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Tuesday, 03/19/2013, 09:32 am

Brad Tavares: “I want Wanderlei Silva” | UFC NEWS

UFC middleweight and Ultimate Fighter season 11 veteran, Brad Tavares has called out his next hopeful opponent. And that would be Wanderlei Silva, who is currently basking in his recent knockout victory over Brian Stann. Tavares has won three straight with a significant display of improvement in his last two wins inside the Octagon, namely with his win over Tom Watson.

Tavares spoke with Bleacher Report:

“I want to fight Wanderlei Silva. I think the fight with Wanderlei makes a lot of sense and it would be awesome stylistically. I’ve been coming up the ranks and getting to fight someone I’ve looked up to for so long would be an awesome opportunity. It is the fight I really want and I hope I get my wish. It would be a dream come true to fight that guy.

“There is a lot that goes in to me wanting that fight. A lot people might not know this aside from my coaches and close friends, but Wanderlei has been my favorite fighter since I was a kid. There are a lot of fighters who have come along since I enjoy watching, but Wanderlei has always been my favorite. When I was growing up he was dominating over in Japan and I wanted to be just like him. I idolized the man. I wanted to fight viciously like him and the persona he carried blew me away back then.”

Tavares is a more well rounded fighter than he ever showed to be while on TUF, but he would undoubtedly need to come in with a more cerebral game plan than Stann recently did against the Axe Murderer.


11 Responses to “Brad Tavares: “I want Wanderlei Silva” | UFC NEWS”

  1. scotty says:

    Here comes another one calling out a HUGE name to try to make a name for himself.. Wanderlei beats Stann now everyone on the undercards are calling him out.. And how would this match up make alot of sense?

  2. Not You says:

    The fact that he believes he can beat Silva. But besides that, and in a honest opinion, it’s a bad fight for Tavares.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    This kid needs to pay his dues before he starts calling out legends.

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I think its perfect. These old dinosaurs like Silva need to make money and seems to want to fight, so it makes perfect sense to use Silva as a stepping stone. Until he loses too many and finally retires. At least he can make more money for his family.

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