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Thursday, 10/20/2011, 07:29 am

Brandon Vera: Thiago Silva is a piece of $#!T

“The whole fight [against Thiago Silva] I just kept asking myself, what the hell is going on? Why is this? I train with Phil Davis, Travis Browne, the Noguiera brothers, Junior Dos Santos…I train with some big dudes man and nobody has ever just been able to hold me down you know?… but now that I know that he was a juice monkey, for sure I think he is a piece of shit. He is for sure just a piece of shit.”

Reflecting back on his last UFC outing, Brandon Vera tells the good guys over at exactly what he thinks of his previous foe Thiago Silva.

Silva is currently serving a one-year suspension due to a failed urine screening. He did not necessarily get busted for using steroids or banned substances of any kind; he got busted for using synthetic urine in replace of his own in an effort the cheat the system. However, when the commission tested the sample for testosterone levels, they discovered no testosterone, which is impossible from a human sample.

Regardless of the circumstances, Vera isn’t buying the fact that Silva isn’t on the “juice” and is convinced his face got rearranged in his last fight due to a cheating opponent.

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50 Responses to “Brandon Vera: Thiago Silva is a piece of $#!T”

  1. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. In my personal opinion, when you juice yaself up, you should be thrown out for GOOD, not no suspension garbage, T.Silva’s a grown man and he knew what he was doing, he has no respect and he pure showed off like a bitch. He’s not sorry, he’s not a professional.

    I think Brandon’s being too nice on him .[-

    • han solo says:

      so you think they should kick chael out too?

      • ryan says:

        Yes ESPECIALLY chael. He not only cheated but didn’t even get the win. Why did nate marquart get cut and not these two clowns. Also sonnen did that whole real estate scam bs on top too soooo yes chael should be cut. And sent to prison

        • effyocouch says:

          Nate the Great was also caught multiple times. That’s where the difference probably lies, if you ask me.

        • zach says:

          your stupid as shit sonnens did a testosterone therapy which isnt even uncommon for people that age and wouldnt have even been suspended if he had it cleared earlier, there is a huge difference between shooting steroids and testosterone therapy get it right before you start talking shit, silva was using something way more heavily and said it was for a injury which is everyones excuse for using strong sterioids, and nate got cut because hes been caught using heavier steroids multiple times

        • Xaninho says:

          Steroïd usage and TRT go hand-in-hand together. Using TRT at his age simply raises the suspicion of steroïd using. This is because steroïd use will either slow down your natural testosterone production or bring it to a complete stop.

          This is why I think he needed the TRT, not cause of natural disability to produce his own, no cause he was on steroïds.

        • Tomx2424 says:

          Sonnens testosterone levels were way over the levels of a 23 year old man in his athletic prime. If u don’t consider that as using steriods you’re being foolish. Even if he would have been cleared for the therapy his levels were still elevated way over exceptible levels. He clearly cheated and still got tapped by a man with broken ribs. This loser should never be aloud to compete in any sport and should be incarcerated permently

        • JOHN says:

          ZACH is RIGHT guys… everyone in the mid 20’s and early 30’s gets TRT. It’s only the PEAK of our fucking lives you fucking douche bag retard pork chop eating flamer.

        • Sean says:

          I agree. Getting caught once should be lifetime ban. And yes of course that includes Sonnen. You hear from many fighters that 95% of fighters are using PEDs. To make them stop you have to give them a ton of anxiety. Show them your done if your caught and maybe they won’t take any chances of getting caught(not doing it all in other words instead of get good at hiding it).

        • Big J says:

          If getting caught once = banned for life, the sport won’t exist. Do you realize how many dudes are on this “juice?” Do you think Dana will throw them all out and no longer have a business?

      • zack says:

        Yes. He got in trouble for fraud too. He should be long gone …. the world we live in today smh

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    Hopefully Vera gets some revenge on him….Vera was absolutely picking Thiago apart in the standup.

  3. JBF4 says:

    what? Brandon sucks compared to Thiago. Thiago wasn’t even on any “juice” of any kind. He’s just making an excuse cause he got his ass handed to him. He was cut for reason folks.

  4. Sebastian says:

    juice or not, he would still be demolished by thiago silva. He is just a better fighter on any given night than vera.

