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Monday, 02/06/2012, 08:57 am

Brandon Vera Injured, Out Of UFC on FX Bout With Thiago Silva

A highly anticipated light-heavyweight rematch between Brandon Vera and Thiago Silva has been scratched with news that Vera has received an injury while training.

The two were scheduled to face off on the upcoming UFC on FX 2 event.

No word on the extent of Vera’s injury was given.

The two last fought back at UFC 125 in January of last year. In the bout Silva was relentless with takedowns and displayed brutal ground and pound that disfigured Vera and got him ejected from the UFC.

However in the post-fight aftermath the Nevada State Athletic Commission found that Silva had tampered with his urine sample meant for drug screening and as a result he was suspended for a year and his victory turned into a no-contest.

Vera was brought back to the UFC after the loss got overturned into a no-contest. He has since gone on to earn a victory in his comeback bout against Elliot Marshall at UFC 137.

Silva hasn’t seen action since his last fight with Vera.

It is unknown if Silva will remain on the card against another opponent or if this bout will be postponed until Vera recovers.

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13 Responses to “Brandon Vera Injured, Out Of UFC on FX Bout With Thiago Silva”

  1. CrAzyBK64 says:

    Bull shit he just scared to get his shit broken again. It sad he had so much potential, he’ll end up like kendal grove

  2. jog on says:

    Brandon just blatantly pussed out. juiced or not silva would destroy him… agai
    n, and he knows that shit.

  3. Wrastler says:

    Thiago will beat him again, I’m sure he’s got the cleansers down now.

  4. magoo says:

    Don’t believe the hype,just believe what you see! Best thing that coulda happened to you Vera, Thiago woulda beat you worse then the first time!

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m Filipino-American, and i think Brandon Vera isnt very appealing as a fighter. He needs to work on his boxing…actually everything lol

  6. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Come on people Vera didn’t want to be humiliated AGAIN and get “BITCH SLAPPED” on national T.V. Thiago Silva would have destroyed Vera and he knew it and wanted out just like GSP wanted out of his last 2 fights

  7. wishbone says:

    Silva was super juiced up, everybody knew it….he got caught cheating……if he isnt full of illegal drugs, Vera will destroy him…..

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