guess he would run away”

Estima claims he saw Nick on the day of the expo.

“I could have sworn I saw him giving out autographs. Maybe it was Nate Diaz. But in my mind, I saw him, so I was willing to fight”

Estima comments on Diaz running scared.

“I guess he was scared I would submit him because I told in earlier interviews I would try to do that, so he didn’t want to be submitted for the first time in his career.”


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