  5. T.DADDY says:

    vera’s striking turned silva into a

    junkies a hoe ass bitchh

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      aww u feel bad for brandon vera, the guy who was supposedly gonna be a two division belt holder? gtfoh, juice or no juice thiago silva will break his face again like bones jones did. u all about picking losers huh, makes sense since ur the biggest loser piece of shit ever. i wish i could find you and break your miserable face.

      • pro says:

        lolx talking big here? i don’t think you even know what mma is. ill break your shit face & thin bones if i ever see you.

        If Brandon can stay on his feet against Couture, what makes you think that he’d easily be taken down by Thiago?

  6. MOHAMED says:

    haha vera trust me u dont want any psrt in thiago again

  7. Vingus says:

    “…nobody has ever just been able to hold me down you know?” Oh yeah we’ve seen that against Jon Jones…

  8. Dante says:

    hahah JBfag4 award goes to you for biggest clown opening his mouth with no knowledge
    your boy thiago didnt even come up positive for human piss.. he used animal piss… dummy
    you and thiago. both dummys hahaha

    • JBF4 says:

      Yeah so what does that prove? Ill just assume ur a little kid since ur vocabulary doesn’t even meet any standards set by a educational board. If you search and read other mma sites (im assuming you can at least read since ur replying to what i had said) Thiago used animal piss because he was using illegal painkillers to help him cope with a back injury he sustained during training. Thiago was definitely a ‘dummy’ for changing the samples. But don’t assume im a clown with no knowledge since you have nothing to start with.

      Point and case aside, Vera still got his ass handed to him.

      • Vinz says:

        Maybe, but if I was caught changing samples, I will try to make shitty excuses like this one to try to save my job.

        I surely would’nt say “Yeah I’m on steroid and everything it helps me kicking ass and I totally assume it”

      • zach says:

        your really stupid dude not only did thiago admit to taking steroid but also the nsac would have cleared him for painkillers, i dont know whats more funny your thinking that you know anything or you trying to defend your retarded comments anyways keep them coming i need something to entertain me at work today

  9. The Beast says:

    they fight again vera will finish him quickly

  10. jake says:

    vera gits ta juice up next fight.. that shit would b funny.. then of theres a third fight they should both juice up

  11. kg says:

    all the fighters should be fired and banned but that would mean ufc would loose a quarter of its fighters and im sure there are a few big names in there.. lets face facts in a few of thiagos fights he gassed out and lost. I will agree he is a good fighter and his striking is really good. but he isnt the best in any aspect. so he turned to juice not only won but show boated with it as well. he should have goteen his walking papers off of that alone. Now as for brandon vera. he hasnt dont anything worth noting in any of his fights. he is gun shiy and then gets taken down and pounded out. i think he needs to win some big fights before he starts crying about anything.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Maybe he smoked a big blunt, beat up Vera stoned and didn’t want the cannabis traces to be found in his piss?

    naaah he used real PED’s. Cheater should be cut.

  13. Raul says:

    Hmm.. Thiago Silva injured his back before the fight and he did not wanted to pull off the fight because, you know… that is his freaking job and when you don’t do it you don’t get any money, then you starve, then you die. So basically he did a testosterone replacement therapy to heal his back quickly and he didn’t want to get caught for that so he replaced his urine.. everybody makes mistakes and I am looking forward to see him fight again he is one of the most exciting competitors at 205.

  14. monkeyman says:


  15. KingGareth says:

    They should have random drug testing in the UFC for performance enhancers. Not just before a fight.

  16. KingGareth says:

    Thiago is an exciting fighter. His technique was excellent during the fight, Vera is just crying because his face got raped.

  17. anthony says:

    thiago silva would would veras ass any day with or without steroids.
    but thiago is a dumbass for using them.
    vera hasnt been a good match for anybody FOR A LONG TIME!
    thiago got knocked out by one of the best fighters(machida).
    and got humped by rashad..and thiago rocked rashad good!
    vera wont last with any of those guys!

  18. anthony says:

    and oh yeah
    wtf took vera so long to talk shit lol?

  19. THETRUTH says:

    The bottom line is who cheated and who did not?

  20. Aaron says:

    The bottom line is Vera would have gotten whooped by Thiago Silva regardless of any PED’s or juice. I mean, the dude was what? 9-0 at one point? And only has been beaten by some of the biggest names in the LH division. Get out of here dude, Vera is retarded… and thanks to some carefully places punches by Thiago, now he looks it as well lol

  21. stiffler says:

    thiago is a beast. they shud re-match and vera can get killed again.

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